I am fortunate enough to be able to take 30 minutes at lunch each day and do an exercise from the SyncCreation Home Study Course. It’s very powerful for me to be able to take some time for myself each day, and do an exercise that moves me forward.

Last Thursday I had a unique experience while on the couch at the office with my iPod. I did my usually preparations. I put out a sign asking people not to enter the room. Told my co-workers that I was “taking-off” and would be back in 30. And selected the exercise for the day. Thursday it was to be “Free Flow 12”.

Next was to create an intention for the meditation. I wanted to create some registered attendees for our next workshop. I wanted to attract some like-minded, super powerful people to be part of our January workshop.

Now I was ready to go, I pressed play, and went to focus 12 (takes about 10 minutes). But something happened once I got there. It wasn’t playing the Free Flow 12 exercise I had selected.

Abundance Tree was playing. Of course this pulled me out of the meditation for moment. I looked down at my iPod and it still read “Free Flow 12”. What was going on? Free Flow 12 I can create patterns I want. Abundance tree is all about eliminated blocks of lack and guilt. Hmm… was my iPod trying to tell me something?

I decided to continue on with the meditation rather than restart with my intended selection. Partly because I was taking it as a message and partly because I didn’t want to take an extra 10 minutes it would take to get back to focus 12.

So I went on, releasing blocks of feeling like I was to blame for the results of the workshop. Like there was never enough that I could do. Like I should work more, longer, harder. I kept running these thoughts through the chipper and over and over I heard “Gratitude” after releasing the blocks. This message kept ringing in my ears.

After coming out of the meditation, I felt great. I was lighter, more free, and full of energy. But this was nothing new. This how I always feel after this meditation. Wondering what had happened I looked at my iPod to see if it read the abundance tree exercise instead of the intended free flow focus 12. And it didn’t. It still read that I was listening to Free Flow 12.

I exited out to the menu screen. Paused the recording. And pressed play again. It was still reading Free Flow 12 and yet playing Abundance Tree. How odd. But who knows, could be a technical glitch, could be the universe trying to send me a message.

Not being one to dismiss a possible message from the universe, I immediately went to work on being more grateful. I listed all the wonderful people I have in my life. I thought of the people I had met through SyncCreation and how powerful they are. I thought of family, friends, work, pets, and everything else I have to be grateful for.

I felt great and it was a wonderful experience. And I’ll never know if I should tell Apple they have a glitch, or if there was something larger going on. What I do know is that over the next few days the exact blocks I was trying to clear up by doing free flow 12 seemed to have melted away. I was looking for some specific results and they came rushing in the door.

The company was able to communicate with some people who were interested in the workshop and in our home study course. These people are amazing, and truly powerful.

What do you think? Was this merely a glitch in my iPod’s software? Or was there a message to be found in this?

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