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  1. sanaz dafileh says:

    why can’t I decide to leave my relations here and go after my dreams?

  2. Johnny says:

    Is it possible for others negative thoughts or wishes toward you to ruin your lucky day? Ive had several occurances where my luck had seemed to change, but after id told the good news to others – things fall apart or disappear all together.

    • Sure, if you allow the person to upset you strongly, it could interfere with the flow of energy. But part of teh Liquid Luck process is that things go smoothly, taking you to your goal so that you might miss even seeing that person.

  3. Joseph Doherty says:

    Hi I was trying to buy your liquid luck cd but could not find Ireland as a destination for delivery could advise me how I can receive it .

  4. rikki says:

    I humbly request that you and a group you lead, please send me energy to help me i feell hopeless in life and need emotional healing and help making my business do better!

  5. Barbara says:

    I have started using the Manifestations CD and I fall asleep each time. How important is it for me to remain awake?
    Thanks for your answer. I am LOVING your book and can’t wait to sign up for the Inner Vegas experience!
    Blessings to you!

    • It depends on when you fall asleep within the exercise. It is good to be conscious while you are visualizing what you want to create. There is something called “click out” that is different than sleep where you lose conscious awareness for part of the exercise. I would suggest doing the exercise at a different time of day when you are more rested, or trying sitting up, or with eyes open, or each time you hear my voice guiding you, remember to take in a new breath of fresh energy. I sometime reat my elbow on teh bed with my heand in the air, it I start to fall asleep, my hand will drop, bringing memore awake. Glad you are finding the CD so relaxing:) Thnak you for the kind comments about my Inner Vegas book. Let us know if these suggestions help.

  6. jeff says:

    Hi joe, I have liquid luck and manifesting with hemisync. I can never figure out what it means by create a new pattern. what kind of pattern?

    • Bob Monroe used the word pattern to describe what a person would like to bring into their lives. So it is the same as the idea visualize, imagine or perceive what you would like to create. The word pattern is used because it is best to understand it is not just one thing in isolation but something dynamic that will effect other patterns of your life. For example if you want and get a new BMW car where before you had no car, if would effect your social patterns, freedom to travel, use of fossil fuel etc. If you brought in a new main relationship, this may effect your health, wealth, happiness etc. It is better to understand the wider reaching implications of the pattern so that you can decide if you really want this change and to make room for the full implications of the change to occur.
      Hope this helps
      Joe Gallenberger

  7. Iris says:

    Dr. Gallenberger,

    I’ve been listening to Liquid Luck for a while (only switched to other HemiSync CDs when I’m feeling unwell). So far I’ve luck in finding what I need to buy in deep discount and getting a few online referral commissions. But I wonder if I may be missing something so I’m not producing bigger or more concrete results…

    Please be patient if my questions are too silly or basic.

    1. Any tips for forming the “new pattern” so the result will be more immediate and apparent?

    2. Do I need to be “desperate” or have strong “desire” to make this work? It seems greedy to be that way…

    3. I’ve tried all kinds of meditations and always get stuck when I’m told to visualize while others describe seeing images. As a writer in progress, I’ve been focused on words for a while, when I think about a setting, it’s always just a “sense” of the place and never a real image. Could this be preventing a better outcome? If so, please suggest ways for improvement.

    4. When I put troubles into the transformation box, by instructions, the troubles are to become positive energy. When I put it away, am I just saving it for the next time? Right now, I imagine shutting the troubles in the box and push it into the black hole so it would be disintegrated. Not a good method?

    5. During Liquid Luck when I’m suppose to infuse different elements into the liquid (like happiness, gratitude…), I start thinking about happy events but my mind wonders off listing them. Is this effecting the outcome? What should I do?

    6. If you noticed any other issues from above, please bring them up and recommend solutions.

    I’m interested in trying the home course but if I couldn’t even get Liquid Luck right, I don’t know if the home course can help me…

    Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions!


    • 1. Liquid Luck is more for having a great day which may include lucky finds such as the discounted purchases. Manifesting with Hemi-Sync and the home study is more suitable for specific visualization of what you want to create.
      2. feeling desperate is not useful, feeling very attracted to a particular outcome and holding this willing and joyfully, not willfully is helpful.
      3. There is no need to visualize in the sense of seeing. Imagining, sensing or knowing, or talking one’s self through it also work very well. Go with what ever your strongest ways of perception are.
      4. The idea would be as trouble go into the transformation box that their energy is transformed into a lighter more constructive form.
      5. When it is suggested that you fill the vial with happiness the most important thing is to feel happiness and send that into the vial. You can start with thinking of a happy event but mostly allow yourself to feel the feeling of happiness and not get distracted in trying to remember many event.
      Getting Liquid luck right is not a great predictor of SyncCreation home study success. The course is much more extensive, with many exercises to remove blocks and raise energy, plus personal coaching to fine tune the process to your strengths and challenges. Hope this all helps

  8. Kenneth says:

    Dr. Gallenberger:

    I have an em-wave bio-feedback device from Heartmath. I don’t understand the Coherence business, I just know that when the light turns the right color, that’s good. Is this the ‘state’ that we’re trying to be for optimum manifesting? If not, how do the two states compare?

    • Kenneth. I think the em-wave is a great device, especially when connected to a computer so that you can see pictures fill with color as you move into Heart Coherence. The state Heart Math is aiming for I think is an excellent one for moving out of left brain and ego thinking, which should be helpful when manifesting or doing PK. That said in workshops we use meditations designed to open the heart very powerfully for maximum Pk, healing, and manifestation effect. I think the two states have a lot in common, yet also are a bit different. Perhaps the coherent heart state is usually felt as being very calm and open and the open heart state we generate in workshops or home study is felt as more emotionally loving and open with a greater flow of energy. Hope this helps

  9. Mehr says:

    Dr. Gallenberger,
    I´ve always considered myself as a master manifestor. I used to visualize something (grades, house, partner, work, money) and within 3-4 weeks I would had it. In the past couple of years I´ve been doing a lot of shadow work, deep emotional healing, familiy constellations, etc and now I find it very difficult to raise up my energy and to keep focusing on a certain image-outcome that I want to manifest. It feels like the ´rules of the game´as I knew how to practice them are not working in the same way and the feeling of ´magical creation´ and luck are replaced by other stuff. I´m familiar with hemi sync meditations and music and I´ve listened to the manifestation CD, and currently doing the syncCreation course. Do you have any advice on how to use my manifestation muscles again? Thank you

    • Mehr
      Thank you for writing. I can not be sure but I would guess that all your inner work has activated a block that has yet to be transformed. From your letter I can not tell how far along you are in your SyncCreation course. The course is well designed to identify and remove such blocks. And besides the exercises to do this, the coaching can help in the process. So if you have not gone through the course fully, keep working it. And if you have not had your coaching yet, you might want to schedule a sessions so this can be addressed in much more detail than can be here. Hope this helps

  10. Iris says:

    Dr. Gallenberger,

    I downloaded the Abundance Waterfall and would like to know if the cover that comes with the physical CD has information that would help me experience the exercise.

    Thank you, Iris

  11. SHOHEI OSAKI says:

    Dr. Gallenberger,

    I downloaded “Manifesting with Hemi-Sync” from i-tunes. Whenever I listened, I did not use a specific image. But I can feel that my life change to positive gradually.

    However, in the process of it, I had a terrible experience at the same time. What do you think about it. Could you tell me how to prevent manifesting negative elements?

    If my English sentences are wrong, I apologize it.

    May the force be with us.

    • SHOHEI OSAKI says:

      Dr. Gallenberger,

      I am listening “Devils and Dust” on YouTube.

      Fear’s a dangerous thing
      It can turn your heart black you can trust
      It’ll take your God filled soul
      Fill it with devils and dust

      I have read “Inner Vegas” today.
      And you have already written down the answer of my question!

      We are brother and sisters
      Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better
      I admit myself

      Curiously, after I wrote my question to your blog, I could find my answer easily.
      Thank you very much.

  12. Osaki
    I am glad that you found your answer so quickly – yes, usually it is fear when things are manifesting negatively. The home study SyncCreation has many powerful; exercises to identify and transform fears and limiting beliefs.

  13. Liam says:

    Hi Joe,

    Love the Manifestation CD & I will get Liquid Luck & Abundance Waterfall soon.

    On a different topic, I have another question:

    I work as and Energy Healer [Domancic Bioenergy Therapy] and I’m also a Physical Therapist.
    When I’m doing Energy Healing Treatments, about 70% of the time, I always feel the very strong presence of ‘non-physical visitors’ in the Treatment Room. Ususally, standing very close to me & the patient or, in some cases, a few ‘visitors’ literally enveloping the patient & I in what I can only describe as a giant hug. It’s always a very beautiful and powerfully healing experience.
    When I do treatments, I’m not the kind of Therapist who deliberately looks out for ‘non-physical’ presences. But, most of the time, I sense them in the treatment room … usually a few of them standing very close to me … literally inches from my face.
    In your experience, is this normal?
    Does this mean anything?

    • What you perceive when doing healing treatments is often reported by others and considered very much a sacred priveledge to experience. Most who experience this do not report it happening as frequently as you, which may be a good indication that you are very present and tuned in during the healing. Congratulations!

      • Liam says:

        Thanks for your very kind reply. Yes … that is exactly how I see it … a prvilege. It’s a very spiritual feeling. You took the words out of my mouth. I always feel present during treatments – switching the mind off. I think energy healing links me in to the non-physical realm.
        Well, I’m listening to Abundance & Liquid Luck this week.
        So, I hope to report fantastic results very soon!

  14. Liam says:

    Hi Joe,
    When can I expect to manifest what I seek. I’m using Manifesting with Hemi-Sync, Liquid Luck & Abundance Waterfall. I have listened to at least one of these three MP3s every day since October 7th.
    Is there any way to know that what you seek to manifest is beginning to materialise in your life?
    What time frame should you expect and is there any way to accelerate the process?

    • The time frame for what we are manifesting will vary widely depending on goal (for example, soul mate or ideal job in the universe for you might take longer than parking space) It also varies by amount of potential blocks, energy level, passion for the goal etc. The SyncCreation home study is the most complete way to deal with all aspect that may impinge on manifesting.

  15. sina says:

    Hello Dear Dr.Gallenberger :

    I follow your interviews and face book . You mention frequently that being fully Grounded is essential for pk process . Could you please explain what is exactly this state ? `being Grounded` is a state of consciousness ? is it a meditation ?Does it involve a visualization technique? and the other question is the quality of an open heart ? what is an open heart ? Is it equal to simply being happy in the present moment or it goes deeper ?

    Thank you and God bless you

    • Being grounded and open heartedness are both is a complex and important issues, for full explanation of these please read my book Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook – it goes into it thoroughly and has exercises to increase these abilities. Essentially being grounded in to be fully connected to the present moment (not thinking of past or future) and fully connected to highest energies from Source and the earth. There are many meditations and other activities that foster grounding, but your intention to be fully here on the planet and completely happy to be here is most powerful. Open heartedness is essentially being unconditionally loving of yourself, all experience and all beings, fear clouds love, so it involves transcending fear in its many forms. Hope this helps

  16. Liam says:

    How do you remove ‘blocks’ to manifesting what you desire?
    Are there any exercises/tips to remove blocks or obstacles to manifesting what you want.


  17. Susan says:

    Hi Joe, I have hearing in only one ear. Can hemi-sync work effectively for me? Thank you for your insights. Blessings, Susan

    • Susan, we have found that Hemi-Sync can work well even if a person has hearing difficulty in one ear. This is because their are many components to Hemi-Sync including a monaural frequency following response, gentle verbal guidance and facilative sounds that do not rely on stereo perception for effectiveness. Also there is data to suggest that there is a electrical field effect using head phones that does not rely on perception of sound to shift brain waves. I would suggest trying a CD exercise such as Manifesting with Hemi-Sync or Liquid Luck and see if feels effective for you. Hope this helps.

  18. Shirley says:

    We would be interested in going to the workshop and wondering whether we might be too old!

    I have ordered the Liquid Luck book and CD for starters.
    I am a strong believer but my retired doctor husband doesn’t believe in such happenings.
    Your opinion??

    • We have had folks as old as 95 in the workshop that did well and have several people who attend regularly that are in their 80s. It is a high energy workshop. But we send preparation material that can be studied beforehand at home and then do take a break each afternoon – because I like to nap! Hope this helps

  19. Shirley says:

    I forgot to mention our age of 82!

  20. a b roberson says:

    When I was in my thirties i tried an experiment…folded a very small square of tissue paper in a triangle shape…put it on the sharp end of a needle and put the other end in a cork..then put this on a table and covered with a glass globe. Concentrated on one corner and found i could easily cause it to turn…slowly at first…then faster…showed all three of my kids and one of them was able to do it too…is this telekinesis?

  21. Coenrad says:

    Hi Dr,

    I write from Cape Town, South Africa with regard to the Syncreation home study course. Do you have plans to convert it to a digital download format? I ask as our postal system recently went through months of strikes and given the investment, paying for something you may not receive is daunting. Furthermore, the bits and pieces, Die, spoon and grass seeds I can get or have, everything else I believe can be PDF or MP3?

    Please be so kind as to reply.

    Most sincerely
    Coenrad Morgan

    • Coenrad
      Thank you for writing. For many complex reasons, we currently have no plans to offer SyncCreation home study as a digital download. However we ship world wide including successfully to South Africa with no problem using USPS Priority Express with tracking which is $70 US and we can also ship Global Express guarenteed delivery which would be more. We can get you an estimate of this cost if you provide a compete Postal address. I recommend that you email us at to discuss options for you.
      Joe Gallenberger

  22. sina says:

    Hello Dear doctor :
    you have mentioned frequently the effectiveness of hemisync technology and binaural beats in shortening the time needed for going to deep meditative states,As you are an experienced psychotherapist too , My question is :Does this technology help with psychological problems like depression ?
    Thank you
    finding you was a great manifestation for me


    • Sina
      The technology can be very helpful in psychotherapy in many ways. First it appears that such mediation activates theta wave states which can help with a variety of issues such as addiction and depression, it can help relax which is good with anxiety and phobias, and there are specific verbally guided Hemi-Sync exercises deigned to alleviate many mental health issues. Hopethis helps

  23. Lam says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. It is similar to a question already posted but different enough that I hope you can offer some thoughts.

    1. I just purchased the Liquid Luck CD. As soon as the wave sounds end and the Hemi-Sync sounds begin, I have a very hard time staying awake. The first time I fell asleep immediately, then I had “bursts” of sleep with odd dreams throughout.

    2. I noticed that I emerge feeling very drowsy and groggy for the rest of the day, similar to a feeling one gets at 4 a.m. in the morning after working all day and night on some writing deadline.

    3. I also noticed that as soon an the Hemi-Sync sounds begin my breathing changes to short shallow breaths. Is that common?

    (I practice a lot of visualization and meditation as well as body work through yoga and have been doing so for 20 years.)
    Thank you so much for your thoughts!


    • Lam, it sound like you respond strongly to the binuaral beats. You may also be sleep deprived dues to schedule , poor sleep architecture or sleep apnea. You might try at the most alert time of your day, eyes open, sitting up, with a bit of caffine prior to starting etc. Some people do notice a significant change in breathing patterns as they relax deeply and this is OK.

  24. Liam says:

    — Sudden Realisation with Manifesting —

    I got Manifesting with Hemi Sync & Liquid Luck & Abundance Waterfall about 8 months ago.
    I tried all the programs about 8-10 times each over a period of about 2 months or so.
    Unfortunately, I got no results at all whatsoever with any of the programs.

    However, I’m back on Round 2, as it were, to try the programs again.
    Yesterday, while listening to Manifesting with Hemisync, a realisation suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Deep down, a part of my consciousness, tells me I don’t deserve to be wealthy, successful or happy. It was a horrible, life-sucking sensation that felt like it was ‘hanging around’ in my head for a long, long time.

    Then, I realised why the manifesting did not work before … because I felt I did not DESERVE happiness, wealth, fulfillment etc.. I don’t know why this feeling was so strongly ingrained but it was a huge revelation that suddenly came to the surface mentally…

    Anyway, I realise now that the DESERVINGNESS is a huge part of successful manifesting.
    That is what I must ‘fix.’ .. the Deservingness Feeling. Any tips on how to quickly fix that?

    Thanks Joe

    • Liam I am very happy that using our exercises finally produced critically important insight. Congratulations for not giving up! Yes, deservingness is huge. The SyncCreation home study course with its personal coaching and effective exercises to address the shadow aspects such as deep programs about self worth is the best approach to this issue. It is time and cost efficient and self-compassionate to address this via SyncCreation. Best wishes

      • Liam says:

        Thanks Joe. Yes, it is a huge revelation to me.
        Part of negative programmes we all take on at some stage, I suppose.
        Shadow aspects is a very good name actually .. mentally, it does feel like an unpleasant shadow lurking in the background.
        I will do the Sync Home Study course when I can.
        In the meantime, I will keep with Manifesting/Waterfall & Liquid Luck.
        P.S. I will have to try one of the Inner Vegas adventures to Las Vegas sometime. That sounds like a whole lot of fun!!

  25. Lisa says:

    Dear Dr. Joe, I want to say thank you first for your hard work and dedication in making life here on earth much more pleasurable through your magical manifestation meditation CD’s and your workshops.

    My question: I heard Jon Rappoport once say in an interview to the host to try pushing the word Power out of your brain and imagine blue electrical waves connecting to everything in the room, and to work yourself up to doing this for 20 minutes a day. He also suggested to the host to imagine blue electricity going from your heart and down both legs into the ground, and to work yourself up to doing this for 20 minutes a day.

    Jon never explained what would occur when practicing these techniques, and when I asked him on his face book page, I was directed to buy one of his books for $125.00 to find out, I guess.?.

    What would be your guess to what these techniques will do for a person?


    • Lisa
      I am sorry, I have no idea what it would do as I am unfamiliar with the technique. In general from personal experience, I am not a fan of techniques that do not proceed in a balanced way, meaning that wisdom and compassion are being enhanced at the same time as power. On the surface this technique sounds unbalanced to me.

  26. Robert Q says:

    Hello Dr Joe ,
    I have purchased Waterfall, Abundant heart, Healing heart, and liquid luck only last week and I am having fun listening to them. They are great, to say the least.
    I am not a stranger to hemi sync, I am a veteran of the Viet conflict, on 100% disability pension living in Australia and having first used the products back in 1989 and still use the same original gateway experience tapes. (Maybe they are getting old.) Things that hemisync has helped me with over a period of time is severe depressive disorder, ptsd, tinnitus, Pain relief, prostate condition and a few other conditions. They have been invaluable to me. There is no doubt about the power of these tapes/cds . I do have very deep states of relaxation. Perhaps you may be able to help me, Personally I find that I just don’t want to, or find myself compelled not to let go. (perhaps fear). I get so so close and something pulls me back? I do feel great apprehension. Yes even after all these years! I would like to progress with the sync creation however I feel I need to do more with what I am doing now. Any suggestions on letting Go…. more than I do would be so appreciated. Do you feel I need to do more with what I have at hand before progressing with the home study course? Because I can only travel short distance these days it is not possible for me to attend the seminar in Vegas so home study is only possible for me. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for the great cds.
    Blessings and Kind Regards to all

    • Robert, Thank you for writing. Given what you have said about the benefits that you have already attained and your goals and challenges my feeling is that the SyncCreation Home Study course would be very helpful to you at this point. We already know that you respond well to Hemi-Sync as delivered in my products, and SyncCreation was specially designed to go much deeper into removing or transcending blocks through exercises that I have found helpful my clinical work with PTSD and other effects from serving in Vietnam. Additionally the personal coaching via phone or Skype comes in very handy at tailoring this course to your unique needs.

  27. Beatrice says:

    Dear Joe,

    I am in the process of reading your book Inner Vegas and my Goodness, how fascinating ! I want to devour it but force myself to only read a few pages at a time to savour it. Reading it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The implications of what you have written through your experiences both on an individual basis and on a global basis are astounding. It is one of my plans to join you one day on your Inner Vegas workshop in Vegas or at TMI when time allows. But for now, I have a question:
    you mention, on page 171, that you have had much insight through contacts with your guides through what looks like automatic writing. I have been wanting to try this but have been advised that it might be dangerous. What is your opinion on the matter? What method would you advise for a newbie and have you done anything before trying automatic writing regarding protection (of course, we all want contact with positive elements rather than negative)? If yes, what was it?
    Also, are you planning any workshop in Australia (Sydney) anytime soon? I would be definitely honored to participate.
    Kind regards,

    • Beatrice
      Thank you for writing. I feel that contact with guidance through meditation, where one speaks or write down then flow of “conversation” be it with your own higher self, or with what we may call guides is a healthy and positive activity. I do indeed recommend using techniques such as the Monroe Institute preparation process to first clear and raise your energy. This accomplishes many purposes including quieting the ego mind, increasing vibration rate and it is automatically protective from contacting and attracting any lower energies. Ido not plan to be in Australia any time soon – but am open to doing a workshop there under certain circumastanaces. Private email at would be a better forum to discuss travel to Australia. Hope this helps

  28. David says:

    Dr. Joe,
    I first heard of you on your Coast to Coast interview with George Noory in December last year. I had learned Remote Viewing from Major Ed Dames about five years ago after first hearing of him on Coast to Coast. Learning Remote Viewing was, to say the least, an “eye opening” experience, and as I learned more about it, I naturally wondered about the opposite effect – that is, if you can indirectly receive information, can you also send it? Hearing you was the first time I came across information I thought I could use to find out. I ordered and read your books “Inner Vegas” and “Liquid Luck” and then ordered your “Liquid Luck” CD, which I have listened to only 2 or 3 times so far, but definitely enjoyed, relaxed to, and I believe benefited me.

    Let me say, I am not a gambler. In the past, when my wife and I would rarely go to a casino, it was for the buffet or a show or a conference or a reunion, and if we gambled at all it was on the slot machines just long enough to get a “comp” for the buffet. But you books intreaged me. So I bought some dice (we didn’t have any), set up a practice table in the basement, and started throwing dice and recording the results in a notebook. This was last week. In short, I proved to myself I could “beat the odds

    • David says:

      ” reliably. So I watched videos of haw craps is played, learned the rules and today I went to a casino and played craps on a real table. It was the first time I ever played a table game in a casino. Three or four people rolled before the dice came to me, and 7’d out fairly quickly. I held the dice for 15-20 minutes and everyone on the table made money, including me, even though I was up $30-40 at one point and then lost some, I still cashed out $4 ahead even after leaving a dealer tip. Needless to say, I’m convinced. I don’t know if I’m more excited about winning $4 or proving to myself PK works! Walking into a casino and laying down $100 on a craps table (and winning even a little) is one of the last things I thought I would ever do! But so it is. Of course the implications of such a proof are amazing.

      Thanks very much Dr. Joe
      Hope to meet you sometime in Vegas or Virginia!

  29. Mirjana Clark says:

    Dear Dr. Joe,

    About 10 years ago I used Holosync Awakening Prologue. The Dive was very helpful but when I started to use Immersion, not long after, I experienced anxiety, body discomfort to the point that I felt sick. I did not like to discontinue, since it helped me to overcome my sleep problem. But I had to. Then I would listen to it occasionally, only when I couldn’t sleep. It helped. Then gradually it did not work any more. I know that Level 1 would be stronger but I prefer to move away from Holosync.
    I tried “Sleeping Through the Rain” from Hemi-Sync with no result. Monaural beets don’t do anything for me. Binaural do. But to what extent the brain wave patterns can be manipulated? Can we stay in delta or theta or any other wave continuously before brain reject the force and be, whatever was meant to be? Because of so much discomfort mine brain is different in that sense than most people . Lack of Liquid Luck? This is just to be funny no cynical.
    Thank you for your help,

    • Mirjana
      We can not, nor would it be good to stay in a particular brain wave pattern continuously. All hemi-sync has binaural beats but you may respond better to a signal only such as the title, Hemi-Sync Meditation, or a verbally guided title such as Transcendence. Sleep induction problems can be complex and respond to exercises to clear the mind of concern before sleep, physical exercise and diet changes during the day such as no caffine etc., improving the room temperature, reducing exposure to electronic media and blue computer screen light after supper. Hope this helps

  30. Mark says:

    Dr. Joe, It seems I am continually amazed at why I have not discovered people like you earlier in my life, (learning, understanding, and growing). But my next thought is, how fortunate I am to have found the information you offer. I understand much and am excited to learn what you have to offer. It feels great when you find something that you resonate so completely with. I mean, combining PK, LOA, mediation, living from the heart, et., etc., AND gambling? Talk about resonance. I could be your poster child. I just downloaded you Liquid Luck Meditation CD and am looking forward to that experience. I have listened to several of your interviews and looked through your blog but I have not found any information on influencing outcomes while gambling online. Have you done any studies or thought about conducting any to see if you could get data showing a significance impact on expected norms? Influencing pseudo- RNGs at a distance from the servers where they reside?
    Mark P

    • Mark
      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you have found my information. Random number experiments have been done at a distance and results suggest it can be as powerful as close by IF you believe certain things such as time-space is an illusion. So as to online gaming, not much has been reported by theoretically if can work to use PK on this. My concern is that the industry online is not as well regulated in my opinion as on site casinos in teh USa, but I have freinds who do know which sites are legitimate. I just have not played much with this personally as it is not my area of interest currently.. Hope this helps

      • Mark says:

        Dr. Joe, Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, the information you have provided helps a lot. Now just to get the old Crystal Ball out and see which online casinos don’t have the deck stacked in there favor, ha, ha. Looking forward to meeting you one of these days. I live in Texas, we have casinos right next door in LA, OK, and NM. If you ever decide to have an Inner Coushatta (LA) Workshop let me know ha, ha.
        Thanks for your work.
        Mark P.

  31. Mark P. says:

    Dr. Joe, I recently listened to an interview with you on from 2013. In the interview you mentioned folks bending spoons, lighting light bulbs, and growing seeds in their hands. Can you provide any links to any legitimate videos showing people accomplishing these or other types of PK. The reason I ask is because it is hard for us that don’t know any better to be able to discern whether a video is a hoax or not. I know PK exists, but to be able to see some of this stuff on legitimate videos has a much greater impact on the viewer as opposed to just hearing about someone doing it secondhand, no matter the source of the statement. Just curious if you could provide a link or two, or steer me in the right direction. Also, have you ever thought about using videos of PK actually occurring in any of your courses to see if it had a greater impact on your students as opposed to not having videos of actual PK experiences?
    Mark P., Austin, TX

  32. Noah says:

    Hello Joe
    I just bought the Sync Creation course and I have troubles with the Healing Heart exercise: I don’t know how “loving feelings” or love in general feels like.
    Should I just go on with the exercise and let the feelings come by themselves or do I have to start somewhere else?
    Thank you in advance and all the best from Switzerland.

  33. Stache says:

    Hi Joe!
    I just got Liquid Luck after reading the book. I’m curious to see what will happen!

    Here’s my question:
    I know that most of us have a weird psychological quirk that seems to compel us to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, but it’s been my experience that the universe seems to like to do that by it’s own accord.

    Whenever I’ve been in a situation where something terrific has happened, I felt great about it without guilt or recriminations, and the future looked rosy and bright, the universe will blindside me with some unexpected blow.

    For example, coming into a great new job, I soon found my work being sabotaged by people in the office I didn’t work with and didn’t even know, and for reasons I didn’t know. Or after coming into a lot of money, a sudden family emergency sucked up most of my savings.

    It’s been my experience that if you can attract good luck, that good luck attracts bad luck!

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Stache, Liquid Luck is designed to slip by or transcend an average tendency to limit ourselves and so 95% have reported it working well without “blowback”. If you continue to experience a pattern of good followed by bad, then I would recommend SyncCreation home study which is designed to clear very deep and often unconscious blocks to full, consistent and ever-increasing abundance. Hope this helps

  34. T.S.Lakshmi says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Today I saw your video regarding suicide. I was very comforted by it. Regarding reincarnation, is it true that a part of our energy always remains in the spirit world and we can always contact loved ones even if they have reincarnated?

    Thanking you,

    with love and prayers,


    • Lakshmi
      I do think that part of our energy , perhaps higher self if you will remains in spirit at all times. So I do feel that we can connect at least essence to essence with any one at any time. Also with different meditation techniques such as taught at The Monroe Institute I think that you can learn to break free of the illusion of linear time, and affirming that love pierces any veil, can go to the “time intersection” best for an interaction with any being including the personality aspects that you are or were familiar with here on the earth plane. For example I may intend to meet with the person at an ideal time and level of consciousness for them and I to have a vibrant and clear interaction
      Hope this helps

  35. Stacie Lane Moore says:

    When will the Partners meditation be available as a download? I really need this but I no longer even own a CD player.

    Love your work!

    Thanks! and Blessings!

  36. Ale says:

    I got to know Dr. Joe Gallenberger from the free forgiveness meditation and then bought Manifesting meditation as well as Inner Vegas book.
    I want to buy more products that are only available on this page (mp3 downloads) but do not want to create a PayPal account since I once got it hacked and do not trust them. Is there an alternative? I have bought products in hemi-sync on in the TMI page but not all your products are available there.

    • You can call us between 9 and 5 Eastern at (828) 698-4815 and we will take order by phone, or you can use website and at bottom of Pay Pal screen gives you option of using credit card directly without opening a Pay Pal account (Pay Pal still does the credit card process is this case. If you call us no pay pal is involved. Hope this helps


  37. Heather says:

    Hi Joe, as a child I would often be woken by a sudden sensation of sliding out of my body through the head when in bed. Is there anything to this? As a result I have always taken an interest in us being more than our bodies. Do you have any writings on existential crisis and OBE? On two occasions I experienced (fairly recently) an almost audible jolt which had me suddenly at another angle of the room. One was as I lay in bed awake still reeling over the death of a friend I had lost touch with; with a kind of boom, thud, I was standing on the opposite wall looking toward the bed I was in. Curiously though, my attention was distracted by three small explosions of light next to the bed because otherwise I would surely have seen ME lying in the bed. This lasted around three seconds. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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