How do we influence slot machines?

As reader writes: “I read your book, Inner Vegas with great excitement, and I’m also looking forward to get my personal autographed print copy in April :-). You write that the slot machines don’t have real random generators, but use a formula. So why is it possible that we influence them?


  1. I am glad that you liked the book. Your question is an excellent one but complicated to answer. First we don’t know why we are able to do any of the PK tasks including true random generators. As to how we do it, we also don’t know (most of the how seems to occur outside of normal conscious awareness) but I have some suspicions.
    Particular to the mathematical root random generators in slot machines which are making thousands of decisions per second, I think that we be slightly slowing or speeding the computer processor to select the ideal hand. Another alternative is that we are affecting time itself to slip into the reality where the ideal hand will be produced. There is some “evidence” both scientific and experiential that in many PK and healing events we are influencing time itself, and/or moving from current linear time reality to the world of timeless quantum infinite possibility, and “bringing back” the reality we desire. I think that with most PK tasks intuition also comes into play, helping to pick the machine and the moment when the machine is receptive, and we have the power to influence. I see this also in healing – there is an intuition whether or not it will be helpful, and when, how long, and where to apply energy. This whole area is a great and grand mystery.
    Hope this helps

  2. Elena says:

    In my personal experience with this, although not at a slot machine but while playing dice at a craps table, I was able to move into what felt like a place of infinite possibilities, where all outcomes were present, but not yet manifested. I actually saw numbers floating in and out of focus and waited until one “locked” into focus, then rolled the dice – it landed on that number. Whether I was the one who “manifested” that outcome, or just tuned into what was for some reason the outcome that was to be created from the infinite at that particular moment of now, I have no idea, but it was an amazing experience to be a part of.

  3. Tom Atwater says:

    That is wonderful, Elena 😉

    So, what do you feel was the main key to you being in that state?

  4. Elena says:

    You know Tom, I wish I knew. In that particular instance, I was actually feeling a lot of stress when I took the dice – Joe tells that story – three of us four “experienced players” in the group had 7’d out immediately and I felt tremendous responsibility. Then something just clicked into what felt like a whole brain state of awareness and I went into a very cosmic oneness experience – I really do wish I knew exactly what caused it because if I did, I could do it every time, and that is certainly not the case. And since then, it’s been different every time, but there are some similarities – being able to move into a whole brain state is the most prominant – how I do that varies each time.

  5. Elena says:

    Another thing I just thought of…..we’d been playing for quite a while and were all in a very altered state – very high, when the numbers started appearing for myself and a couple other people who stood near me. I think we tuned into each others energy states that allowed us to move even higher together and see this typically unseen place of infinite possibility. It’s happened in a much less vivid way for me since then, but never as clear as that one time and I don’t know that anyone else experienced what I did at the same time except for that one time. But, if it happened once, it sure can happen again! 🙂

  6. Taylor Contreas says:

    Slot Machines, in the days of the Wild West Slot Machines were known as one arm bandits because you could sit there all day putting in coins and pulling that handle without ever getting a win and the same is true today. Today’s slot machines have more ways to win, so you probably will not go all day winning nothing but other then some small five dollar or less wins you probably won’t do to well on the slot machines. If you insist this is the game for you try to remember that the more the machine is the better the odds of you getting a bigger win.’

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    • Taylor. You are correct in that the statistical odd are against you, although good machines now a days in Vegas can take a very small percentage. What we are doing however is by using psychokinesis, we are enhancing the chance of a payout hand at least while we are playing. This allow us to create the reality where our desire target is hit at a rate greater than predicted by chance. a person can either believe this is possible or not, but our experience tell us it is true. So we can look a a players total play over a year (recorded by the casinos computers and see that over a year’s play and over 10,000 hands they are ahead.

  7. Elena says:

    We just came back from an Inner Vegas Adventure and had one gentleman who hit at least 14 four of a kinds on slots during the weekend. He used the tools we taught during the weekend and was obviously quite successful in using PK to influence the machines he played. Many others in the group had several profitable slot hits as well as several 30+ minute rolls at the craps tables, both during our group sessions and in small group sessions during the weekend. We have no doubt that PK works!

  8. Vince says:

    I don’t believe it’s possible to influence a slot machine, because they have a random number generator that decides what shows up on the reels. When it comes to dice games, then I do believe that you can influence the dice, but that’s a whole different type of game.

  9. Vince There is ample evidence that Random number generators can be influenced by PK. Much of the data comes from the Princeton Lab (PEAR) and in a 12 million trial study they show highly significant results. I personally influenced a random number generator in a controlled lab study at 3,000 to 1 by chance where 100 to 1 is statistically significant (occurring only once in hundred by chance). In slots I have had hits that were 160,000 to 1 by chance (Royal flush in Hearts when that was the goal) and another that was millions to one by chance (two identical jackpots – on side by side machines within a minute.). I often send the number seven way from the dice table while we are playing dice, asking them to go to the slots, then sit down at slots and hit 4 of a kind in sevens. Gets spooky – doesn’t it!

  10. lyndsey says:


    Can online slots be influenced?



    • Time and space are not relevant, so theorectically, yes. But there are issues – for example, if there are beliefs that it is harder to do at at a distance, then it will be harder. The second issues is we usually have no idea what the online slot program is, and whether it is legitimately random. In casinos in the USA there are very careful standards to assure randomness and no cheating on part of the casino. I have yet tpo find an online slot programs that plays anything like a real slot machine, the online ones tend to play as if generated by a simplistic mathematical formuala rather than a random event generator. hope this helps

      • lyndsey says:

        Thanks for your reply Joe. There is a site I play on that shows the names of the winners and the same guy wins all the time along with another couple of names I recognize. I wonder if after he won the first time it gave him the confidence and funds to play again and after it happened again he is just able to make it happen over and over. Mind you who knows if he ever managed to keep any of it. I used to win a lot of jackpots on bingo but in the long run never win unless I keep a nice pot in my bank.
        I’m not sure how you influence the machine as I only have your book and meditation cd’s. I’m not sure if the book goes into a method yet as I got stuck at the bit where it gets all technical and mathematical. My brain starts to wonder when figure appear.
        I will keep you posted.

        • Again,, I have no way of knowing whether any online game is legitimate and would never bet money through them – I would use them only for practice and would much rather use a “real” machine. The best way to learn how to influence games of chance is in the Inner Vegas Adventure workshop where you can be mentored and have the actual experience with feedback to fine tune the process. Next workshop that is open for enrollment is Sept 26-28, 2015. Also a good way is to use the SyncCreation home study course that also goes into what you would need and address the belief systems and emotion that can keep one from accumulating and keeping great abundance.

  11. Rick says:

    wow, what an amazing discussion!

    Although I believe that PK as the effective weapon, I´ve never heard about anybody who influenced slot machine and even online slot. But I think it´s possible!

    There is plenty of sites, where you can play slot machines for free. I tried to play at and IMHO the more important question is:

    “Can we influence particular slot software?”

    Let me know if you have any additional info, because this can be a game changer for many people!

    • Rick While I am confident that random number generators can be influenced, and the sophisticated pseudo-random programs in USA slot machines can be influenced, I am less certain about internet software because I do not know enough about what they are using and how biased it might be etc. The internet site’s independent supervision (such as a government agency) is usually not certified. Further when playing on internet slot games I have yet to find one that plays with the same “feel” as a real machine in terms of how the pay hands are distributed. There are some some free sites that load your computer with bloatware, so be careful. Usually one associated with a major casino brand are safer. Good Luck!

  12. Mike Gio says:

    Hi Joe (and Rick), if you want to give it a try, in my opinion is better to choose old ugly sites, where the security of software is poor. One of the ugliest sites with slots I´ve found is, so you can try it here. Maybe even CMS matters, but that’s too much for me.

    Good luck!

  13. Blythe says:

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  14. Cayden says:

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