SyncCreation Classic: A Course In Manifestation™ (Printed Version, CD’s, & Course Materials With Physical Delivery)

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Original price was: $1,295.00.Current price is: $995.00.

SyncCreation: A Course in Manifestation®.
We are offering our SyncCreation course at its deepest discount ever.
For the first ten people only, we will provide the SyncCreation home study course, three personal coaching sessions with Dr Joe Gallenberger himself, plus three meditation audios (Healing Heart, Abundance Waterfall, and Ocean Heart), and immediate free USA priority shipping. This is a $1295 value, all for just $995.

After the first ten, the price will be $1095, still a great value. During this offer, Joe will be personally providing the three personal coaching sessions that come with SyncCreation, going into deep intuitional and energy space to be of greatest assistance to you.

This Unique and Powerful Home Study Course, with Mentoring, Will:

  • Quickly take you into profound whole-brain meditative states using Hemi-Sync®.
  • Teach you to open your heart and expand your energy to achieve peak flow states.
  • Use simple, yet powerful exercises to demonstrate your true power over the physical world through energy healing and manifestation.
  • Requires as little as an hour a week to create lasting value.

SyncCreation provides more life-relevant learning, experience, and life-enhancing impact than a semester in college at less than 5% of the cost of tuition.  Now also $300 off list price!

SyncCreation: A Course in Manifestation® is a Unique and Powerful Home Study Course with Mentoring That Will:

  • Quickly take you into profound whole-brain meditative states using Hemi-Sync®.
  • Teach you to open your heart and expand your energy to achieve peak flow states.
  • Use simple, yet powerful exercises to demonstrate your true power over the physical world through energy healing and manifestation.
  • Requires as little as an hour a week to create lasting value.

SyncCreation provides more life-relevant learning, experience, and life-enhancing impact than a semester in college at less than 5% of the cost of tuition. And we have a payment plan!

Option A

Pay in full (for best price). $1295.
Now $1195
just $995
(first 10 only)
One time payment to get everything you’ve read about on this page.

14 reviews for SyncCreation Classic: A Course In Manifestation™ (Printed Version, CD’s, & Course Materials With Physical Delivery)

  1. Teresa L.

    It would be nice to have support/comunication from others that have the course.

  2. Wayne G

    I grew up in a fundimental Christian environment and was frustrated at not being able to “experience” what I was being told to “accept on faith”. As a result, I set that part of my life aside for a great many years. Since working with “SyncCreation: A Course In Manifestation” I am very happy to have discovered the experiential side of spirituality. This has become an experience void of dogma and faith and one of discovery and insight.

    I used to be disapointed at my progress with this home study course until I finally realized during a meditation that I AM progressing at the speed that I need to. I am NOT in a race or competition with anyone and progressing at a speed that is suited for me. The discoveries I am now making and the doors of perception that are opening to me are moments to be savored, revered and treasured.

    The best for last: I am finally learning gratitude for the person I am now and the life lessons that got me here. What a rare opportunity and gift. Thank you Dr. Joe for lessons to open the heart and live in that energy.

    Wayne G (Wizard in training)

  3. L_mchugh

    This program should be offered first thing in school, after all they make the alphabet mandatory and this is wayyyyy better than the alphabet. 🙂

    It is through experience that we build upon ourselves. We are natural explorers, born to question. By learning how to ask the question clearly we learn that we are not limited to the form which exists on earth but that we are truly limitless beings of pure love, growing with abundance and lack of nothing except that which we allow our minds to believe. Remembering that our minds are of the physical helps to let go and live through the power of the spirit which is always connected to all that is. This program helps you understand.

  4. R_lawrence

    It’s clear, concise, and applicable. This is a course that can assist anyone interested in living life more fully, more consciously.

  5. G. T.

    It’s been almost a year and a half since I attended the workshop and bought the ‘Course in Manifestation’ and I’m still using the materials on a very regular basis.

    Anytime I’m faced with a daunting challenge I take a personal time out, review the materials – including the soundtracks, and create a clear and concise solution.

    It’s really great, and I love having this toolset available to me any time I need it.

    Thanks for creating such a great product!

  6. LaRiesse

    For the most part I have always known what I would like to create in my life but I have not always known how to get there. I have done other experiential learning courses but nothing I have found thus far compares to what SyncCreation provides both in the home study course and workshops. I found it to be enlightening and inspiring. But it goes beyond inspiring by providing tools and practical application of the material. Not only does the course provide a clear path to creating what you want in life it also sheds light on what may be in the way of your creating it.

    Regardless of where you are at in the process of manifestation or deciding whether or not to buy- just do it! Through applying and working through some of the exercises I have gained new insights and forward movement in the area of money, relationships and health and well-being. I feel like I have a greater sense of love, gratitude and much bigger dreams.

    I am ever grateful for the course work and the SyncCreation team for who they are and what they give to people. Much love and many thanks!

  7. Ajohansen

    Talk about an amazing experience!

  8. H.R.

    The SyncCreation home study course is very well writen. The accompanying Hemi-Synch CDs provide prowerful exercises to impliment the principles taught. I use the techniques from this course on a daily basis. My ability to manifest what I desire has become more and more powerful as a result. I am truly living a magical life. I highly recommend the home study course.

  9. Nate H

    The team at SynCreation are full of life and positive energy. I would recommend their courses to anyone.

  10. Lea

    I gave the course five stars because it comes with support. The home course has been life changing for me. I have had huge shifts in the way I think. And am filled with gratitude in every moment for all that is happening in my life!

  11. Mvezzuto

    I did this course at a relatively fast pace. The information in the book was useful and clear, and it’s good to have so many manifestation techniques available in this resource.

    I have to say that I had only a little bit of success with the course. What I really learned was that learning about manifestation is an ongoing process, and that certain things work better than others. These things are probably different for different people, too.

    Two criticisms: first, I ring binder, though attractively presented, is too bulky. I started taking the pages out and carrying them in clear folders, but I often wished I had all the the material available to me at the same time when I was out of the house. It would be nice to have the printed material presented bound together in a smaller size.

    Second, as far as the mentor, I found her to be VERY positive, which I intuited was part of the secret of manifesting. That said, I often needed help with negative blocks, which I felt she avoided by spraying me with her positive energy. I feel that when you’re struggling with negativity, it at least has to be acknowledged by the mentor as well as the client. I realize the mentors aren’t psychiatrists, but negativity has to at least be acknowledged in order to clear it. That’s why it’s there. It wants to be loved too!

    Oh, one last thing, 2 and a half hours of mentor time was not enough. This is very new material, and I would have like much more time with a mentor.

    I’ll continue with these exercises and with the Gateway material into the future. By the way, I still haven’t managed to bend the spoon.

    – mvezzuto

  12. Rickjoh68


    This course has been the most powerfull thing that i have ever put my mind to. I am learning a lot about myself. Lori McDonald, my personal mentor, is the best. I have to say that i have ordered many cds and can’t seem to get enough.

  13. Darryl Hurst

    I was introduced to Joe’s work by an interview he did on the Coast2Coast radio show. It sounded like something I really wanted to try. I downloaded Liquid Luck first and set a goal that if I won enough money I would buy the home study course. I listened to LL for a few days and went to a nearby casino and started playing the slots. For 30 minutes or so it was up and down as usual. Something in me said try another machine so I stood up and turned around and immediately sat at a machine directly behind me. It was an inner feeling, no thinking involved. after a few plays, I realized that a good payout would require the full bets, not the minimum I had been betting. After going the max 75 cents for about 10 minutes there was a loud noise and I looked around and people were smiling, I looked up and it was my machine making all the racket!

    I won $1200 the most I had ever won on a slot machine. What was REALLY strange was in Indiana they immediately deduct state taxes, which came to $30. The casino person paid me the rest and then said you still have credits on the machine. If you want to cash out, play one more time then you can cash out. I did so and the machine gave me $30 back! PK even paid the taxes! Earlier this year I was invited to a dinosaur dig in Wyoming out of the blue from an old friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years. I found several good finds for a beginner and I am hoping to return every year! To me this was a very big win, a very rare opportunity. Things happen when you do this work!

  14. Darryl Hurst

    I highly recommend this home study course, it’s the best and most complete training on manifesting I have ever found! And it didn’t cost me any money! (guess I should explain this). I had purchased several downloads, Liquid Luck, Healing Heart Meditation, Abundance Waterfall. After listening to these for about a week I decided to try my luck at a nearby casino. On the way I decided if this really worked I will buy the home study course. I am not a very well experienced gambler so I did what I usually did, play the slots.

    I played for awhile (penny slots to warm up), it was so-so, win and lose. So I moved to the quarter slots, betting the minimum, once again so-so. Frustrated I got up, turned around and just immediately sat down as if directed to the machine right behind me. It was another quarter machine and nothing really changed except it came to me that the only way to really hit big was bet the maximum! I did so going with the impressions I was receiving in my mind. after about 20 minutes I heard these alarms going off? I thought it was a fire alarm.

    I looked up and my machine was announcing that I had won a great prize! I was in a daze and after awhile a casino person came and asked for my drivers license. In Indiana, you have to pay the state taxes before you receive your winnings. I waited around for about 15 minutes and a sheriff’s deputy brought me a paper to sign which showed they were deducting the state taxes. I had won $1200 and the taxes were $39. It really gets spooky here, the casino guy counts out my money and as he reset the machine, he said “You still have some plays on the machine, you can keep playing or if you want to cash out hit one more play and then hit the cashout button.” I did so and the exact amount I had left was $39! Even the taxes were paid! So, I did buy the home study course as I promised myself.

    we must remember that winning is not all the time about money. This past year I reconnected with an old friend who is a retired Geologist. He has Paleo pals that dig up dinosaurs every year in Wyoming. His wife usually goes with him but couldn’t this year and he asked me if I wanted to go. #@&% yeah! I hadn’t seen him in many years, but we reconnected on FB. It was exactly what I needed in my life at the time. I am 66, soon to retire and looking for a new interest in life. I didn’t know anything about Dinosaur digs, but on the 2nd day I found a tooth of a Torvosaurus, looks like a T-rex but smaller and about 75 million years before! It was the biggest find this season! So, if you are doing this home study course, don’t limit yourself to cash amounts by gambling. although I do admit I want to do a Vegas Adventure for the fun of it!

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