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Enjoy Deep Personal Transformation
Experience first-hand, the high-focused energy and empowering beliefs necessary to achieve psychokinesis (PK). PK employs the power of our non-physical energy to influence physical matter reality. In more than sixty Inner Vegas™ Adventures in Las Vegas over the past fourteen years, participants have used PK at the gaming tables of exciting Las Vegas to heighten consciousness. As taught by Dr. Joe Gallenberger, PK opens hearts, addresses fears, and expands conscious living.

Our next Inner Vegas Adventure™ Workshop – April 13 to 15, 2019 - is now open for enrollment.

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Video: Will I Make My Money Back? (37 seconds)
When playing for money, blocks and limiting beliefs become apparent. And when you see positive results, you are rewarded financially as well as spiritually.

Empower Your Healing and Manifestation Skills
Participants report that their workshop experiences are transformational; including instant healing of chronic health conditions, new-found ability to touch-heal others, deepened intuition, and dramatic manifestations of abundance. With Joe's guidance, and a little courage, you are sure to learn much about yourself and creating the reality you desire.

How do we do this?
We study at home prior to the workshop using a preparation manual which includes energy and belief exercises. In Las Vegas, we use Hemi-Sync® and heart-opening exercises to quickly create the peak energy and focus needed for strong PK experiences. Joe expands on known manifestation principles, adding many other "magic ingredients" for fast, powerful results. We practice the basics of craps together, and then go to the casino as a group for fun, fellowship, learning and winning! Group support encourages powerful PK, releasing this natural, but usually dormant, ability. We use the dice tables for the immediate, "real world" feedback of our energy sending abilities, allowing for rapid fine-tuning of the process. Playing with small amounts of real money galvanizes attention, and reveals personal dynamics about risk and deservingness that are central to manifestation.

Please note that winning cash can't be guaranteed and is not our primary goal. Previous experience with the game of craps is not necessary. Most participants have only a minor interest in the gambling aspects of this workshop.

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Caution: While this product may contribute to wellness, it is not intended to replace
medical diagnosis and treatment.

  • An interview with the author of INNER VEGAS, Dr. Joe Gallenberger.
  • More info about Dr. Joe's book INNER VEGAS
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    Inner Vegas Adventure
    Average rating:  
     10 reviews
    by Annoucha on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Around Las Vegas

    Depends on where you want to be. For example. If you want to be near Las Vegas Blvd. Then I'd stay at the hotel known as Excalibur. It may not be the price range you want, but it's reasonable. You have an awesome Jousting show there. You eat dinner and watch knights joust and you cheer for them! And the food is good. And walk down the lobby, exit, and there's Las Vegas Blvd. Where EVERYTHING is located. LOL. And there's more hotels along the way. Such as Ceaser's Palace, Treasure Island, the Pyramid (I can never remember what it's called), etc. Look around at those places. They're really cool! Have fun in Vegas!!!!

    by kevinogrady on Inner Vegas Adventure
    This book changed by impressions of Vegas

    I have been to Vegas many times to visit my family who live and work in the city. I never thought there could be an approach to Vegas that was metaphysical, spiritual, even divine! Dr. Joe's book does it.

    by N.H. on Inner Vegas Adventure

    On my last Las Vegas Adventure, J and I went to the Megabucks slot machines. I took my pendulum out and test the energy of the machines. After I found the right machine, J, my energy buddy, gave me energy support as I put $100 into the machine. After about 10 minutes I hit an $1800 win!!

    On my first visit with the Las Vegas Adventure, I was playing Texas Hold em. After a while I looked around the room and at one of the Crap tables there seemed to be a bright glow coming from one of the tables. I went over to the table and put $200 down for chips. Within 1 hour I had won $5600 not including all of the tips for the crew!! What other proof do I need!

    by tedfont on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Returning Customer

    I have been to maybe 8 or so Vegas Adventures and every year I look forward to the next one. The year just isn't complete without it. it has been living proof the magic and miracles happen!

    by R.T. on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Learning to be a winner in Las Vegas

    I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for your creation of the "Las Vegas Adventure". I have participated in the seminar three times now and am scheduled to attend another next month. I have asked myself why I return. The reasons are simple... The loving presentation of information pertinent to learning the art of kinesiology as it pertains to the subject matter and the other people who participate. I have found myself opening my heart more and more with each event and applying that in my life and business relationships.

    Learning to be a winner in Las Vegas has translated to healthier family relationships and increased profits in my business relationships as my self confidence has increased. When one Knows they can win, life changes in a positive, uplifting way.

    Dr. Gallenberger's instruction techniques are similar in nature to the techniques pioneered at the Monroe Institute Institute, which have had a profound influence in my life for many years. He is a master of the genre, having been a contributer and author of several classes there.

    I sincerely believe, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, that participation in this course will translate into positive direction in your life, and I encourage you to consider attending.

    With Respect and Love,

    by LovetheEvent on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Great Event

    It was a great Event in Las Vegas!! I learned so much about myself and behaviour and I enjoyed every minute. It was fun to play at the tables and to meet so many nice people in this group. Joe and Jared are a great team. Thank you all for such a great time. If you have time, go and see the Grand Canyon and shows - it is wonderful and the combination of all was just awesome. I highly recommend this workshop.

    by J_Pemberton on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Vegas Adventures

    I met Joe Gallenberger at the Monroe Institute, he was a trainer for a program I attended. I heard Joe talking about his Vegas Adventure Program. Working on attaining higher energy levels in Las Vegas intrigued me. PK energy is similar to healing energy, which I wanted to explore more.

    The group energy we raise is incredible. It is amazing you can become so comfortable with people you have just met. It's a big warm fuzzy. I started to realize some of my new energy buddies were familiar, and seemed to be with me in previous life journeys.

    I look forward to attending more Vegas Adventures.

    by court26407 on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Vegas Adventures and Reunion

    Total immersion in high love energy for several days is the most uplifting experience we have ever had! Both Nancy and I look forward to our next 'adventure' knowing we will again learn and grow under Joe's expert and loving guidance. Manifesting a Royal Flush is only practice for attracting the connections with wonderful people and a permanent state of Bliss that allow us to live 200% of life!

    by PeterK on Inner Vegas Adventure
    Manifestation through love

    To me Joe's Vegas Adventure workshops are absolutely unique. I have never experienced any other session, workshop or seminar in which, within just 3 days, the participants would raise and open themselves to love energy that way. Then you go out into the real world of a Las Vegas casino and get the most valuable instant feedback on how you operate, which belief systems still limit you and how it is all about opening up more and more to love. I have seen miracles happen with Joe's groups more than once. The Vegas Adventure has most definitely enriched and deeply influenced my life. So my recommendation to anyone considering going to Vegas... don't even think about it, do it!

    by pikopuller on Inner Vegas Adventure
    what happens in Vegas... rewarding, enlightening, useful, and profitable in many ways.

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