The Healing Heart – CD

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About this Exercise:

This exercise is derived from one of the most highly rated written exercises in the SyncCreation Home Study Course.

You have the opportunity here, to engage the transformational magic of your body, mind, and highest spirit and to use these sacred energies for a deep healing of yourself and others. Healing can correct disease, but it also means healing into your highest potential – which is unlimited and infinite.

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For best results:

Use with headphones, next best – position yourself between stereo speakers. Recline or sit comfortably, most people prefer to have their eyes closed. Follow along with the verbal guidance, relax, and enjoy! Do not use while driving or when alertness is required, as this meditation exercise can cause drowsiness. Not a substitute for traditional medical diagnosis and treatment

  • Joe lovingly scripted and voiced this exercise and brought together all the newest technology not only to facilitate deep meditation but also to increase the flow of love within your life.
  • Gentle guidance, binaural beats, sound modulation for gamma stimulation and beautiful music composed by Jerry Davidson – Boise and tuned to 432Hz are combined in this meditation, to encourage you to relax and open your heart. You are then guided to discover your heart’s desires and to use your heart energy for manifesting your most treasured dreams. (37 minutes).
  • Note: this is for the purchase of the CD.  If you would like the MP3 instead, please click here.

The Heart Series 3-CD Combo Special

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Ocean Heart + Healing Heart + Abundant Heart CDs

5 reviews for The Healing Heart – CD

  1. Bill M

    I immediately experienced and strong and steady heart beat for the first time since surgery.

  2. Karen R

    On my first listening I felt a full correction of a chronic health problem.

  3. Don Cauthon

    Floating in a bubble of pure electricity!!! Recieving as much pure source as putting out, beyond expectation!!!

  4. Jawad Amin

    I really like to listen this audio. It has true healing powers

  5. Lloyd OBrien

    I have quite a number of Hemi-Sync® CD’s and enjoy most of them The Healing Heart program is my favorite. It always leaves me with a load of positive energy. Most of the time I even “back space” a few times during parts of it to increase my time there. Wonderful experience!

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