Four Steps to PK Consciousness

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

Mind over Matter. What does this expression mean? Focused thoughts or intentions, combined with enhanced energy, have the ability to affect matter in the physical world. In other words, your focus and energy determines your reality.

We can use special focused states of consciousness to affect physical matter through nonphysical energy. This is called psychokinesis (PK) and may include phenomena such as bending metal, accelerating seed growth, rolling dice in intended patterns, and influencing electronic equipment including slot machines.  PK energy can also be applied to enhance healing and manifestation.  

I have now trained over eighty Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops, forty MC² programs and distributed over a thousand SyncCreation® home study courses. In these activities participants have explored the states of awareness most conducive to PK. There seems to be an ideal awareness “zone” which can be taught and improved with experience, confidence, and practice.  While PK can be experienced by any individual,  it is often enhanced by group energy with an important caveat. For group energy to be facilitative, it must be coherent, because PK is a coherent state of awareness. As close to 100% of the group as possible needs to be in a similar state of awareness.  The following four steps can help an individual person arrive at an ideal PK state of awareness.  Groups doing PK  in workshops go through these together. This is fostered within a safe and loving environment where participants can all engage in the same meditations and exercises at the same time.

Four Steps to PK Consciousness.

1. Clearing – First, it is very important to let go of distracting thoughts and clear the mind.  Binaural beat meditations are ideal for this.  Then we release limiting beliefs such as “I can not do this” and limiting emotions such as fear. Here special exercises indentify and release such limits.


2.  Raising Energy – When relaxed and clear, we begin to raise energy, often using verbal guidance presented in deep meditative states. High energy is most easily generated through an open heart, so loving and elated feelings are facilitated by a focus upon “that which makes the heart sing”. This will be different for each person but often involves contemplation on events, persons, and places that result in feeling a deep sense of gratitude, abundance, joy, and love. Beautiful music can also support this opening. We also encourage compassion because it allows us to extend benefits to others and transcend ego concerns that would interfere with the flow state presented in #4.


3.  Focusing Intent – Once the mind is clear and energy is high, we then visualize our desired outcome. We reinforce our intent by affirming how our goal will be beneficial because PK is results driven and usually will be weak if our motivation is weak.


4. Letting Go – PK, energy healing, and manifestation are flow states, so now it becomes important to release our intent, as in “let it go and let it flow”. First we surrender the illusion of separateness – from other people, the world, the object we intend to influence, and particularly any separation between the physical world and the world of spiritual power. We also surrender any attachment to outcome and affirm we are willing to align with best purpose, even if that is different from what we consciously desire.   This PK flow state is an ecstatic state which means “outside oneself” in terms of ordinary concerns and boundaries.

Because the PK state is such a joyful one, participants in PK programs and in home study often report that their experiences are extremely fun, healing, and transformative. Once learned and experienced,  the unique state of awareness associated with PK  if practiced can become a life long yoga where one lives in greater heart energy with benefit for all. This loving awareness dissipates the clouds of fear that currently are so prevalent, allowing us to vision and implement our positive potential with much great ease and surety. And that is a cause for celebration!

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