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For best results use with headphones: next best – position yourself between stereo speakers. Recline or sit comfortably, most people prefer to have their eyes closed. Do not use while driving or when alertness is required, as this meditation exercise can cause drowsiness.

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12 reviews for Liquid Luck (MP3 Meditation) Download

  1. sync

    The first day I tried Liquid Luck , we solved a complex hardware/software interface problem in the lab that had resisted our efforts for two years. Not bad! I liked the format, very smooth. Will use it again, and let you know what else happens. Thanks,

  2. P.A.

    I received the Liquid Luck CD Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I took the time to sit down and listen. When it was finished, I walked into the kitchen where I noted a flyer for my house magnetized to the refrigerator door. My home has been on the market since April 12. Circumstances have not been optimum for selling with a highway road construction project a block away. There are two other homes on my block for sale and my house hasn’t had any viable interest in four months.

    I walked up to the flyer and put my hand on it and said, “I would like this sold.”

    I kid you not. Within an hour, my realtor contacted me with an offer. After a couple of days of negotiations, the contract was ratified just about an hour ago. I wanted to wait until all the signatures were in before I told you about it.

    I just looked at the flyer for the workshop in NC. I may be one of your late registrants although I’ve never been interested in bending spoons. I am sensing there are global implications and applications.

    Thank you, Joe for taking the time to do this.

  3. K And J

    We experienced the coolest thing when we did the Liquid Luck meditation… We loved the meditation and it felt like we were listening to Bob himself a lot of the time! That was so awesome, brought us both back to the beginning of TMI and the magic of Bob Monroe… You’ve got it going on Joe! It’s like you carry his energy and voice in the best way possible…

    Great job. – Gratitude and Joy and Love,

  4. Steve F.

    I have had the Liquid Luck CD for a couple of weeks. I think I listened to it seriously twice in the first 10 days. I work for a non-profit that has been struggling this past year. Last week I attracted a donation of an accessible van worth $35,000! This is the largest single donation our agency has received in 35 years! After I told the director about this, he said to me that the agency had set a goal to raise that same amount for the entire next year! So now I am a hero!

    On a personal level, I just turned 65 and I just got a notice in the mail from social security that I may be eligible to receive a monthly pension payment from a former employer that I had worked for back in 1992 in the amount of $281/month! This is also totally unexpected! AMAZING!

  5. Preston Zoller

    Within an hour or two of listening to LIQUID LUCK for the first time on a walk with my dog about a week ago, I received a phone call out of the blue telling me that I had over two thousand dollars in unclaimed property (a tax refund) from a state where our family had resided briefly about 15 years earlier. I confirmed it on the state treasury’s website and have filed my claim for the refund. I have never received such a call before, or anything like it. In my view, this was no coincidence. Since then, I have enjoyed my sips of liquid luck each and every morning and so far my luck is holding! Thanks, Joe!

  6. Kelley B

    I ordered Liquid Luck a week ago and have been listening to it daily and doing my best to go through the practice on my own. Yesterday I went to the casino and got on a machine I’ve played quite often and started hitting amazing bonuses, one after the other. I had the best day I’ve had in ages and have never had a machine pay out so steadily. I will continue to work on my liquid luck and also share my good fortune with others.

  7. Jon Reid

    For the last 2 weeks I have been using a combination of liquid luck, abundance waterfall, and the healing heart exercise from sync creation. Yesterday was the first fascinating piece of synchronicity and luck.

    I have been trying to get a different job for a couple of years but nothing relevant has come up at all and I have been stuck in a job that is underpaid, and working lots of unpaid overtime resulting in pressures in my home life. Yesterday I found the perfect job with regular working hours, no overtime, and more money with one day left before the application process deadline. The job is in a department run by someone I know who is on the interview panel and has agreed to be a reference on my application and lobby for my recruitment furiously as he put it. Now there’s a strike of luck.

  8. Ron

    This thing works I know it sounds crazy I

    Heard Joe on a rerun of coast to coast . I live in VegAs I don’t like to gamble but thanks to my gamble on joes cd I’m hitting 4 of a kinds like crazy. 4 aces with a three dealt to me for five large today at lunch! LOVE iT!

  9. Ken Jolly

    I don’t get it…how is Dr.Gallenberger not the most talked about person in the self development/new age community? I have no idea.

    Regardless though…as far as the product goes just buy it. It’ll change your life.

    This CD activates the law of attraction because it influences the subconscious mind to create abundance in your life. It’s been about a week since I listened to this CD and my gosh my life has been awesome ever since. Here are some of the highlights of my what happened this week.

    -Crazy overtime at work(More Money)

    -Found a business coach name Chrisi(Who’s very caring)

    -Stumble upon a spiritual coach name Core Love(Who taught me some Spiritual healing techniques)

    -Better relationships with my roommates(Not that it was bad before but I am starting to not be a total stranger)

    Can’t thank this product enough. I’m eventually gonna buy everything Dr.Gallenberger sells and you should too.

  10. Chad Sutherland

    It makes me sleepy. I never know what to put in my transformation box.

  11. ICS

    Buy these products if you are interested in the most powerful meditation experiences available! Honestly, never before have I felt more focused in my head, clear in my heart and refreshed in my spirit than with the daily practice of meditating to Dr Gallenberger’s guiding voice, the sounds of nature and binaural beats. Everything I wish for is manifesting in my life, bit by bit every day, much thanks to this practice. And the more I use these MP3s the more the contemplative images in my head become vivid and expansive. Five large stars!! Buy the book too if you want to learn more about Dr. Gallenberger’s concepts. I wish you well.

  12. Bruce Boege

    We had a vacation condo for rent here in Hawaii, a very competitive environment, and I was using Liquid Luck and Abundance Waterfall .I found that when I came out of the meditations, there was a new booking on my computer just about every time!
    Honestly I’ve been slack on the program lately, I’m newly inspired reading the reviews. Thank you Joe and team!

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