Manifesting Legacies

Pine Drive in Manifesting Legacies

“Nothing has ever been said about God that hasn’t already been said better by the wind in the pine trees.” ~ Thomas Merton

Walking down my winding driveway on a breezy day, I enjoyed the whisper of wind through the pines – my pines, now 40 feet tall. I had gently planted two inch tall seedlings there 35 years ago, following my heart’s intention to enjoy wind through pines on the way to get the mail at my new home. This pine forest is now one of my legacies.

That wind’s caress brought to mind that I am now scheduling my 96th Inner Vegas Adventure for June of this year. When I was creating the first Las Vegas workshop nearly two decades ago, my heart’s passion was to share what I had learned about psychokinesis, healing, and manifesting in the fast feedback world of Las Vegas. I focused on finding a dozen people curious, courageous, and trusting enough to go on that first journey with me to explore consciousness and manifestation in the casino.

That first seedling workshop has grown into a huge and varied tree. I never expected 1,500 people would take the Inner Vegas Adventure with me and that we would have so much fun! And for the experience to generate the books Inner Vegas, and Liquid Luck, and many meditation CDs. The Inner Vegas workshops spurred me to create the MC² program (now presented over 50 times) for the Monroe Institute, and the SyncCreation Home Studymanifestation course, and international versions of SyncCreation workshops given in eight countries. The idea for that first workshop, the courage to implement it, and the help of countless people along the way has produced a significant “right livelihood” legacy.

There are other legacies that have flowered over decades and each began with saying “yes” to an idea and working to bring it into physical reality – saying “I do” at the altar leading to decades of marriage, children and grandchildren. Applying to graduate school leading to thirty years of helping people in a therapy setting.

Often when we begin to realize that we have a hand in creating our reality, we focus on manifesting something tangible and needed at the moment, such as a car. We can also apply our manifesting energy to creating legacies that we will be proud of, and that will bless not only ourselves but our community and world – that is when our passion fires and the universe steps in powerfully to help.

It is totally appropriate to put our energy into manifesting that new car, if desired. Yet I am inviting you also to apply considerable thought and energy into creating small activities and things that can grow into great new legacies that will bless you and many others. Plant that tree, write that book, start that group, and then reap the decades of joy and adventure that the growth process will bring. As the years pass, melt fear and act with love, and your legacy with be well-tended!

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

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