Inner Vegas Author Interview

An interview with the author of Inner Vegas, Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D.


What is the story behind Inner Vegas?

I discovered that we can raise our energy much higher than we are taught. I learned that we can focus this energy to dramatically change our internal and external worlds, creating miracles of healing and manifestation. No one has tied the phenomena of energy healing, psychokinesis, and manifestation together as parts of the same process. This is important because then we can study these things scientifically and apply them to enhance our lives.

After this worked for me personally and I taught others and saw tremendous results in their lives, I felt that I had to get the word out to a larger audience. Initially the book did not come easily. Then about two years ago, I was called upon last minute to give a talk. With no time to prepare, I told my Inner Vegas story from my heart and received a standing ovation and hours of questions afterwards. I realized that all I needed to do was write this book from my heart. After this, insights flowed well and I finished this book within a year. Inner Vegas spans experiences at the Monroe Institute, in Las Vegas casinos, and in university science labs. It draws on my thirty years as a psychologist and my decades as a meditation teacher and explorer of consciousness.


What makes Inner Vegas relevant today?

In this time of great financial and cultural stress people often feel powerless to do much about their personal situations and the world’s troubles. Inner Vegas gives clear inspiration, and guidance backed by science, showing how we can create the realities we desire both personally and world-wide. It can help shift us out of fear and scarcity, into joy, empowerment, and abundance. And Inner Vegas does this by increasing our love of ourselves, our communities, and our world.


Please summarize Inner Vegas in your own words.

I take the reader deep into the wild world of psychokinesis (PK) where the mind, energized by the heart, bends the rules of ordinary time/space. In this PK world seeds grow in minutes, lights light without electricity, metal bends with a thought, and slot machines dance for jackpots. This PK world is also a place where miracle healings occur for body, mind, and spirit.
I discover PK as a facilitator at the Monroe Institute, confirm PK in a major university science lab, and then refine my PK skills in the casinos of Las Vegas. After I find that dice tables and slot machines can be influenced by PK, I teach this skill to people in over sixty Inner Vegas Adventure workshops. From this work I create the Manifestation and Creation Squared program for the Monroe Institute where an international clientele come to learn how to do PK for themselves and apply it for healing and creating their dreams.

Riding on the success of these programs I developed SyncCreation®: a Course in Manifestation, which enables people to learn these skills at home. Inner Vegas shares my most profound struggles, discoveries, and victories. Inner Vegas will surprise you as it reveals what is possible when we use heart-centered energy to mold reality to our desires. It will show you how to tame the dragons that are encountered along the way, and inspire you to create greater happiness and abundance for yourself and your community.


Who are your readers and how will they benefit from reading Inner Vegas?

  1. The general public will hear new ideas and enjoy the story.
  2. People interested in abundance and manifestation will be shown how to use spiritual concepts to enhance their reality, and how energy healing and manifestation work.
  3. Folks interested in psychic phenomena will be provided with the latest scientific information on psychokinesis and energy healing and how to apply it.
  4. Casino goers will enhance their gaming and be shown novel ways to win.


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