Liquid Luck Successes

Here are the first three comments that have come in concerning the new release, Liquid Luck Please add your results stories – we would love to hear from you!

“The first day I tried Liquid Luck, we solved a complex hardware/software interface problem in the lab that had resisted our efforts for two years. Not bad! I liked the format, very smooth. Will use it again, and let you know what else happens. Thanks” R.D.

“I received the Liquid Luck CD Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I took the time to sit down and listen. When it was finished, I walked into the kitchen where I noted a flyer for my house magnetized to the refrigerator door. My home has been on the market since April 12. Circumstances have not been optimum for selling with a highway road construction project a block away. There are two other homes on my block for sale and my house hasn’t had any viable interest in four months.

I walked up to the flyer and put my hand on it and said, “I would like this sold.” I kid you not. Within an hour, my realtor contacted me with an offer. After a couple of days of negotiations, the contract was ratified just about an hour ago. I wanted to wait until all the signatures were in before I told you about it… I am sensing there are global implications and applications.Thank you, Joe for taking the time to do this.” P.A.

“We experienced the coolest thing when we did the Liquid Luck meditation… We loved the meditation and it felt like we were listening to Bob himself a lot of the time! That was so awesome, brought us both back to the beginning of TMI and the magic of Bob Monroe… You’ve got it going on Joe! It’s like you carry his energy and voice in the best way possible… Great job. – Gratitude and Joy and Love”  K and J



  1. Alice says:

    When will the CD be available on amazon

  2. Fred says:

    At present, how long will it take to get the liquid luck CD in the mail.
    Thank you, Fred

  3. Darrin says:

    Will it be available to download in an mp3 format?

  4. Deborah says:

    How often do you recommend listening to receive the best results?

  5. S. says:

    I have to say, I was very, very skeptical in using Liquid Luck meditation, I have never meditated. I downloaded the Mp 3. I am not working and need a major change!. I listened to it for ten minutes last Friday. the same afternoon 2 companies contacted me for a job interview! and I have 2 more this week! I am going to listen to the meditation again, I am excited to see what comes about. The key is to have Joy, Gratitude and Compassion, be the force. I definitely feel something finally lifted.

  6. david says:

    good day, since i’m nt sure what time you’ll read this. I’m from Portugal and i have a enormous interest on the cd, but i can’t hear from my left side, although my right side works fine, do you think this might be an issue? I’m also interested on the book but for now it might be a significant strech for me… (ye of little faith 🙂 i know…) by the way, the day after i first listen to your radio interview on utube i put it for a test by simply increasing the feeling of love until the point it was almost visible for me, i literally felt love all around me, went a little further a tried the dice. THREE IN A ROW! That was a one time event since but i have’nt got the oportunity to pump THAT love again. i just wanted to share this.
    Have an outstanding life!

    • David
      Thank you for writing. The CD should work fine for you for several reasons including: There a monaural signals as well as stereo, there seems to be potential to generate hemispheric synchrony through bone conduction and possiblly the electromagnetic fields of the headphones in addition to through sound stimulation, and much of the value is delivered through the verbal guidance that does not rely on stereo sound perception. Hope this helps

      • david says:

        thank tou for replying and give some assurance on my endeavors, still i’m intendig on doing some healing exercises and see what the universe offers me!
        Again, have a outstandig life.

  7. AJ says:

    Hi Joe,
    I ordered your Liquid Luck and Abundance Waterfall Mp3. Can I listen to them as I sleep? I work 3rd shift.

    • Elena says:

      You can listen as you sleep and it will not harm you and should be relaxing. However to get the most out of the imagery and visualization you will need to be alert enough to follow along. Perhaps you can listen right before sleep or right after. Hope this helps. Joe

  8. Nathanael Birk says:

    Was on vacation with my wife in Cancun. Sat at the beach reading “Inner Vegas”. Loved the book!
    Read about “Liquid Luck”. When we got back to our room I noticed a coupon for $10.00 on the table. I didn’t realize there was a small Casino attached to the resort. That evening we were in line waiting to be seated for dinner. The restaurant was inside the casino. My wife said “You go, take a look around and I will wait in line. I felt light and energetic and enjoyed looking around the Casino. I came to the roulette table and felt I wanted to play. I thought if this I could get this Luck stuff works I will give it four attempts.
    Money on table, chips in hand, placed 1st bet. Nope no win. OK I said what am I missing? Oh yes I was trying to make the number come in!! Hello, Mr. Ego wanted to play instead of my own Inner self.
    Second bet, no win. What am I doing now? Oh yes I was somewhere in the clouds thinking that I was letting go. I was not grounded! OK, grounded and Mr. Ego sitting quietly in the corner and totally here and now. again no win. Last bet. No Mr. Ego, grounded, affirmed my number, letting go by saying to myself “CLEAR” as if I was getting the paddles and as the wheel was spinning I looked up and across the room on the was was a sign “YOU ARE A WINNER” I burst out laughing! Then I won!!! The number came in. The last ingredient was high energy feelin heart good. Great training. Next step.

    Took out the $10.00 coupon and went to the cage. Got a voucher for the slots. Not any slots just the ones at the bar. Poor payout on those. With my tools firmly in my feelings. Three spins, double the $10.00 into $20.00. Intuition kicked in. You double your free money stop!

    When to the cash, got my $20.00 and the women behind the cage said ” Good for you, you are lucky.” Feeling tons of energy I went to the regular slots. One stood out for some reason more than the others. In goes the $20.00 on a 25 cent machine. Everything seemed brighter in the casino. Felt light but fully at the machine. Third spin won $395.00 USD. I was so stunned. In a state of dis-belief. “This stuff really works”. When I got home I ordered the SyncCreation course. Now at 71 years I am off on another great life journey, a great manifestation journey. Thank you so very much Dr. Joe Gallenberger.

    • Nathanael
      Great story! You are a fast learner! It is really fascinating and fun to observe and experience these principles working. Thank you for sharing your story and ordering SyncCreation. I wish you very blessing as your start your “new” journey

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