Liquid Luck Meditation

I developed this guided exercise to create a lucky day when needed, even when there is no time to meditate. Just perform this exercise when you have the time, and when you need it most, you’ll be ready with some Liquid Luck!

It creates an energy tool that you can use on the fly whenever you want to increase your positive manifestation. I used it for 8 weeks (drinking the energy potion) right before buying scratch lottery tickets and won each week. Then I guided two Vegas Adventure groups though the exercise and they won at the tables after the meditation. I will be voicing this exercise on CD with Hemi-Sync®, but I wanted you, as a friend of SyncCreation, to be able to benefit from it now. This meditation is copyrighted, so please do not share without my permission. Hope you like it.

Joe Gallenberger

This exercise is designed for you to read to yourself while in a meditative state. Please give yourself a private hour to enjoy this meditation. You can use Metamusic™ or other Hemi-Sync® free flow as a background for this.

When you are ready, all you need do is to get comfortable and allow yourself to relax. We will be taking a journey of expanded awareness. Once you have relaxed and expanded your awareness, you will be able to create a powerful new manifestation tool that we call Liquid Luck. Along the journey you will have the golden opportunity “to relax to open your heart, to melt obstacles and then to create Liquid Luck, bringing it into your reality smoothly and elegantly”.

Just relax now.

Relax deeply by any method that you prefer. For example, you can focus your attention on your body and allow each part to relax, allowing yourself to feel peaceful and calm, in body, mind, and spirit… “letting relaxation deepen and spread into your chest” so that with each breath in, and with each breath out, you are more and more relaxed, allowing yourself to feel so good, calm, and peaceful in this, your time just for you, for total and complete relaxation.

Knowing this relaxation is so very good for you, you can just let go of any remaining tension and let warm gentle feelings of relaxation help you feel good, comfortable, secure, peaceful, restoring now and refreshing now and resting in this deep relaxation, you can take a few moments to have fully and completely rested and relaxed. And when you are deeply relaxed continue reading this meditation.

And now having rested, you can remain very relaxed and become more aware, to be able to do well in this next phase of your exercise. Remaining relaxed but becoming more alert and aware. Here we go. In your mind’s eye create a transformation box. It can look anyway you wish but make it strong enough to contain anything you decide to put within it. Please create your transformation box now.

Allow yourself to open your heart more fully now, perhaps by thinking of a person, animal, or place that you love, or feeling warmth spread in the heart area of your chest. Now fill your transformation box with the great and powerful energies of love, compassion, and forgiveness. If you would like you can perceive these energies as feelings or as beautifully colored light flooding into your box. Fill your box now with these heart energies – love compassion, forgiveness.

These powerful energies of love, compassion and forgiveness will help you transform anything that you put into your box. You can find it easy now to place into your box any thought, idea, or emotion, that if you held on to them, would be in the way of your giving full power and attention to this exercise. And when you put these things in the box, the issues will fade away from you, losing their importance and their energy will be transformed, into fresh new vibrant energy for your great benefit. Letting these limiting feelings and thoughts go into your box for transformation, releasing them fully now and anything else that comes to your heart or mind that would be good to release. Take a few moments to complete this process, and then begin reading again.

Now move away from your box, and feeling good, calm, and comfortable in every way, you can begin to take in new fresh energy expanding your awareness and energy with each breath. You can imagine this energy as joy, or unconditional love, or a beautiful color, whatever expansive and positive energy feels right to you. With each breath letting this wonderful energy fill your entire body, mind, and spirit and let this energy begin to expand your awareness far beyond your physical senses, expanding your energy and awareness now into the excitement of knowing much more, of who you are. With each deep breath expanding your awareness of your deepest nature. With each deep breath in, filling yourself with light and energy.

Breathing normally now in this state of expanded awareness and expanded energy, in touch with more of who you truly are, you can create a new reality by imagining a new pattern vividly. This is the pattern we call Liquid Luck. Immerse yourself deeply into the experience. Feel the increased joy, trust, love, and opportunity that your creation brings to you. Experience the pattern as though it were already here, right in this very moment. Flowing in beautiful energy and expanded awareness, design your pattern now as I guide you.

Now imagine that you are a wizard or alchemist of considerable power and wisdom. Perhaps feel the comfortable and flowing garments that you are wearing, and look around at your familiar sanctuary where you study, practice and expand your skills.

Today you are creating a wonderful new potion with very desirable and magical properties, called Liquid Luck. This potion when swallowed brings the drinker a day where everything fortuitously falls in place for great benefit. On this day synchronicity, serendipity, grace and positive energy abound, bringing you easily and joyfully to your highest good and desire. The potion brings the clarity to notice just the right thing at the right time, the impulses to move with just the right timing in the right direction, and the courage to act on these intuitions with great trust. This is an excellent potion to use whenever you desire good fortune to help you achieve your goal or even something better!

With great excitement and focus you begin: First hold your hand comfortably in front of you with your middle finger and thumb gently but firmly holding the top and bottom of a small clear glass vial containing a sparkling liquid. See this beautiful vial before you now. Now, into this vial you begin to send very high and special energies: Say out loud or in your mind “I am Happy”, feel happiness and send the energy of happiness into your vial, the wonderful child-like relishing of a soaring spirit filled with joy, then say “I am Grateful”. Feel gratitude and send gratitude, concentrating it into the vial, thinking of all the wonderful blessing in your life and feeling your gratitude for them, and sending this energy into the vial. Next say “I am abundant”. Feel abundant, and send the energy of abundance, remembering all the ways in which you are already highly abundant and sending this energy into your vial. Now say “I am compassionate”. Feel compassion and send the energy of compassion into the vial, feeling your own beauty, dignity and sacredness and your connection with all beings in their beauty. Say “I am love”. Feel love, and fill your vial with the highest of love for your self and all of creation. Now let your heart expand further and join with spirit in joyful praising of all that is, say “I Praise All” and send this praising energy into your vial. And now add the last magic ingredient. Say “I am Lucky” and send all good fortune, synchronicity, and blessing into your vial.

Take a few more moments now, if you need them, to complete your creation.

Now with your design complete… bless it with great light and to highest purpose for your good and the good of all others. Gazing at your vial of Liquid Luck say to yourself, say in your mind, “This creation is my intention. So be it. So be it”.

Relax now and say this affirmation “I now have a very potent energy elixir, within my energy vial that I can use whenever I desire and it is appropriate to do so”. When you want to use your elixir, all you need do is imagine your vial, hold it between your fingers see it sparkle with the energies of gratitude, abundance, compassion, love, praise, and luck. Then, take a drink, and all parts of your being, from your conscious mind, your unconscious, your energy body, your inner child, through your highest self, and down to the quantum energy in every cell will align and harmonize to create a wonderfully lucky day for you where good fortune abounds and you reach your goals easily and elegantly. The more often you use your Liquid Luck the more powerful and effective it will become.

All you need do is imagine your vial, see it sparkle with energy. Then, take a drink to create a wonderfully lucky day for you where good fortune abounds and you reach your goals easily and elegantly. The more often you use your Liquid Luck the more powerful and effective it will become.

Now simply let go. Release your pattern and trust the universe to create this pattern for you and with you.

You can now make space and energy available for your new creation to enter your life by simply letting go. Open to receive and let go.

Resting now calm, confident, and comfortable and open to receiving all good, opening to the new positive energies and patterns that will come into your life.

Now, it is time to return to normal waking consciousness. Please gently begin to bring your awareness fully back into your body as you say this affirmation “I enjoy new energy by grounding. I allow my spirit’s energy and light to fill my body. I am nurtured by the sacred energies of the earth, so that I am fully spirit and flesh at the same time”.

You will remember and integrate all you have experienced for your great benefit.

Returning now clear, refreshed, healthy and capable to fully awake consciousness. Awake, alert. And this is the end of your meditation exercise.

Copyright 2011 Joe Gallenberger

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