Quantum Reflection – I am me because of the reflection I see off of you.

Have you ever heard the Theory that ‘we are all one’ ? That we are all connected, I am you and you are me? We are all manifestations of energy and when traced to the root, even on a molecular level, we are all one. If not this post might be a really far stretch but I invite you to come on this journey with me anyway as I, not only delve into a new way of looking at the theory, but also explore it myself.

Now before I go further I want to acknowledge that this article grew from a seed that was planted during a conversation with Cathy Patillo over at the Web of Life Wellness Center. I am sure Cathy’s thoughts grew from other conversations and so on. I do not presume to be the creator of any of this, only and explorer of it.

I am you and you are me… we are all one… right? But, what if I am me because you (all people) exist and you are you because I (all people) exist? If there were no people on this planet would I be me? Maybe my energy would exist but I would not be me. I would have nothing to define myself off of.

I am John Rogers? With out others there would be no need for a name, language, words, etc. I identify myself as smart, tall, clean, business minded, kind, etc, but without someone short I would not be tall, with out dirty I would not be clean. Right, right, right… the whole yin yang thing.

I would like to go one step further, instead of I am me because you exist, what if I am me because of the reflection of myself I see off of you. I am me because of the reflection I see off of you.

Have you every heard the “we are the creators of our universe” theory? That life is a sea of perceptions and we create our reality, our universe, by the perceptions we subscribe to? That being said, I don’t see myself through your eyes, I do not exist because of the way you see me.

You do not need to acknowledge my existence to exist. I acknowledge me off of you, to exist. I know it sounds like word games but bear with me. I am me because of the reflection I see off of you, I define myself through what I think you see. I read to my son not so that he thinks I am a good dad but so I think he thinks I am a good dad.

How many times have we thought we were a good friend, or employee only to find out for months that we pissed of our friend or boss? Many times my definition of my self, for example, as your friend is not what you see. But still in my universe I am your friend.

Now have you heard that the smallest particle in a cell is energy, it is a vibration and that by even looking at it with different intentions we can affect what we see? The example has been given that as I type with my arms on this table, I am not actually connecting, that the energies are just pushing off of each other.

What if that is what we are doing as people as our definitions of our self act as that energetic buffer. As I define myself off of what I think you see me as and you define yourself as what you think I see you as, never knowing what the other person really sees, never truly connecting universes, only our version of their universe.

Right some might say I do not define myself off of others but even that is a definition that took others to create. Some might also say that we can put down our definitions and truly connect energetically. Great, maybe so; or maybe we are just deeply connecting with the part of us we see in our reflection off of them.

Maybe we are just connecting with the part of us we see in our reflection off of them. If we are like the connection between my arms and this table, never truly connecting, maybe I am not really getting to know you better; I am getting to know me better. As I open up and see the strong, kind person you are I am really seeing me. As I open up to see more of you I am really opening up to see more of me.

Here is what I mean. After discussing parts of this with Cathy, I was driving down the road. I was at a light when I saw a gorgeous tall blond walking the crosswalk in front of me. I did what I normally do, notice and then have scripts come up like; “dang she is hot, I should look away” and even going right into the ways I define myself as a happily married man who loves his wife.

This usually happens in split seconds (yes some of us men are well trained). However, this time, with this concept fresh on my mind I found myself thinking that I was not seeing her. I was seeing my reflection off of her. Immediately my energy on the situation disappeared (some might say that the part of me I define as my libido got benched) and I saw as clear as day.

I saw my definition as a fit person, as a tall person, as a person that maintains themselves, someone who manages their appearance, etc.  I saw all the parts of me that I was reflecting off her.

As I drove down the street I passed a short, overweight, elderly, gentlemen and again I saw my definitions reflecting. I saw my fear of being over weight. I saw my fear of being immobile.

These same people could conjure up millions of different, possible, reflections for the people that come across them.

Once again, I was seeing myself. I was looking at them and validating my existence! As I drove down the road I found that, in light speed, every where I looked I was validating; that I was indeed alive.

Now one step further. If we are the creators of our universe by the perceptions we subscribe to. What if we all conjured up this life, this world, each other, to validate our existence? What if we, as nothingness, wanted to exist so bad that we created an environment, with mirrors and reflections, to validate that we are indeed in existence?

What if this table is solid not because I haven’t reached the level, mentally/spiritually, that would enable me to pass through it but because if I passed through this table, it would invalidate my existence. This table is solid, I am solid, this table exists, I exist…

We could have even created death to fill our need to define life. If I die, I lived.

The world has exponentially become more complex. As each year passes we have even more ways to define ourselves. Instead of being a farmer or a baker.  I am a computer geek, business consultant, blogger, straight, drinker, anarchist, U of U fan, snowboarder, Lyricist etc… Most of these didn’t even exist 50 years ago!

No conspiracy driving this ship out of control, only our hunger to define our selves?

What if our need to exist is the only thing keeping this together?

Okay, bringing it back a bit, how does this apply to my life? I believe in the power of being neutral. Being neutral allows me to come from a space of choice rather then reacting. When I saw that woman walk in front of my car I reacted. Seeing the definitions of myself allowed me to choose. It allowed me to understand my choices. It allowed me to get to know more about myself, how I define myself and what I was creating.

What if our leaders did this?

What if, when faced with confrontation we noticed our definitions. Especially the definitions we are holding onto tightly! Or as we reach for what we want, the new client or great relationship, instead of the anxiety of how they might view us, noticing that it is actually our view ourselves that is scaring us. Then instead of reacting, explore these views and why they are there.

I see this as a way to practice the conscious creation of my universe and understanding the universe I have all ready created.

What do you define yourself as and who are you defining it off of?

p.s. I know I refer to a lot of different theories with out a reference. I don’t have the time (right now) to find them and link to them. If you read this and know where I might find the a reference then please post it in the comments below. Thanks!  definition

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  1. Justin Knutson says:

    hey John,
    Very well put. I think that this is a complex enough thought that it may need to be part one of a series. well done.

  2. Laurie Goold says:

    Crraaaazzzzy, John. I’ve been tripping on these same concepts this past week. You’ve put things a lot more concretely than my vague musings, so thank you! I appreciate your delves inward and your honesty in sharing them!

  3. pete says:

    I kind of get it. I mean… I think an oversimplification of this concept is the phrase “We often criticize in others what we hate most about ourselves”… right? But how does my tie fit into this? Do people see me as a manager because I dress like one everyday, or am I just thinking they see me as a manager because I think I look like one and am in reality completely missing the point?
    Also how does this address the idea behind opposites attracting? I mean I have seen many relationships where the two people are so similar that it is kind of unreal… So, do those(a) who are attracted to what would appear to be their polar opposites(b) want to change it to make it like themselves(a), or perhaps feel like they(a) are in fact what they(a) are seeing in the opposite(b)? Or is this theory completely bunked out by the new idea you are expressing in this post?

  4. Chetan says:

    Nicely written john…really taken into a deep meaning of the view…Thank you…your article pose a great help to me…:)

  5. Tony says:

    It is very simple and very true. The collective of Me is We. The Singular of we is me. This is logically clear. It is no big leap than to say in order for WE to be the best WE can be it takes each ME to be the best ME… Meaning there is a place and purpose for each Me. A part of one entire.

    A few miles off the earth, a few in comparison to the great expanse of everything. But it only takes a few miles, to get to the moon and when you look back you see.. one thing… the earth. We are all earthly, earth creations, elements of the earth. One thing, prespective says so, truth says so, math says so, God says so, Science says so.. Logic says so. The Earth is like one large round puzzle and every piece fits. Every Peace is worthy of fitting. Every Piece in place to make the earth. We are pieces that fit.

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