Inner Vegas - Creating Miracles, Abundance & Health
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5.0 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)


Creating Miracles, abundance, and Health

Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

You can use scientifically-proven psychic abilities to create miracles in your life.





"Inner Vegas brings intuition, logic, and heart together for creating lasting abundance. Joe's principles work. I have assisted in teaching his courses for over ten years. As a result, I have witnessed countless miracles of manifesting and healing that go beyond logic and move into the realm of the magical. Inner Vegas is uplifting, relevant and liberating."

—Patty Ray Avalon, Author of Inner States—Dawning of Awareness, The Creative Way, and Positively Ageless

Inner Vegas is a guide to using scientifically-proven psychic abilities to create miracles in your life. It is grounded in science, experience, and astounding stories of success. Dr. Joe's surprising discoveries take place in university laboratories, mysterious meditation centers, and even casinos. He proves that these skills are practical and teachable. Over 100 million people go to casinos in the United States. This book may help you win in Las Vegas, but it is about attracting all manner of riches into your life. Many say they don't gamble— but if you are married, have children, or even cross the street in traffic, you are indeed a high roller! Inner Vegas shows you to apply the energy of the heart to create health and good fortune, and how to tame the dragons that you may encounter along the way. In a world where we may feel powerless and pressured, Inner Vegas teaches us to be the master of our own happiness and success. Whether you are a new age seeker, a scientist, a business person, or just trying to get by, you will be inspired by Inner Vegas to create a world of abundance, while enhancing your health and spiritual growth.

Dr. JOE GALLENBERGER is a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience. His students often achieve dramatic physical and psychological healing, influence over dice and slot machines, and beautiful manifestations in their lives. A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Dr. Gallenberger is in demand internationally on topics such as psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifestation. He is a senior trainer at the Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC² program. Gallenberger developed SyncCreation®: a Home Study Course in Manifestation. He is the author of the book Brothers Forever and the CD's Partners and Manifesting with Hemi-Sync.

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Over 100 million people go to casinos in the United States. This book may help you win in Las Vegas, but it is about attracting all manner of riches into your life. Many say they don't gamble— but if you are married, have children, or even cross the street in traffic, you are indeed a high roller! Inner Vegas shows you to apply the energy of the heart to create health and good fortune, and how to tame the dragons that you may encounter along the way.

Every one of us has an "Inner Vegas" wanting to bestow upon us a fabulous life. Joe has a proven track record of success stories, and now he is sharing his infinite wealth of knowledge and inspiration so that anyone and everyone can tap into the infinite creative power within, and choose to consciously create a fulfilling and rich life!

—Charlotte McGinnis, author, A Golf Course in Miracles

A casino in Las Vegas is not the first place that comes to mind when one considers exploring unconditional love, performing experiments in quantum physics, or pursuing spiritual self-exploration. However, Inner Vegas interweaves experiences from each of these areas, and more, as Dr. Joe Gallenberger guides the reader along a winding path of personal growth and the manifestation of abundance. I personally participated in several of Joe's "Vegas Adventures" and can testify to the truth of not only the stories told, but the approaches taught, as Joe offers the wisdom and knowledge gained from a lifetime of self-exploration and experiences in realms of the anomalous, psi, and the extraordinary. Buckle your seat belt as you start reading Inner Vegas, as the reality of the importance of the journey rather than the map or the destination becomes clear.

—J. Richard Madaus, Ph.D., author, Think Logically, Live Intuitively: Seeking the Balance

Unexpectedly, Joe Gallenberger begins his story, Inner Vegas, with a painful loss, the departure of his brother. Soon after, we find him in Vegas, with an adventurous trip down the road of psychokinesis. I ask you, what better place could one chose to learn about the manipulation of machines and objects than where you can make lots of money? And through that very effort he steers us toward a greater understanding for what it is to be human. And being human, what we should be doing for the good of all. He speaks very clearly about how risk, change, and evolution of our beliefs can and does impact our future. This is an interesting book that fits our times to a tee.

—Joseph W. McMoneagle, author of Memoirs of a Psychic Spy

Both practical and inspirational, Inner Vegas takes you on a journey of discovery of the true dimensions of human potential. Tracing his own baby steps through the psychic world of PK (psychokinesis) and manifesting, Dr. Gallenberger finds an unlikely ashram at the Las Vegas casinos, where he diligently works to gain insight and mastery of mind over matter. He offers the fruits of his personal search to readers and program participants alike. Many down-to-earth tips and exercises spark each of us to experience the magic of discovering our own latent abilities and talents. Fascinating stories illustrate mind-stretching truths that change the way one thinks about how the world really works. Truly a journey to higher consciousness amid the Vegas lights!

—Carol Sabick delaHerran, executive director and president of The Monroe Institute

This book is for everyone. All of us have to make decisions every day and I often second guess and doubt myself, because I'm worried that I'll do the "wrong" thing. Reading your book was a reminder for me to be open and awake to guidance, and to create and manifest what I desire to have in my life. And it works! When I pay attention to the principles that you teach, I am always surprised at the outcome—it's often even better than what I imagined. You offer practical and easy-to-use tips and techniques to polish the skill of manifestation that is within all of us! And, most of all, you make it fun!

—Marinda Stopforth, residential facilitator, The Monroe Institute

Inner Vegas brings intuition, logic and heart together, a magical formula for creating lasting abundance, inner confidence, and a new freedom to expand our horizons. Joe's principles work. I have accompanied him to the Vegas workshops and assisted in teaching his week-long courses for over ten years. As a result, I have witnessed countless "miracles" of manifesting, healing and PK that go beyond logic and move into the realm of the magical. Inner Vegas is uplifting, relevant and liberating.

—Patty Ray Avalon, author of Inner States—Dawning of Awareness, The Creative Way and Positively Ageless with Hemi-Sync

Hey Joe, I bought your book a few days ago. I wanted to change my life in a good positive way and to make some beneficial choices. Well I read the book and focused on some key points you mentioned. I also listened to some Hemi-Sync sounds on YouTube. I began thinking on what you kept saying about positive energy in the universe and began to be more positive and open to love and greater financial abundance. I kept saying positive messages. I reaffirmed a few key points in the book and took a break to Vegas and I saw a woman win a big jackpot on a one cent machine. She was so confident and loving - proud but not arrogant. It was a block of 6 machines. The jackpot was over $12,000 on one machine and close on four others. Long story short I came back the next day, picked the second machine, focused on key points and explained how I was loving and deserved to be rewarded and the great universe can give this to me. And $175 later I actually did hit another jackpot for over $12,000. The principles in the book really do work. I have personally experienced it. Thank you for changing me in a positive way and helping me to enhance my life!

—Chris S

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Inner Vegas Book
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 5 reviews
by Darryl Hurst on Inner Vegas Book
This is awesome

Yesterday at 8:23pm

I wasn't sure which product to refer this too. They all work together! Today after preparing myself by listening to Liquid Luck and Abundance waterfall (and I have been listening to both along with Healing Heart for a couple of weeks), I took a drive to our nearest casino in French Lick, Indiana. I focused on clearing my mind the whole trip of about an hour. I played "Spa" on my radio and bought a bottle of wine at the winery in advance of celebration on my win to come. I'm not much of a card player, but that may change and the Craps table was full (middle of the afternoon on Sunday, only one open), and I know how the game is played, but still learning about the betting. I wanted as less stress as possible so I went to the slots. Played around with the penny slots for about 1/2 hour and won about $10. I thought this was going too slow and moved up to the quarter machines. I pulled $20 out of my pocket and along with the $10 win on the pennies, I changed focus. All along I was just being open and thinking the positive thoughts from the recordings "I am Love, I am Lucky, etc... I wasn't "feeling it" on this slot and cashed out about with a small win. I immediately turned around and "just sat" at the quarter slot behind me. It went good for awhile and I won and I lost, no big deal. I was playing single bet for most of the time and then I felt I should raise the ante as they say. I took another $20 out of my pocket and started the max bet 75 cents. within about 20 minutes the machine started making a huge racket and I realized I was a winner! $1200. I have never won like this at a casino and I was in a daze, A good point was that I had prepared myself and when I started I was still doing affirmations in my mind. By the time I won I was just playing, not thinking about anything in particular, I had "Let Go" On the way home I called several friends. And I think it is not just about reading the books, you have to commit to the meditations. I have been doing these kind of things for years and no "payoff" until now. While driving home I felt very grateful. I have always believed I am a healer in this lifetime. Joe says it's the same energy and I believe that too. This book is a great read!

by kevinogrady on Inner Vegas Book

This has to be the most enlightening book I have read. It is so full of promise and potential. Thanks for bringing it to the world.

by Ahonu on Inner Vegas Book
Fabolous Book

Great book. Needs to be taken very seriously by people of all beliefs. Highly recommended.

by AingealRose on Inner Vegas Book
The best book for loving Vegas!

This book helped me see Vegas in a different light. It shows the positive side, the potential of Las Vegas to help you grow in consciuousness rather than come away with loss. Dr. Gallenberger covers some groundbreaking stuff in here. Well done!

by Hardways Gal on Inner Vegas Book
An important book for our times

As we move through times that are fraught with many terrible things happening in the world, it behooves us all to learn how to manage our energy and live up to our fullest potential. Managing our fear and cynicism is important. Dr. Gallenberger, through his unusual adventures through the world of psychokinesis in the rough and tumble atmosphere of Las Vegas (of all places), shows us how we can learn to assess our energy states, and consciously raise them to create positive things in our lives and in the world. Having attended several of Dr. Gallenberger's "Inner Vegas Adventures", I can personally attest to some incredible experiences of high energy to the point of knowing what the next dice roll will be and being in a prolonged (over an hour)state of total bliss and knowing, all while rolling dice at a craps table and betting (a perfect whole brain state). He uses the power of binaural beat technology (Hemi-Sync from The Monroe Insitute) to reach these powerful states. He then teaches us how to take these experiences into the real world of our lives and transform ourselves in positive ways. His is truly a unique approach to conscious living that will give you a solid foundation to consciously create the reality you desire.

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