Gary Whitlock’s Las Vegas Experience

Joe Gallenberger was my trainer at The Monroe Institute. I learned that he was offering a workshop on psychokinesis and healing in Las Vegas. He stated that the energy in both areas was the same, and Vegas provided an environment that could challenge and confirm these manifestation skills. Our classroom would be the casino and the craps (dice) table.

I didn’t know what to expect and naturally went in hopes of winning lots of money. I had no idea that the course would exceed my expectations by the magnitude it did. We spent three days meditating with Hemi-Sync® tapes, and learning about PK, healing, manifestation, and the game of craps. We worked vigorously with affirmations, visualizations, and empowering beliefs. We moved into a steadily higher energy state of joy, unconditional love of self and all others, dropping ego, balancing male and female energy, centering, and then into deep gratitude and trust. By the third day, I was in a greater/finer energy state than I had ever experienced before. This seemed true for the rest of the group as well. Several of us kept the dice for almost an hour without throwing a losing number. The group had opened the psychokinesis window — we could roll exactly what we wanted, when we wanted it. What heart-open fun we had!

Several days after returning home, I was still in that exquisite energy. I moved into an awakening of my kundalini energy, particularly in the lower chakras. As this settled down two weeks later, I received the gift of being able to instantly take away physical pain in people by simply touching them, serving as the conduit for healing. I learned that PK energy and healing energy are the same. It is an energy that flows best when you open the heart, have love and joy, and are playful, grateful and trusting.

Then, I went to Joe’s second Vegas workshop. There, my heart chakra opened wide and remained that way. Just a few weeks ago, I went to a third workshop where I experienced an even greater opening of my higher chakras, and a deepening of my healing, manifestation, and intuition skills. In these last two groups, I also saw others moving into their healing power. After the second group, one woman, upon arriving home, bent her silverware as easily as if it were a cooked noodle. I have heard other participant stories of terrific heart, intuition, and healing experiences. I’d encourage anyone to experience a Las Vegas Adventure for themselves — it is amazing, life changing, and totally fun.

For me, I feel that I am at the beginning of a magic journey into deeper surrender and gentle healing power. So thanks, Joe, for sharing your love and knowledge. You are truly making the world a better place.

Love and joy to all,
Gary Whitlock

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