Las Vegas Adventure February 2012 Highlights

We are pleased to report an absolutely fabulous Remote Viewing and Inner Vegas Adventure workshop experience. We fine-tuned the process with several new features that are mentioned in the highlights. Profound healings and strong PK occurred with everybody winning every session at the tables.

Inner Vegas Adventure February 2012 Highlights

Nine women and nine men came to this 57th Inner Vegas Adventure. All attended Paul Elder’s Remote Viewing workshop immediately beforehand. Many people enjoyed the magic of the Cirque du Soleil shows Love and Mystere. We experienced stellar psychokinesis and healings, with everyone winning every group session at the dice tables. We raised $927 for the blessing bucket going to Doctors without Borders and the Monroe Institute scholarship fund.

There were several unique features of this workshop including all participants attending RV first, accenting long rolls during patterning, careful practice of the energy arch before going to the tables, and encouraging more hugging and playfulness at the tables. Most of the group works with the SyncCreation course at home. All these factors, plus wonderful people dedicated to manifesting a loving and joyous reality, helped create the magic of abundant PK and healings.

Remote Viewing: Paul did a great job gently easing our left brain concerns and encouraging us as the group to explore new ways to access psychic information. He had very interesting targets including a live out-bounder and provided excellent feedback after each remote viewing including films and a live interview with the out-bounder at the target site. This experience allowed us to bond as a group and to get settled energetically before starting our Vegas Adventure. Because combining workshops was so positive, Paul and I plan to offer these together in the future.

Healing: After three months of partial facial paralysis, Cp was able to blink and see much better. We did a healing circle for K who had experienced two back surgeries and she felt immediate and continuing relief from pain. J’s cold rapidly improved. Several other group members reported healing of physical and emotional issues, including stances toward abundance.

Dice Sessions: We played four sessions as a whole group, totaling over five hours of play. Everyone won every session, resulting in trip wins per person from a few hundred to about $9,000. We had visualized long rolls as our goal and having the targets of 5, 9 and hardways. We consistently hit our target numbers with precision and had lengthy rolls including one roll of 50 minutes, two rolls of 45 minutes, one of 35 minutes, two of 25 minutes. We also experience many substantial wins at the slot machines.


Saturday: We listened to Manifesting with Hemi-Sync® in the morning to pattern for a great workshop and for long rolls. We discussed psychokinesis and the workshop goals. After lunch Joe did great PK during his dice demonstration. We enjoyed meditating to Metamusic Waves of Love and then the group had fun with the dice practice in pairs.

Sunday: In the morning we meditated to heart music. We practiced our energy arches before going to the dice table. After lunch we meditated to Metamusic Radiance and then did healing work.

Monday: We listened to more heart music for our morning meditation, followed by a shaking meditation for grounding. In the afternoon we used the Hemi-Sync® Exercise Luminosity, followed by Joe reading his Liquid Luck meditation. We did a healing circle for the whole group and had closing circle where much delight and celebration was expressed about the workshop experience and the joy of being in heart energy with loving people.

After workshop reports:

Joe. On Tuesday after cleaning the suite, and with Elena in retail therapy at the mall, I went outside for a nice walk during which I communed with seven and asked that it be expressed at the slot machines and not the dice tables. I went into the casino and immediately hit 4 sevens on a slot machine followed by 4 aces. My slot wins continued that evening and then we had a good trip home.

K. Hope I’m not too late to include my 2 cents. Just wanted to say that the whole PK experience was so cool… it was everything I had hoped for and more. Besides filling up with lots of love from new friends who share in this same metaphysical journey of life, it was great to learn the game of craps and have so much fun playing together as a group. Thank you for the healing session too. Although my back is not totally without pain, I can feel that it is better, so thank you for that.

Since you mentioned that some win what the workshop costs, I “imaged” before I left winning enough to pay for both workshops (RV/PK). I didn’t question my image even on the last day after the workshop was over and I was $300 short, I was just so grateful to be a winner period and decided to have some more fun with the one person remaining who also wanted to play some more…Cl…and lo and behold, I realized when we cashed in our chips that my image was complete. It was not by accident that we ran into each other in the casino.

It too warms my heart having contributed to the Doctors without Borders, helping others who cannot help themselves, so thank you for that opportunity. Next time, I will image enough to pay not only for the workshop(s) but also the airfare, hotel, and even more to donate to another worthy cause! Either way, I will come home a winner because you can’t put a price on true friendship or love.

T. It was a wonderful weekend. I suffered a bit with what I called an energetic headache for about 36 hours after we ended. Words even now don’t quite do justice to the experience and the energy I feel even as I write this. I also felt released from some self defeating “programs.” One in particular is an addiction to the approval of others. I felt strangely detached as if that was – gone – like a big clean space where it had previously taken up residence. I hit $460 on a slot machine I was playing with after we closed! With the harvest from the craps table plus the slot machine winnings I pretty much paid for my trip! My thanks to both of you for creating and holding the magical space to create.

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