TMI’s Starlines Program

Last week Elena and I attended Monroe Institute’s Starlines program. I am knowledgeable about TMI programs, having been a facilitator there for over 20 years, and from this perspective I can say. Wow! Starlines is an amazing program for expanding experiential awareness of the vast physical universe as well as the vastness of one’s consciousness. It occurs mostly in the highest focus levels available at the Institute, and Focus 49 in particular has Hemi-Sync signals that really were revelatory. I feel that being exposed to  Starlines will deepen my PK, healing, and manifesting abilities, given that for this work we pull in the highest energies we can to empower these creations. 5 star recommendation!


  1. Elena says:

    I concur with Joe!

  2. Terry says:

    I’ve done a lot of the TMI programs, up to Lifeline (which I did with you, Joe!)

    Starlines sounds great. I wonder if I should do X27 and maybe Lifelines again — it’s been a few years — before venturing into focus 49.

    On the other hand, when it’s time, it’s time, right? These things aren’t necessarily a linear progression.

    • Terry
      Monroe requires that you take E27 before Starlines, which will give you excellent preparation and E27 is a great program in and of itself. I do not think that you need to retake Lifeline to get maximum benefit even though it has been a few years. – happy traveling!

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