Joe’s Energy Healing Tips

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I have found these steps to be very useful in generating reliable and positive energy healing:

  • Energy occurs in the context of the entire person—body, mind, and spirit. The diagnostic and treatment tools of traditional and complimentary medicine, high quality nutrition, positive environment, exercise, and psychological and spiritual guidance all may be powerful healing avenues. Please obtain medical attention if needed.
  • Approach healing with unconditional love, defined as love unbounded by the personality of the sender or receiver. This opens the heart, unleashing the most powerful energy from which to do healing, and softens the ego, which can restrict full energy flow.
  • Healing can transcend time/space if one believes this is possible. There is no need to be in the same physical place as the recipient for healing to be effective.
  • It is helpful for both the sender and receiver to affirm that healing can be instant and complete, or can unfold in the best way.
  • Rituals, such as a healing space and doing healing according to a methodology, can be helpful in focusing intent and creating confidence, but are not essential.
  • It is respectful to have consent. If this is not possible then ask permission from your higher self to the receiver’s higher self.
  • While you may focus on a desired outcome, also hold that the energy will result in this outcome or something better, as we do not know what is best.
  • Illness can be present for many sacred purposes including as a teacher, and as an imbalance that is being rebalanced. It has been said that the purpose of prayer is to cure illness but at times the purpose of illness might be to initiate prayer.


Best wishes on your healing journey – it is truly a celebratory one.


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