I believe that each of us have a battery inside. This battery, (spirit/soul/energy as some might call it) is what charges our physical and spiritual activities.

Have you ever had those days where you don’t want to talk to anyone so that you can save the last drop of energy left to get you home and in bed? Well last Tuesday (the 24th) started out as one of those days.

It was 2 pm and my battery had already been sucked dry. I doubt it even started out fully charged and I still had one more appointment to go. Even though my battery was empty and I was dreaming of skipping it for a nap, this appointment turned out to be the mega outlet to that which recharges batteries.

I showed up to my appointment at the peacefully inviting Web of Life Wellness Center to meet with Cathy Patillo… one hour early. I didn’t notice I was an hour early until I sat for 10 minutes waiting for Cathy and decided to check my calendar for her contact info…

…Yup, the appointment was supposed to be at 3:30 pm and here I am at 2:30. I share that to emphasize the lack of battery power going to my time receptors…

A quick preface:
As you might know, one of the companies I work with, SyncCreation, has given me an awesome excuse to meet some of the most inspiring people in the valley to record their message and post it on our website for their clients and our’s to see (coming soon, still editing the video).

Now to jump forward to the appointment: I showed up to the meeting with Cathy expecting to interview her using as little of my empty battery as possible, then hurry home to crash… but she had a better idea! Within five minutes I was on her massage table. She decided to give me a taste of several of the different modalities she offers (and there’s a lot) by combining craniosacral therapy, reiki, some guided imagery/hypnotherapy, and a crystal grid activation/clearing.

As she started at the top of my spine with some CranioSacral it was as if she was finding all of the frayed ends of my power cord, wiring them back together and plugging them in. On a side note; as I was going through the process I fell into some of the deep stages of meditation I have only experienced while using SyncCreation.

I found it amazing that even though she was the conduit for this energy download, the only energy I picked up from her was one of nurturing. This was especially significant as it has been necessary to put aside my needs for awhile as I have been focused on supporting and nurturing the nurturing women in my life, (my wife who is eight months pregnant and my Mom who has just lost her dad).

It was as if Cathy saw the inner child that I had been neglecting and energetically cradled my soul, as a cosmic mother figure, while whispering, in a voice that only my soul could hear, “it will be all right, you can shine”.

I could geek out with all of the mechanics of what she did but I am going to jump to the end. After the session I sat on a chair as she gave me a glass of water and asked how I was doing. Remember I came in on an empty battery. But now, I was so charged up I could barely find the words and muttered a half audible “excellent”. Have you ever seen a painting of an aura? As I sat there it felt like my energy field (aura) was expanding to the point I could no longer contain it. Then in a burst my aura would jump out past its regular field to dissipate in the ever-expanding space. Then a new one would swell, jump, and dissipate as the pattern dissipated. A painting of my aura would be a ripple of ever-expanding auras. Instead of my empty battery, I was pulsating enough energy to run a small city.

Cathy and I spoke about many things after the session and I was impressed with how real she is. I have talked to some healers who have the air of perfection, like they have everything figured out. With Cathy I felt that she was there to support a beautiful experience and her gifts did not require perfection from either her or me.

What happened after I left, between last Tuesday and today, one week later? I have had more energy for the past week then I have in the past eight months, (eight months ago my life multiplied in stress with a pregnant wife, a new house that we rehab’ed, the death of my Grandpa, additional work… etc). Even though this past week was Thanksgiving and I usually only eat, drink, and sleep, I had so much energy I could barely contain it, let alone sit still (this is the kind of energy I usually have, but have not had for many months, until now).

Here are some left brain results to the energy created: I got my house wired, I took loads to the dump, I piped the dyer vent, I winterized the boat, I picked up a wood burning stove, I pulled out all of the nasty shrubs in the front of the yard, I got my satellite working… and these are just the big things I got done.

Even with three family food events, I completed all of the things I have been saying I will do someday… with energy to spare.

Thank you, Cathy, for the beautiful experience.

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