Joe’s Psychokinesis (PK) Tips

I have found these steps to be very useful in generating reliable and positive psychokinesis (PK):

  • Raise a very high and open hearted energy through getting in touch with gratitude and praise of yourself, all others, and the universe. Appreciating the beauty of nature and music can help take you there.
  • Focus that energy by putting out a crystal clear intent and then let the energy flow by letting go and surrendering to highest purpose.
  • As you raise energy, focus and let go, you may need to clear any limiting beliefs and blocking emotions that surface for you, such as fear, and lack of confidence.
  • PK is results driven so have an important purpose in mind such as to demonstrate to yourself the power of spirit expressing in the physical.
  • Don’t try to kill your ego but soften it by being playful and relaxed.
  • There is a PK zone that is similar to the zone in sports where one is energized, graceful, focused, unselfconscious, and unaware of time. With practice, entering the zone becomes more and more natural. Once you know how to get into the zone easily then PK becomes much more reliable.
  • Find workshops, books, and friends that support you in melting blocks and affirm your power and goodness.
  • To motivate yourself to progress, see the benefits of becoming skilled in PK beyond bending spoons toward self and other healing and magical manifestation.

Best wishes on your psychokinesis journey – it is truly a celebratory one.

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