The Forgiving Heart (MP3)

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A meditation using highest heart energy for forgiving others and yourself.

About This Exercise:
Forgiveness heals pain and enhances energy.

The Forgiving Heart meditation uses advanced binaural beat and gamma wave stimulation technology, beautiful music tuned to 432Hz, and gentle verbal guidance to guide you on a journey into peaceful whole brain consciousness.

  • It invites you to open your heart and deeply experience the energy and process of forgiveness.
  • It provides opportunity to forgive people, circumstances, and even yourself, and completes the process with an adventure into unity consciousness.

After the exercise most people feel energized and lighter – positive and peaceful with greater wisdom and compassion.

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For best results use with headphones: next best – position yourself between stereo speakers.

Recline or sit comfortably, most people prefer to have their eyes closed.

Do not use while driving or when alertness is required, as this meditation exercise can cause drowsiness.


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