Inner Vegas Adventure June 2012 Highlights

We are pleased to report another wonderful and powerful Inner Vegas Adventure workshop experience. Profound healings and strong PK occurred with significant wins at the dice tables and on slots. Our next Vegas Adventure – September 15-17, 2012 – is open for enrollment and you are most welcome to attend and experience the magic!

Inner Vegas Adventure June 2012 Highlights

Nine women and nine men came to this 59th Inner Vegas Adventure. Through the generosity of our participants, we raised $1,260 for the blessing bucket for Doctors without Borders and the Monroe Institute scholarship fund.

We accented long rolls during patterning, careful practice of the energy arches, and encouraged hugging and happiness at the tables. Many group members work with the SyncCreation course at home and used its manifestation tools to enhance their Vegas success. The group created a loving and joyous reality, which flowered into abundant PK and healings.

Healing: In our healing circles people reported feeling powerful energy and loving support. Several people shifted major patterns and blocks during the workshop, including moving from head to heart, and several people experiencing their first wins after many past negative experiences in casinos.

Dice Sessions: We played four sessions as a group, totaling about five hours of play. In the first session Joe hit five targets in a row and A.B had a 30 minute roll, even with the challenge of learning a new game while in an alerted state of consciousness. In the second session T.B. had a great hardway roll with many of our target 5’s as well and D.R had a very precise roll hitting targets nearly every time. All reported winning for the session. In the third session T.C. started with a 45 minute roll, then M.M rolled 20 minutes, hitting back to back hardways. Most were ahead or even for the session. Again in the fourth session nearly everyone won with Joe having another nice roll, precisely hitting targets with the help of huge number of hugs!

Slots: We also experienced many substantial wins at the slot machines. Joe led a mentoring session on Video Poker. A.B hit a $1,000 Royal Flush (40,000 to 1 chance) followed rapidly by 4 four-of-a-kind hands. T.A hit a Royal Flush for $4,000. Others enjoyed many other four-of-a-kinds during the trip, including several high paying 4 aces and 4 deuces.


Saturday: We listened to Manifesting with Hemi-Sync® in the morning to pattern for a great workshop. We discussed psychokinesis and the workshop goals. After lunch Joe had a PK roll during his dice demonstration. We enjoyed meditating to Metamusic Waves of Love, plus El Divo’s Alleluia, and then the group had fun with the dice practice in pairs.

Sunday: In the morning we meditated to heart music. We practiced our energy arches before going to the dice table for the first time. After lunch we meditated to Metamusic Radiance. We did healing work before our dice session.

Monday: We listened to more heart music for our morning meditation followed by some dancing for grounding. In the afternoon we did a healing circle and had closing circle where much delight was expressed about the workshop and the joy of being in heart energy with loving people.

After workshop reports:

M.O. What an amazing time M and I had with you at the helm and all the lovely people that made up our group. Thank you!

I just wanted to update you on something you might want to put in the journal. We arrived in V at around 10:30 am on Tuesday and I drove M straight to the plant. When we got there, the plant was completely full of Styrofoam (they had truck after truck arrive… some 53 foot trailers full of Styrofoam) and so full that they had to start stacking it up outside the plant. The trucks kept on coming. What is amazing about this is that they had a total of 14 trucks deliver Styrofoam this past week and they were only expecting 1. To put it in monetary perspective, they have been averaging about $300 /week total monies collected including what they would get when they sell the condensed Styrofoam. This past week, the total amount escalated to approx $4500!!!! (Our jackpot just came in another form!) M also said that it was very uncanny how they would just get one truck emptied and the next would show up so that they were never completely buried and never had to turn away a truck (detrimental for a new company). Plus they had just received a 53 foot trailer full of Styrofoam when the photographers from the company’s bank arrived to take photos of the operations. The bank had chosen M’s company to highlight. It really was an incredulous week.

As for me, the healing circle was amazing. I can tell you that I feel different, and in fact, can’t “feel” the cyst anymore. I go for another ultrasound on the 14th and I am sure that it will confirm what I already feel. Looking forward to reading the journal and thank you for doing this!
In gratitude!

T.B & L.B: We were playing $.25 video poker slots at Palace Station Wednesday night. L had been concepting 4 aces all day long. After playing a short time, she hit the 4 jacks and about 3 minutes later, I hit 4 aces on the machine beside her. I would really like to know the true odds of hitting 4 of a kind on 2 adjacent machines at the same time.
The Seminar was fantastic! Joe, you really did a great job teaching us how to develop our innate powers of manifestation with PK. It was great meeting all the other students in our group. The love and support in the group was at a level I had not experienced before. It was truly life changing.

T.A.: I want to just thank you so much for a wonderful time in Vegas. I had the best time in a casino that I have ever had. I appreciate you making me do my own gambling instead of doing it for me. It made me see exactly how powerful I really am. That Royal Flush was the biggest hand payout that I have ever had. And I owe it all to you. $4,000.00 on a $5.00 play. WOW!!!!

Just as a side note, I had a couple more straight flush hands but was playing quarters and nickels, but it’s still a 2,000 unit win, which adds up quickly, many full house hands, and many 4 Ace’s. I played bingo and won 3 nights out of the 5.
I was so excited that once home, H wanted to go to Monroe Institute for the Gateway Experience so with our winnings we signed up and are going in July. The next goal is to do the MC2 journey at Monroe.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and life changing. (bowing) many thanks for you being the person you are and having the courage to bring 18 strangers together to make a family. What a talent. See you in September with H. Love & Light.

M.M: One thing did happen on the plane that I believe is significant. I was dozing when there suddenly was a medical emergency in the row right in front of me. I immediately opened my hands to quietly send healing energy to the man experiencing the emergency. I felt such a rush of heat and energy going out of my hands — unlike any I had ever felt before. It was such a strong magnetic feeling. By the time the doctor got there, I heard a stewardess say, “You’re getting your color back.” Throughout the rest of the flight I kept sending energy, but it felt more like a stabilizing force, more of a gentle, steady stream of energy than that desperately need original whoosh. The medics met the plane in Chicago, but it was clear the man had made a good recovery. I had the feeling that the nurse was aware of the energy boost I gave. I saw her after I exited the plane and started to walk toward baggage claim. She stopped and just stared at me.

On another note, I’ve started the SyncCreation home study course and so believe the study and exercises are helping maintain and enhance that energy in my hands. The tingling is pretty consistent (very rare before). Sometimes it’s stronger, sometimes lighter, but so far always present. Thank you so much for the loving way you conduct your courses. I am, of course, also looking forward to manifesting at all the games of “chance.”

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