Inner Vegas – Creating Miracles, Abundance & Health

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Over 100 million people go to casinos in the United States. This book may help you win in Las Vegas, but it is about attracting all manner of riches into your life. Many say they don’t gamble— but if you are married, have children, or even cross the street in traffic, you are indeed a high roller! Inner Vegas shows you to apply the energy of the heart to create health and good fortune, and how to tame the dragons that you may encounter along the way.

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“Inner Vegas brings intuition, logic, and heart together for creating lasting abundance. Joe’s principles work. I have assisted in teaching his courses for over ten years. As a result, I have witnessed countless miracles of manifesting and healing that go beyond logic and move into the realm of the magical. Inner Vegas is uplifting, relevant and liberating.”

5 reviews for Inner Vegas – Creating Miracles, Abundance & Health

  1. Hardways Gal

    As we move through times that are fraught with many terrible things happening in the world, it behooves us all to learn how to manage our energy and live up to our fullest potential. Managing our fear and cynicism is important. Dr. Gallenberger, through his unusual adventures through the world of psychokinesis in the rough and tumble atmosphere of Las Vegas (of all places), shows us how we can learn to assess our energy states, and consciously raise them to create positive things in our lives and in the world. Having attended several of Dr. Gallenberger’s “Inner Vegas Adventures”, I can personally attest to some incredible experiences of high energy to the point of knowing what the next dice roll will be and being in a prolonged (over an hour)state of total bliss and knowing, all while rolling dice at a craps table and betting (a perfect whole brain state). He uses the power of binaural beat technology (Hemi-Sync® from The Monroe Insitute) to reach these powerful states. He then teaches us how to take these experiences into the real world of our lives and transform ourselves in positive ways. His is truly a unique approach to conscious living that will give you a solid foundation to consciously create the reality you desire.

  2. AingealRose

    This book helped me see Vegas in a different light. It shows the positive side, the potential of Las Vegas to help you grow in consciuousness rather than come away with loss. Dr. Gallenberger covers some groundbreaking stuff in here. Well done!

  3. Ahonu

    Great book. Needs to be taken very seriously by people of all beliefs. Highly recommended.

  4. Kevinogrady

    This has to be the most enlightening book I have read. It is so full of promise and potential. Thanks for bringing it to the world.

  5. Darryl Hurst

    Yesterday at 8:23pm

    I wasn’t sure which product to refer this too. They all work together! Today after preparing myself by listening to Liquid Luck and Abundance waterfall (and I have been listening to both along with Healing Heart for a couple of weeks), I took a drive to our nearest casino in French Lick, Indiana. I focused on clearing my mind the whole trip of about an hour. I played “Spa” on my radio and bought a bottle of wine at the winery in advance of celebration on my win to come. I’m not much of a card player, but that may change and the Craps table was full (middle of the afternoon on Sunday, only one open), and I know how the game is played, but still learning about the betting. I wanted as less stress as possible so I went to the slots. Played around with the penny slots for about 1/2 hour and won about $10. I thought this was going too slow and moved up to the quarter machines. I pulled $20 out of my pocket and along with the $10 win on the pennies, I changed focus. All along I was just being open and thinking the positive thoughts from the recordings “I am Love, I am Lucky, etc… I wasn’t “feeling it” on this slot and cashed out about with a small win. I immediately turned around and “just sat” at the quarter slot behind me. It went good for awhile and I won and I lost, no big deal. I was playing single bet for most of the time and then I felt I should raise the ante as they say. I took another $20 out of my pocket and started the max bet 75 cents. within about 20 minutes the machine started making a huge racket and I realized I was a winner! $1200. I have never won like this at a casino and I was in a daze, A good point was that I had prepared myself and when I started I was still doing affirmations in my mind. By the time I won I was just playing, not thinking about anything in particular, I had “Let Go” On the way home I called several friends. And I think it is not just about reading the books, you have to commit to the meditations. I have been doing these kind of things for years and no “payoff” until now. While driving home I felt very grateful. I have always believed I am a healer in this lifetime. Joe says it’s the same energy and I believe that too. This book is a great read!

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