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Partners Meditation Hemi-Sync® CD

Partners Meditation
Partners Meditation
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Enhance and deepen your meaningful relationships with this verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise. The people who are important in our lives are here to be our teachers, guides, and our loving support system. This exercise, created and voiced by Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D., is designed to ease conflict and deepen the joy, appreciation and richness that you and your partner experience from your relationship.

It guides you to see yourself and the other person in their highest and finest, celebrate the high points of your relationship, review your agreements with them and change these if needed. You can do this exercise by yourself or with your partner for highly beneficial effects.

"I have used this exercise to enhance relationships with my wife, children, parents, business partners, and friends. In every case I felt a positive shift in each relationship – highly recommended."

Length: 38 minutes.

What is Hemi-Sync®?

Hemi-Sync® is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven "audio-guidance" technology refined with over 40 years of research. Learn More About Hemi-Sync®...

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