How to Create Peace

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

Author of Heaven is For Healing: A Soul’s Journey After Suicide

We can of course pray to God for peace within and for peace on earth. If we want to participate more actively in this co-creative process then, in addition to prayer, we can use our manifestation skills to help create peace. Here’s how.

To do this we form a clear intent and then flow our energy through our hearts toward creating peace. In this time when nature is sending storms and quakes and the world is filled with the threat of and the actuality of several simultaneous wars, and many are beset by inner turmoil, it can be challenging to even visualize what peace is. But strong visualization of peace is the first step in its creation.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of an hour to relax, release any tension that you are holding, and then to fully visualize or perceive what inner peace would be like for you. Use all your senses and feelings in your creation of a picture of peace. What would you feel inside? What would you think to yourself and say to others if you were coming from a place of deep peace? How would you behave? After truly capturing the reality of inner peace for you, then shift you attention and extend this outward, doing the same for what peace in our country and peace in the world would look and feel like, and how would people think and behave differently? Affirm that you now embrace the qualities that bring peace about, such as forgiveness and fairness for all.

Once you have both inner and outer peace clearly in mind and can feel it as your heart’s desire – then flow your energy to this blessing and clearly state: “This peace is my intention, I affirm that my intention is assisted a thousand-fold by all beings of good will. So Be It!”

I designed The Ocean Heart to assist in this process of creating peace. It can help in calming down, raising energy, clearing heart constriction, and then expanding your heart’s power so that you can remain open hearted and at peace even in the midst of turmoil.

Please join us in pointing humanity’s compass towards a new peacefulness right here and right now!


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