The Energies are Shifting!

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

Something unique and powerful is currently affecting psychic functioning. Depending on your location on the planet, psychokinesis, energy healing of self and others, and intuitive abilities may be impacted quite dramatically. Methods that worked powerfully in the past for many talented and dedicated energy practitioners may need tweaking right now. People with decades of experience may be a bit dismayed to find that results do not flow in the same way that they “always have”.

I first put this down to the increase of fear in the culture, stimulated by the stress of the recent recession, concerns about terrorism, and an acceleration of future shock. In this environment it can feel as if energy workers of all types are swimming upstream against currents of unsettled vibration.

Three independent psychic sources that I respect have recently expanded my understanding of what might be going on. They state that there are now substantial changes in the earth’s energy fields as the earth rebalances and prepares for an accelerated growth in consciousness. For example, magnetic fields are shifting and the subtle energy grid in traditional places of power may no longer provide the same level of manifestation support, while new areas of power are popping up.

I am curious if you are feeling this change. My sources suggest that if you are feeling a bit of a strain in flowing energy and results seemed a bit muted, have faith that all is basically well, that you have not lost your gifts, and in fact your gifts have potential to re-emerge even stronger as this shift continues. They suggest that the best way to thrive during this part of the shift is to go back to the kinds of things you did at the beginning of your opening to energy to revisit and re-strengthen the basics.

I am personally committing once again to more actively nurturing myself, and whatever gifts I might have by meditating more often, taking more time for myself and grounding better than I have been doing within a busy schedule. And right before engaging in a strong flow of energy for PK, healing, or manifesting, I take a bit more time and attention to prepare better for the process. As I ground fully to the beauty of earth I also connect fully to the highest of spirit. This stronger attention to basics seems to be working well.

We are now tweaking the patterns that have worked well in seventy Inner Vegas Adventure workshops. We are meeting this new energy challenge by implementing Inner Vegas 2.0, if you will. We have increased our energy preparation for a full day before people arrive. We engage in more vigorous energy clearing and building throughout the workshop, affirming high source help in preparing and maintaining the group space to be a place of healing through joy and abundance. These types of changes resulted in a palpable sense of increased healing within our last workshop. We will continue to evolve and experiment, and share with you through our newsletter anything we feel might be useful and would love to hear from you about your experiences and responses during these interesting times. And of course, we would love to help you refine your response to these challenges during our next Inner Vegas Adventure, February 7-9, 2015.

I know through my heart and experience that love can lift any veil and transcend any limit. Love, compassionately applied to ourselves and all others is indeed the greatest tool for survival and also for thriving. So in these times that call us to fulfill our potential as creative beings, please remember: “Fear is expensive, love is priceless, choose wisely!”

Happy Manifesting!


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