Treat Yourself Like a Dog

Most people who read this newsletter have interest in manifesting a great life for themselves and those around them. In the spirit of “God helps those who help themselves“, it is good to not only vision abundance but also to treat ourselves in an abundant manner. Doing so will confirm and reinforce that we really do desire and deserve all the blessings we desire.

luluWhen I think of how we treat a beloved pet dog, I am reminded that we thrive best when we extend similar kindnesses toward ourselves. I would never say to my pet that it is fat, old or ugly, yet I might still criticize myself for my perceived imperfections. Given that DNA in a test tube responds to positive emotions and language, it stands to reason that so do we, so it is important to praise and talk positively and lovingly to yourself. We all need to hear “good dog” many times a day!

I always make sure to take my dog for daily walks outside, rain or shine. My spirit enjoys being out as well so that I can take in beauty of nature and adventure. When I see how happily my dog reacts to seeing old friends, I am reminded to give my friends a call and make time to see them, even if it involves flying across the country once in a while to do so. My dog shows pleasure so openly at being hugged and petted, it reminds me to hug, and schedule that massage long delayed because of an overly full calendar. My dog enjoys her routines but absolutely loves going somewhere new and makes no effort to contain her excitement and explorations while there. We respond well to new places and experiences as well, so schedule that vacation to a new location! Even if it’s a daytrip to explore a neighborhood or park you’ve never been to in your area.

Finally, my dog is not afraid of stopping and resting when tired, content to be around loved ones and stare into space, relaxing, then gradually and naturally falling asleep with no concern for the clock. We benefit from the gift of quiet relaxation time as well, so we can be ready for the next call to action whether it be dinner, a walk, a new toy to play with, or person to meet.

In case you were wondering I love cats too. Mine inspires me mainly to be relaxed and graceful, to do my own thing, to ask for what I want, and to not fret about what anyone else thinks!

When you treat yourself as well as you treat your beloved pet, you honor yourself as a most important guest at the feast table of your life, and the universe, in turn, responds by treating you as such with great manifestations of abundance.

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