Abundant Heart at the Namaste Center

Joe Gallenberger introduces his new CD Abundant Heart at the Namaste Center.

Uses And Benefits Of SyncCreation

Participants have reported healing their dog of a tumor, finding a diamond under their bed, lighting light bulbs from 3 feet away, and knowing the daily ending value of currency.

Value of SyncCreation

The value of SyncCreation are really up to you. The three most common applications are healing, manifestation, and psychokinesis

Benefits of Vegas

When playing for money blocks and limiting beliefs become apparent. And when you see positive results, you are rewarded financially as well as spiritually.

Can Anyone Learn PK?

Yes, anyone can learn psychokinesis. We feel it is largely a matter of unlearning the blocks that get in the way of your innate ability.

Does PK Really Work?

Psychokinesis does really work. SyncCreation participants routinely bend metal, grow seeds in the their hands, and illuminate light bulbs

Eliminate Blocks

SyncCreation can help you melt away life long blocks by raising your energy and giving you specific exercises

Find Life Purpose

The Home Study Course and Manifestation Workshop have been used to discover the participants life purpose.

Focus Level

SyncCreation uses Hemi-Sync® and The Monroe Institute’s system of focus levels. In the Home Study Course and at the workshops, you will experience focus 10, focus 11, and focus 12.

Money back in Vegas

The Las Vegas Adventures is the only course we know of where you could make your money back. We can’t guarantee that, but it is common for participants to make up the cost of the workshop.

Other practices

You can look at SyncCreation as fine tuning and/or confirmation of the work you are already doing. We’ll give you tools to take your practice to a deeper level, and PK exercises act as confirmation.

Charlotte and Joe on Manifesting

Charlotte McGinnis interviews Joe Gallenberger on his new CD Liquid Luck and the art of Manifesting.