An interview with Joe Gallenberger, author of Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook

Since you feel that we can cultivate greater luck, how does this fit with the idea of many people that luck is just random? In the old Newtonian science view, the world is a mechanical place where there is no meaning, only randomness. The word luck sometimes means chance as in “everything is random and at times an infrequent event happens whether good or bad to all of us that we call good or bad luck.” Here, luck is considered just a random happening and we really have nothing to do with it.  Believers in this position think that when a person feels lucky or unlucky that they are just taking probability personally! To become consistently lucky this is first idea that we have to clear – because luck is not just a random process.

So you hold to a different point of view. What is it?

I believe in a sense of luck as good fortune wherein we may have at least partial influence and control. Decades of psychokinesis studies clearly point to things that we usually consider random such as the weather, flips of a coin, and rolls of dice are actually able to be influenced by human consciousness. And this is in line with modern quantum physics that even the act of observation shapes what potential will become reality.

Often what looks like luck may be preparation meeting opportunity, and then the guts to take a well-understood risk. But I do think that there is genuine luck, meaning that the universe, angels, God, or another person basically reaches out and blesses you with good fortune. I think that the best way to invite this kind of luck or blessing into one’s life is to feel deserving of it, to trust that it exists, to ask for it, and to allow it to come to you. We can create a field of energy and thought that cultivates a large increase in luck. Some people are so lucky that it defies all reasonable attempts to explain it away by chance, such as winning a major lottery five times. This should not happen by chance even one in a quadrillion times.

That is pretty lucky! Are there any examples of being dramatically unlucky?

Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times over a thirty-five-year period. The odds of being struck by lightning over the period of eighty years have been roughly estimated as one in 10,000. If the lightning strikes were random, the probability of being hit seven times would be 1 in 10 to the 28th power—ten followed by 28 zeros.

Sometimes it is hard to say whether we have been lucky or unlucky. Frane Selak avoided death seven times in accidents that killed others with him and that should have killed him as well. A train he was in plunged into an icy river killing seventeen people, a plane door burst open killing nineteen people and he landed in a hay stack, etc. Then he won a million dollar lotto. People proclaimed him “The Luckiest Man in the World,” for cheating death so many times and winning the lottery. He disagrees, saying. “I never thought I was lucky to survive all my brushes with death. I thought I was unlucky to be in them in the first place!

Where did you get the idea for your Liquid Luck CD?

I was looking for a way to capture the essence of the discoveries discussed in my book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health into a simple, fun, and effective form, so  that people would immediately see the results of applying the principles of heart-energy to manifestation. I wanted to show everyone that they could do this – create miracles by using the energy of love. So with Liquid Luck, all one needs do is listen to the CD for a bit more than a half hour and then try it in your daily life.

So what is the most important Magic ingredient?

Basically it is love – Tina Turner sings, “What’s love got to do with it?” When the “it” is positive manifestation, everything! I have never met a person in my decades of manifestation work who was excellent at manifesting in a balanced way across all important areas of life including health, financial, career, and friendships, who was not very joyfully and freely loving.

Liquid Luck is designed to open the heart and to call forth love to create good fortune. It is a distillation of decades of work on manifestation down to what is most important.

How do you trigger this during the meditation?

The person is guided on the CD to imagine being a wizard or alchemist of considerable power and wisdom, and then to see a glass container before them filled with sparkling liquid. They are guided to feel and send the energies of happiness, gratitude, abundance, praise, compassion, love, and good fortune into the liquid. Then, whenever in life they would like a day filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune, all they need do is remember their Liquid Luck, take a drink, and they will have the wisdom, insight, and courage to act at just the right time, in the right way to have their dreams come true for the day – to basically have a very lucky day.

 Were you successful? Yes, with the help of the binaural beat technology on the CD that shifts brain wave patterns easily, and the gentle verbal guidance, a person can within minutes go into deep meditation and visualize creating Liquid Luck for themselves.  As soon as the Liquid Luck CD was released, the magical stories began rolling in.

What kinds of stories?

People reported winning lotto and raffle tickets, selling houses, having businesses take off, receiving brilliant ideas for inventions, and many more wonderful stories of manifestation.

For example, the first day one person tried Liquid Luck, he solved a complex hardware/software interface problem that had resisted efforts for two years.   Another person’s home that had been on the market for months with no action, sold within an hour.  A 70 year old women who had been looking for a four leaf clover all her life found one. A person’s credit card company refunded charges, plus income from her business doubled in 2 weeks.

Those are great results! So this is where your new book Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook comes from?

Yes. The book, Liquid Luck shares dozens of inspiring stories, interwoven with a detailed exploration of the vital components for powerful abundance creation that were used on the CD.  I delve into how these principles work. I cover why happiness, gratitude, compassion, praise, love, and feeling abundant are essential and how these qualities can be increased in practical ways. In the Liquid Luck handbook I reveal how to transcend the limiting beliefs and emotions that usually keep us confined to old patterns. The book shows us that we can indeed be miracle workers in our own lives.

 Why are these energies important to manifesting what we desire?

Most know the Law of Attraction –that like attracts like. So feeling lack creates lack, feeling fear creates what we fear. Instead if we genuinely feel happiness, gratitude, and abundance, these emotions attract good things to us.

Many people talk about feeling abundant and grateful as part of bringing more abundance into your life. You also feel that compassion, love, praise, and feeling lucky are important to the process. Why do you bring these things in?

First off under the “like attracts like” model, I think everyone would like more compassion, praise, love, and luck and cultivating them brings more of these energies into our lives. And these are the kinds of things that true abundance contains. Secondly, these energies open the person up to the world and help melt ego.

Compassion gets us out of ego and into feeling of oneness with the world and those around us, and stimulates our desire to help make the world a better place. And as we start manifesting for others as well as ourselves, I think the universe is eager to help us because the impact of that help will go beyond just our concerns.

Unconditional love joins us with Source or God, and infinitely increases the power of our hearts. This is important – greater self-love and love for all of creation brings us in direct touch with the most powerful force in the universe, love itself, which I think underpins consciousness and reality.

The energy of praising is perhaps one of the highest energies, containing pure joy, awe, and celebration at the beauty and magic of life. Praise is the natural response to seeing creation as loving and good. And then, as we have been talking, about feeling lucky brings in more luck when all these other energies are at a high level.

All these energies also ground us, and to manifest powerfully we need to be fully present and grounded into the here and now.

That covers a lot of ground. Lets start with happiness – why is it important?

When is the last time you created something wonderful when in a foul mood? Happiness is so important that the right of everyone to pursue happiness is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. One interesting study followed nuns before their taking vows in 1932 throughout the next six decades of their lives. All 178 nuns had a similar life-style, diet, social class, access to medical care, etc. The study found that of those nuns writing the most cheerful essays at time of their admission to the order, ninety percent were alive at eighty-five, versus only thirty-four percent of the least cheerful essay writers—and fifty-four percent were still alive at ninety-four, versus only eleven percent of the least happy as judged by that initial essay. An even simpler indicator in another study concluded that women who had a genuine smile in their college graduation picture experienced more personal well-being over the next thirty years, versus those who had an inauthentic smile. Psychologists find that events and things can produce happiness but it is often fleeting. Enduring happiness is based more on values and character strengths. Behaviors such as forgiving, and kindness encourage happiness.

We often think that happiness, feeling abundant, and feeling grateful are the result of good things happening to us. In Liquid Luck we reverse this and explore how actively generating these feelings results in more good things happening to us.

That sounds challenging.

It is – is can be a tough planet. The good news is that happiness is really not so much about having everything in all areas of life going the way you think they should and having every material thing that you can dream of. Rather it is an attitude about life, other people, and yourself that allows happiness and peace amidst whatever is going on in your life. We are not talking about a “stiff upper lip” kind of false happiness—that just won’t cut it for powerfully creating your dreams. Rather we are aiming for a genuine joy of life, an exultation of spirit, and a philosophy of life. The even better news is that you don’t have to be perfect in this for it to work very well. It is more of a continuum—if you are ninety percent happy in any or all areas of life, that is extremely powerful—the more areas the better. If you are now fifty percent happy you can indeed learn to cultivate happiness, and as you move toward a greater percent happy, you will notice immediate improvement in your manifestation power.

What about folks who win the lottery and then are broke a few years later?

First off I know several lotto winners that are doing well decades later. They say that the lotto high lasts about three months, then things begin to normalize. If you try to chase the lotto high by continuing to spend money, you will go broke. If you live from the principles we are talking about then abundance increases.

Besides understanding that luck is not random, what else do you need to know to be lucky?

You need to clear any feeling that it is somehow bad to be lucky; and finally, any feeling that you do not deserve to be lucky. It seem a strange concept that anyone would feel that it is bad to be lucky, but we live in a society that says hard work is more worthy of praise than being lucky. We have many phrases such as nothing good comes easy, and no pain no gain.  And many really do not feel deserving of good fortune.

In Liquid Luck, in addition to a chapter on each of these important energies you have mentioned, you also have a chapter entitled Synchronicity, Serendipity, Timing and Trust – tell us more about that.

When the energies we have been exploring have all been heightened, then the magic begins where synchronicity and serendipity abound!

Many see synchronicity as a confirming sign that they are proceeding in the right direction in their thinking or actions. Most feel that events can be connected by meaning, just as they might be connected by cause and effect. Following discussions with Albert Einstein, Carl Jung believed that there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Synchronicities can shift a person’s preoccupation with their own self toward an awareness that they a part of a magnificent and mysterious whole.

Most of us have had occasional synchronicities. It is likely that many were just a delightful surprise, others a sign of confirmation, and perhaps some that were life changing. When energy is raised high and hearts are open we see a dramatic increase in the number and quality of synchronicities that people experience. When I am starting a project, I now open to synchronicity. I expect that many of them will happen that will make my progress toward my goal more delightful. For example, I often see a feather (even at night falling from the sky) when I am getting a strong “yes” from the universe.

What is the difference between Synchronicity and Serendipity?

Serendipity, can mean both good fortune as in a happy coincidence and also an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. The term was first coined in the 1700s from the Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes were always making fortuitous discoveries by accident. It is often now used to describe scientific discoveries, such as for penicillin, where the investigator was not looking for what he discovered. Serendipity implies that the person experiencing them is wise enough to link together and take advantage of things that may appear random to another person. I find this to be true—our ego-mind tends to lock us into a habitual way of thinking, which often results in us going through the world with perceptual and intellectual blinders on. When we raise our energy and open our hearts, thereby softening the ego, then we are much more likely to call in synchronicities, but also be able to see and utilize serendipity.

Part of the delight of this open-hearted, high energy way of living is that our timing tends to become more impeccable which leads us to our dreams in ways better and more quickly than we can imagine. It is interesting to me that in many dictionaries the word immediately following serendipity is “serene” because that brings up the next important aspect to generating great luck, and that is trust. All I have explored in the Liquid Luck book points out to me that it is not a hostile world unless we make it so for ourselves both individually and as a culture. Those who cultivate trust using whatever philosophical or other tools they can manage, often begin to experience the sweetness of life to a much greater degree. It forms a very positive feedback cycle, where the more you trust in goodness, the more goodness appears, and the more you trust. Jimmy Burgess puts it this way: “Are you going to allow your current struggle or painful past to make you bitter or better?”

 Do you have more Liquid Luck stories?

You bet!

  • Just before pension day when money was tight, a woman selected a pair of socks, seldom worn.  When she went to put them on, something crinkled in the toe. She reached in and out tumbled five twenty dollar bills.
  • A disabled person was offered free tuition at a $2,500 course they wanted to take. Plus he won an important court battle.
  • An realtor was hosting an open house and no one was coming by to see the $650,000 property. She then remembered Liquid Luck and within twenty minutes someone came by and bought the house!
  • A guy won a $1,000 scratch ticket the first day he used Liquid Luck, and another $1,000 a few weeks later.
  • Another man’s business which had been floundering took off with hundreds of new customers. And he was filled with ideas for new inventions that are now in production.

When might Liquid Luck not work so well?

The Liquid Luck book and CD are designed to slip under the usual negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be in the way – so I think they are worth a try in pretty much any circumstance. When there are major impairments to energy such as drug use, severe depression, then therapy is appropriate. With a long history of misfortune or when one is attempting to bring in a really important and life changing manifestation such as a whole new career or soul mate, then it is advisable to go deeper, such as with the SyncCreation home study course.

What is the most important thing you are trying to teach?

My main message in Liquid Luck is that we are miracle workers living in a miraculous world and that we can indeed shape our personal futures and the world’s welfare. If we clear our limiting beliefs and raise our heart’s energy we can focus it for healing and abundance.

Why is that important to the world?

There is a message of lack and also a strong belief in materialism in our culture. To balance this we need to be able to send a strong message of how important our spiritual side is to actually creating an abundant and compassionate world – that it is powerful and practical to be able to create our own reality, a reality that reflects the beauty of our highest dreams.

Any last message?

I love this ancient Afghan proverb: “If luck is with thee, why hurry? If luck is against thee, why hurry?” I hope that everyone listening enjoys a lucky life, and has the wisdom to appreciate all the abundance they already enjoy!

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Joe’s books, CDs, and downloads can be ordered here. His binaural beat meditation exercises, available on CD and as downloads include: Liquid Luck, Abundance Waterfall, Partner’s Meditation, and Manifesting with Hemi-Sync.


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