Inner Vegas Adventure February 2013 Highlights

Inner Vegas Adventure Journal / February 23-25, 2013 / By Elena

We had a full group of 10 women and 8 men.  About half of us had previous Inner Vegas Adventure experience.  Most of the group had just completed Paul Elder’s two-day Remote Viewing workshop.

Our charity for the weekend was Vision Express,  that sends volunteer doctors to impoverished parts of India to perform free cataract surgery for elderly women at the cost of $25 per eye. We also donated 25% of the voluntary and anonymous Blessing Bucket proceeds to the Monroe Institute Scholarship Fund.  We raised a total of $1450.00 this weekend, which will give 44 eyes new sight in India!

Saturday – We began with introductions and a discussion of the workshop format, schedule and purpose. We used Creation 12 from the SyncCreation course for our first meditation to set our intentions for the weekend.  We discussed psychokinesis and then took our lunch break

In the afternoon Joe went through the rules of the game of craps. He did a game simulation with good PK shown during the demo. After a most enjoyable meditation to J.S. Epperson’s newly re-mastered classic Higher., we practiced with the energy used at the dice table, particularly the energy arches. And we simulated the game with several players at once, again with good PK present as T rolled.  Joe offered to meet anyone who was interested for an informal video poker lesson at 8pm that evening.  Most of the group attended and had fun.  One of our own won thousands at blackjack.

Sunday – When we re-gathered on Sunday morning, we started with Joe going through a review of the game with a beautiful PK demonstration roll with 4 hardways, three points and six 9’s.  We went into our morning meditation which was a series of songs: Calling All Angels by Jane Silberry,You Can Relax Now from Songs for the Inner Child by Shaina Noll, The Bridge from The Infinite by Robert Coxon, and Spider Web, from Metamusic Breakthrough.

We went down for our first session at 11:00 am. T then had a very precise 10-minute roll with several targets hit.  P then took the dice and held them for 20 minutes, hitting 3 points and several 5’s and 9’s.  The energy of the group was very smooth and positive.  P reported that she had a breakthrough regarding an issue around money.  We took a well-deserved break for lunch and rest.

When we came back together after break, we went into our afternoon meditation to Hemi-Sync® Waves of Love and IL Divo’s Alleluia. We also listened to God’s Cricket Chorus to move into praising as preparation for our next craps session.  We did healing work with Sh and Sa. During our second session, K had a very precise 10 minute roll, then C held the dice for 12 minutes.  Tm followed with another 12 minute very precise roll.  We again played for about an hour with about a third of us ahead or even.  Joe reported that on his way back to the meeting room, he hit 4 3’s on the poker slots.  Energy of the group was again very good, both during and after the session.  There were a ton of 5’s and 9’s, so we were doing great on hitting our target numbers.

Monday – We did a Q&A session when we first got back together on Monday morning, then went into a meditation to a music set including: I Am So Happy by Brule, Enchanted Summer Night by Deuter, Seeds of Love by Loreena McKennett And Say I Do by Garrison Keillor from Prairie Home Companion.

Before we went down for our third session, we had a healing circle for R and De.  R reported feeling euphoric during the circle and De was physically leaning back almost to the point of falling but reported feeling completely supported.  Pe was sitting between R and De after their healings and strongly felt their expanded energy.

During our third session we again had several rollers with 10 minute rolls and target numbers.  We played for about 75 minutes and went back to the suite for a de-brief.  Joe had his second report of getting a “natural” four-of-a-kind in 5’s on his favorite poker slot as he was heading back up to the room.  (At this point he was up to about a dozen four-of-a-kinds).

After our rest break, we gathered together for our last afternoon together.  Joe reported having a short but precise hardways roll (5 of 7 numbers rolled as hardways) which proved profitable.  We went into a healing circle, this time for T who was experiencing sciatica, for K, to help him open his heart and manifest into action, and for P.  T reported feeling a shift.  K felt a roller-coaster sensation during the healing.  Pa felt heat in her neck/chest area – she reported some chronic congestion in that area which she associated with moving ahead in life.

Before going down for our last group session, we had a closing circle with much love and appreciation being expressed.

We played for about 75 minutes during our fourth session.  R had a great hardway roll (about 15 minutes) then Pa had another wonderful 15-minute roll.  K had a nice roll and had some very accurate intuitions.  About half of us won for this session.  We went back to the room for de-brief, then had our farewells as a group with lots of hugs all around.

After workshop reports.

Tuesday -seven of us met at 2pm for an informal session.  We were all on one side of the table with a couple other players (not our group) on the other side.  We went around the table pretty quickly then R took the dice and had a fantastic, over one-hour roll with lots of hardways.  We ended up well ahead.  R had had an earlier breakthrough around his rolling and giving-receiving-creating that allowed him to move into this beautiful long roll.

There were reports of great fellowship and meals plus enjoying the Cirque’s Beatle’s Love show.  Also a report of one of our own enjoying an OBE right in the restaurant! Many friendly emails and great pictures were sent among the group once home including these edited stories of success:

Tm: Before I left home, I intended to manifest more leg room and a comfortable flight. Didn’t happen on the flight out. For the flight home, I thought about it again, but didn’t dwell on it (mark that). I flew Southwest, which does not assign seats, and probably 100 people were ahead of me in line, so I figured no chance for an exit row. But when I boarded I was elated to discover that there WAS an extra window exit row seat, just for me! Not only that, but no one took the middle seat, in spite of a 75% full plane! I was in heaven! I have no doubt that this manifestation occurred because of my post-workshop raised vibration, and my letting go and not focusing on not getting it.

Pe: Hi everyone! Here’s a fun story I want to share. I had a four of kind worth $800 yesterday at VONS, a grocery store! Their dollar machines had a jackpot for the Royal above $ 8000, that’s why I started playing. The day before I had a 4 of a kind at Albertson’s (Their Royal jackpot was around $7500). I think I’m gonna move my PK work to supermarkets ?

Ca: A very big thank you to all. I felt SOOOOOO good on the way home and today too.  I was trying to find the right descriptors.  I have settled on more coherent and de-sludged.  Given that I am not really sure what either means – they fit!  I regained some sense of magic and feel very happy.  It was a fine time. Thank you.

Sh: Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop.  It was great to learn so much, have a lot of fun and to be with so many like minded people.  Just to let you know what happened to me the night before I left Vegas, I started to vibrate at 2:15am until 5:00am.  I know I left my body several times, as I felt myself enter my body again, then vibrate and leave again.  I don’t know where I went, but what a feeling!  When I got up I went to a slot machine and hit $100 right away.

Sn: Great Pictures!  Everyone on our adventure was great!  It’s nice to have some pictures of all the wonderful folks and our amazing experience!

Sa: Thank you for a wonderful Adventure!  And thank you, Joe for sharing what you saw during “my” healing circle, and your idea of an Ocean Heart. I will do my best to keep working on that, and hopefully will find my way back to a state of love and peace and gratitude.

B: Thanks Tm for capturing the moment. Now to put to use what we were taught…Ri thanks for being my energy partner, it felt good Buddy… Joe/Elena Great hostess, Thank-You for making this event very easy to share…There’s so much more …Out there… R, perhaps I’ll see you on top of a mountain this summer on our motor-cycles… Till we meet again… All the Best Love and Light….and see ya on the Mother ship…

Elena: It was wonderful to meet many of you and see old friends again.  I loved being with you all and seeing how beautifully you opened your hearts to everyone in the group.

Joe:  I kept hitting those four-of-a kinds on Tuesday and lost track after 16 or so. Ri called me and reported a cool manifestation. He heard while in Vegas that his new sports car was ready for pick up weeks earlier than expected. He was enjoying his first ride speeding along at over 20 miles over the limit and got pulled over. Beaming Vegas Adventure energy he was treated very friendly and let go with a gentle warning and the police congratulating him on his new car!

It was so wonderful to be with all of you and bathe in such wonderful energy. I feel like many friendships formed and others deepened – which are true treasures that we can carry with us even when we leave this planet.

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