Inner Vegas Adventure™ May 2015 Highlights

Summary: We had a full group ten men, and eight women. Nearly everyone won in each of our four group dice sessions- a terrific PK result! We also had several people experience deep healing of physical and psychological issues. There was much laughter, fun, deep meditation experiences, and enhanced intuition. One couple got married right after the workshop! Because of the group’s generosity we raised $638 in our blessing bucket for our charities, Doctors without Borders and The Monroe Institute. In our closing circle much gratitude was expressed for the transformational workshop – thank each of you for creating such a beautiful experience!

Joe Gallenberger




We met for introductions, orientation to the purpose and schedule of the workshop.
In response to our 1st meditation – Creation 12 from the SyncCreation™ home study course, people shared that they experienced visions, insights, physical sensations including vibrations, and staying aware through the meditation where they normally fall asleep.

Discussion of energy and PK: Joe shared the latest PK research and showed examples of impressive PK bent silverware.


The game of dice called Craps was introduced including rules, betting and money management. Then our energy techniques, including grounding, expansion of energy, and arches were presented and practiced. Joe inspired us with a PK dice demonstration.

2nd meditation – MetaMusic Higher. A few participants felt angels and other presences.

We practiced in pairs, putting together the rules of the games and betting with PK energy.



Group check-in. Several played craps the night before following our suggestion to observe the game and perhaps “Get your feet wet”. Elena hit a $200 video poker hand on a quarter machine. There were many more slot’s jackpots over the weekend, when people played slots on breaks.

Joe asked for four volunteers for the energy tasks:
Rebal (Resonant Energy Balloon)
Filling the table with light
Sending energy to the shooter


3rd Meditation – Intuition Enhancement with Hemi-Sync®.

Review and group practice of energy arches – everyone reported feeling strong energy.

1st Group Dice Session – 65 minutes
We had several excellent rollers, each hitting our targets of point, 5, 9 and Hardways (2-2,3-3,4-4,5-5). Our best was D at 27.5 minutes, hitting 12 targets in 27 passes. He reported that he felt the ground “rolling” just before going to the tables. Everyone won.


Debrief of morning session.


4th meditation – A song list compiled to expand energy and open the heart.

2nd Group Dice Session – 90 minutes
Again we enjoyed excellent rollers! J rolled for 20 minutes hitting 12 targets. D rolled for 21 minutes hitting 11 targets. Several people had successful hop bets (predicting the exact next roll) and intuitions. Everyone won.



We started the day with healing circles for four participants:
P – elevated blood protein. Reported feeling relaxed and felt energy.
D – tinnitus and knee problems. Reported feeling timeless.
J – Type 2 Diabetes with neuropathy. Felt warmth in his heart.
L – Chronic pain. Felt very peaceful and the connection of everyone.

5th Meditation – Heart Music with Hemi-Sync® playing as a base to all songs.

3rd Group Dice Session – 60 minutes
We had four excellent rollers with V rolling 27 minutes and hitting 11 targets. Great energy arch for V’s roll. Everyone either won or were even.



Some participants reported some nice wins during break.

6th Meditation – Another music set with music to elevate energy and expand loving feelings.

4th Group Dice Session – 70 minutes
A – rolled for 37 minutes hitting 17 targets. Great arching and great energy during this session. Everyone won.

We celebrated a wonderful workshop within our Closing circle, photos, goodbyes.


Participant Feedback

M – “Thanks for the wonderful experience of offering your workshop. I loved it! I hope you create many more. About a week before the workshop, I’d lost my friend of over 40 years I was still missing her when I came to the workshop. Elena encouraged me to come. She was so right. The energy of the group was fantastic! I left energized, uplifted, and richer in all ways.”

D – “I too want to add my thanks to Joe and Elena and the whole group for a fantastic weekend! Not only did we prove that the true nature of reality is magical ? but it was so enriching to meet and connect with so many wonderful people! As a quick workshop follow up, I had a chance to go back to the Palace Station and play some craps and clearly experienced PK with 5s and 9s coming in as well as a number of hardways. In fact there was a very nice guy standing beside us (and who we sent energy to ? who also started rolling really well including 5s and 9s and hardways, lol! So as Joe says PK is definitely contagious :). Wishing everyone the best and look forward to seeing you all again soon!”

J – “I wanted to share some great news. Last week after the event I listened to Liquid Luck daily and on Friday the lawyer called me saying an insurance benefit that had been stuck for a long while, finally came in, and a sizable check it is going to be! I have to say the abundance in the universe is there it just takes some time and patience. I can’t thank you Joe and Elena enough and all my other new friends for a fantastic weekend.”

R – “Thanks everyone for being really easy to hang out with. I learned a lot, some things I didn’t expect to learn.”

B – “Often coming back home after a trip out of town we feel tired and worn out. L and I came back home totally relaxed and energized. We are full of new ideas, thoughts and positive energy. We stayed over and in the morning I went down to the tables and found one with only a few people playing around it. I started getting the table in “sync” and sending positive energy to the shooters and talking to them a little in a fun way.  This really was an experience for me! Oh, I started with only 3, $25 chips and walked away from the table with $700! It was so fun for me and educational to life in general. Thank you so much for showing us a new path to life.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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