Joe’s Energy Healing Tips

Part 2 (View Part 1)

I have found these steps to be very useful in generating reliable and positive energy healing:

Pull strong earth energy into your heart followed by the highest of spirit energy, so that you are grounded and expanded at the same time.

Ask permission, and affirm that you are willing to be a pure conduit for the highest healing energies for the person’s greatest good.

See the person in their finest health right now, then send loving energy by any means that seem right to you, such as through your heart or hands, and continue this sending for as long as seems appropriate (usually between 5 minutes and an hour).

There may be a sense of completion when the healing energy is sufficient to accomplish the amount of change possible at that time.

Think of the energy as a catalyst for positive change in the person’s life, that it can trigger a continuing process for them.

Another way to do healing is to be in the powerful, balanced, loving state described in Part One and just think of the person in their highest, forming a resonance connection with them that can raise their energy into resonance with yours.

For directing healing towards yourself the same principles apply, including surrender to highest purpose, asking for assistance, seeing yourself in ideal health and being in loving relationship with yourself.

The meditation materials and exercises in SyncCreation home study and workshops will greatly help you raise and focus energy. SyncCreation will also melt blocks to being a powerful agent for healing.

Best wishes on your healing journey – it is truly a celebratory one.


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