The Role of Relationships in Manifestation

by Joseph Gallenberger Ph.D.

To powerfully manifest our dreams it is important to be in the highest heart energy. This energy includes feelings of happiness, gratitude, abundance, appreciation, compassion, and love. We can tap into these high energies through direct contact with Source, and with Source as expressed in the beauty of nature, music and many other exquisite dimensions of this wonderful world.

Perhaps the most common opportunities that we have to connect with Source and open our hearts is in our relationships with other people. Yet these relationships can be double-edged swords, enhancing or detracting from the energy that we wish to have available for manifestation. Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, lovers, teachers, co workers, neighbors, “enemies” all impact our energy in complex ways.

I believe that we are high energy creatures designed to have a continuous supply of the purest energy directly from Source. If we fill ourselves to overflowing with this energy, we bless ourselves and the world. But if this connection is veiled or obstructed, we quickly become energy starved. Then we are more likely to engage in manipulative relationships to gain energy from other people. We can play the good/bad boy or girl, the rescuer or the one being rescued in order to get attention, which is a type of energy. We become subject to manipulation as well, as in “If you need me to like you, then be who I want you to be”.

Besides this often unconscious flow of energy between people, our energy is also effected by the words that people say to us that either empower or impair us as well as by their “vibe” and non-verbal communications.

SyncCreation: A Course in Manifestation is filled with experiential exercises and deep meditations to enhance energy connection to Source and yet most people will find it challenging to hold this energy if significant others around them are energy starved and unconsciously attempting to fill this void through bids for your attention. They can span from the harsh parent, troubled teenager, the non-supportive spouse to the insecure boss – it can be anyone not taking full responsibility for themselves, their situation and their mood.

There are several things you can do that will enhance the energy that you share and receive from relationships. Live with integrity – meaning speak your truth kindly and live in line with your highest principles of honesty and compassion. See yourself and others as sacred beings entitled to respect and love. Accepting yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, it is okay to confront or avoid toxic persons. Monroe Institute’s concept of Resonant Energy Balloon “Reball” is a very powerful and useful – put a field of positive energy around you, filling your Reball with unlimited joy, or unconditional love. Because “like attracts like” it will tend to bring positive people into your life and also shield you from the negative energies of others in a way that allows you to still be caring towards them. Any way that you want others to treat you, treat them in the same manner, such as if you want them to be generous, patient, and supportive with you, be generous, patient, and supportive with them.

Since relationship energy is so important to your manifestation ability and happiness, I developed the Partner’s Meditation CD. This verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise is designed to enhance and deepen your meaningful relationships. It operates from the principle that the people who are important in our lives are here to be our teachers, guides, and our loving support system. Partner’s Meditation eases conflict and helps to deepen the joy, appreciation, and richness that you can have from your relationships. It guides you to see yourself and the other person in their highest and finest, celebrate the high points of your relationship, review your agreements with them and change these if needed.

You can do this exercise by yourself. The other person need not be present or even still in the physical to achieve highly positive results. I have used this exercise to enhance relationships with my wife, children, parents, business partners, and friends. In every case I felt a positive shift in each relationship. The Partner’s Meditation CD is a bit of a “sleeper” in that people are usually not drawn to it first among the products and workshops that I offer. Yet when they do use it they often report back to me that it is one of their favorites because they find it so transformative by helping them achieve peace, clarity, and freedom from manipulation in their relationships and allowing their energy to finally soar.

One of the most joyful ways to use Partner’s Meditation is with your lover listening at the same time and perhaps holding hands. It’s a perfect gift to give yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day!

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