The Abundant Heart – CD

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About this Exercise:

Joe lovingly scripted and voiced this exercise and brought together all the newest technology not only to facilitate deep meditation but also to increase the flow of love within your life.
The first time he played it to a group, one person was able to melt the intense anger he had been carrying for decades and replace it with love and joy. Another person immediately experienced a 75 minute psychokinesis run at the dice table which occurs perhaps 1 in 10,000 times by chance.

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Gentle guidance, binaural beats, sound modulation for gamma stimulation and beautiful music composed by Jerry Davidson – Boise and tuned to 432Hz are combined in this meditation, to encourage you to relax and open your heart. You are then guided to discover your heart’s desires and to use your heart energy for manifesting your most treasured dreams. (37 minutes).

For best results:

Use with headphones, next best – position yourself between stereo speakers. Recline or sit comfortably, most people prefer to have their eyes closed. Follow along with the verbal guidance, relax, and enjoy! Do not use while driving or when alertness is required, as this meditation exercise can cause drowsiness.

The Heart Series 3-CD Combo Special

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5 reviews for The Abundant Heart – CD

  1. Phillip C

    While listen for the first time, I enjoyed a deeper state of loving consciousness than I have ever experienced before.

  2. sync

    I was very surprised at all the wishes that came up when encouraged to access my heart’s wisdom. I guess my heart has been waiting to talk to me for a long time!

  3. Don Cauthon

    A freely offered chance to open and experience pure source at its loving best. Mr Gallenberger is the real Deal!!

  4. Sally

    I was a big skeptic, i purchased liquid luck after having a dificult financial time. I was amazed at how great it worked. When i listen to it and can maintain the frequency it works! I have purchased other products and all have worked. The manifestation cd is great for relaxing:-) i am looking forward to experiencing this cd.
    Thanks Sally! We are so happy to hear that AH is working for you! Best wishes – Dr. Joe and the SyncCreation team.

  5. Lloyd OBrien

    I love this CD! It is one of my favorites. It leaves me with a lot of energy. I use this one or The Healing Heart each morning. I have numerous other Hemi-Sync® tapes but these just fit me better.

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