Preparing to Soar

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

We are living in a culture that has a strong undertow of fear, anger, and helplessness at this time. To feel happy and free, we need to finesse our relationship to it. If we would like to live at a higher vibration than our culture, we need to let go of bonds that pull us into resonating with it. It is best to do this with great compassion towards ourselves and to those who are in fear, yet with the strength of clear purpose. This is difficult because letting go threatens our survival programming which dictates enmeshment with our tribe of origin to feel safe.

Three areas of connection keep us from ascending to a higher resonance of love and joy. Let’s looks at the easiest to see and change and then go to the more challenging. The first is the broader culture itself. Often our strongest connection to it is through broadcast media. Avoid fascination with the black hole of conspiracy theories of all types. While staying in light contact with what is going on, we can largely disconnect from “The News” and instead connect to information and messages exploring and celebrating our progress, goodness, and abundance. Organizations such as The Institute for Noetic Sciences, and The Monroe Institute can provide a new sense of community and keep us in touch with the potential of consciousness to create a better world.

The second area of connection is through our relationships to those close to us. We can evaluate and recreate our relationships with friends and family members by either speaking our truth to improve the energy flow within them, or disconnecting from them if they are of poor quality or toxic. To change our type of connection to loved ones, we may need to reduce face time and quiet our impulses to rescue, or be understood by our family members, while expanding our spiritual connection to them by “praying” for them often – defined as seeing them in their highest and finest and sending them energy while letting go of outcomes. This frees us to deepen our most vibrant relationships and cultivate new relationships that truly nurture our spirit and inspire us to grow in positive ways. The meditation exercise Partner’s Meditation is designed to enhance the quality of important relationships.

The third and perhaps most challenging area that can keep us connected to fear is our relationship to our own selves. When we cling to self-criticism and resentments we stay bogged down and connected back to the culture that raised us. Affirmations can help, such as: “Even though I did X today (or in the past), I completely love and accept myself”. Forgiving and releasing what we carry heavily within ourselves may involve speaking our truth to another, making amends, or having someone listen compassionately to our story, so that we can see it in another way and move on. The Abundance Tree Exercise available in writing free here and as part of the CD meditation exercises in SyncCreation: A Course in Manifestation can be very helpful in releasing energy frozen into negative patterns.

Once you begin releasing these sources of entanglement, then it becomes easier to connect with energies that can truly sustain and elevate us. So much wonderful energy is available freely to us from Source however you define this, in the beauty to be found within the earth experience, in loving connection with others wherein you experience them (and they you) in finest human expression, and in connecting more strongly to spirit by enjoying the ecstasy found within deep meditation. As you move into more healing and joy, know that it will greatly benefit the world, perhaps even for generations both backwards and forwards in time. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes many individuals raising their consciousness, to raise the predominant human consciousness, so that the potential of this beautiful planet can be experienced.


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