Las Vegas Slots Adventure

Las Vegas Slots Adventure

  • Learn how to use intuition to know the best time and machine for quick wins, as well as when to stop.
  • Learn how to raise energy and visualize correctly for slot wins.
  • Learn how to enter into an energy dance with a machine.
  • Learn about Video Poker, which is one of the most enjoyable and best paying games where intuition and PK combine for success.
  • Shift brain wave patterns using specific Hemi-Sync exercises that we have found to be very conducive to slot wins.
  • Learn how to generate and preserve profits.
  • Learn how full moon and sidereal time data may affect slot play.

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160,000 to 1 chanceEmpower Your Healing and Manifestation Skills
Las Vegas Adventure participants report that their workshop experiences are transformational; including instant healing of chronic health conditions, new-found ability to touch-heal others, deepened intuition, and dramatic manifestations of abundance. With Joe’s guidance, and a little courage, you are sure to learn much about yourself and creating the reality you desire.

How do we do this? We use Hemi-Sync® and heart-opening exercises to quickly create the peak energy and focus needed for strong PK experiences. Joe expands on known manifestation principles, adding many other “magic ingredients” for fast, powerful results. Group support encourages powerful PK, releasing this natural, but usually dormant, ability. We use slot machines for immediate, “real world” feedback of our energy sending abilities, allowing for rapid fine-tuning of the process. Playing with small amounts of real money galvanizes attention, and reveals personal dynamics about risk and deservingness that are central to manifestation.

Please note that winning cash can’t be guaranteed and is not our primary goal. Previous experience with the slot machines is not necessary. Most participants have only a minor interest in the gambling aspects of this workshop.

Some of our Las Vegas Adventure slot hits – Names withheld for privacy:

  • $38,000 in penny slot wins over a one month period
  • $4,000 Royal Flush (160,000 to 1 by chance) in hearts of on sixth pull after visualizing exactly that as the goal.
  • Triple Four of a Kinds on first pull after visualizing this exact jackpot minutes beforehand.
  • Three people playing together hitting 10 Four of a Kinds in ten minutes per goal. Next trip same people at same machines in 15 minute session again hitting many Four of a Kinds, including hitting two four aces with the four ($1,000 each) on machines right next to each other (20 million to 1 by chance)
  • One person getting Royal Flushes in all four suits with no repeats after having this as a goal.
  • One person sending person energy from across the USA on request for a Royal Flush and the target person hitting a Royal Flush (40,000 to 1) for $2,000 that day.
  • One person reliably picking out machines for their friends that were ready to hit wins.
  • One person being ahead on slot play for seven trips in a row.
160,000 to 1 chance
Dr. Joe wins $4,000 with a Royal Flush in hearts – 160,000 to 1 chance!!!







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Workshop starts at 2pm on Friday and ends at 5pm on Sunday. Our hotel has rooms starting at $30 per night.

Caution: While this product may contribute to wellness, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

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