I John Rogers, am a Father, a husband, a musician, a lyricists, a business consultant, a fisherman, a skater, a snowboarder, a life coach, an eccentric, a practitioner of SyncCreation, a leader, a follower, and a friend.

While I define myself as these things I am also me with out them. However, right now in this moment I acknowledge all of these things as parts of my life that I choose to nurture, give energy and create with.

Each of these things takes time and energy. Some of these things create time and energy. All of these things I choose to do… All of them!

I have a belief that I would like to share with you. I believe that I can have it all!

I believe that I can have two kids and still go on vacations. I believe that I can work for someone else and still have my own business. I believe that I can have a 5 year child from a different woman then my wife and still have a peaceful family were all members come together to create love for that child. I believe I can make a difference and be spiritually connected and still party like it is 1999. I believe I can be left brain and right brained at the same time, physical and spiritual, expansive and centered.

Many times this belief has been challenged. Many times, this belief has even caused me stress, lack of sleep and even war with those who do not believe this.

In a world with premade, mass produced, belief boxes for those of us who want to use them. I understand that this believe is contradictory to many. I understand that many believe one can not drink and be responsible, even spiritual. I understand that many believe one can not travel with little kids.

I acknowledge those beliefs. I appreciate the people who choose those beliefs. When I have chosen those beliefs in the past it has seemed easier and simpler. I how ever choose not to give up something for something else.

Here are some evidence/beliefs that I subscribe to that support my belief that I can have it all. That the universe is abundant and ever expanding, that I am the co-creator of my universe, that where there is a will there is a way, that I attract what I put out and that there are others who belief they can have it all and are willing to support that belief.

Once again, I appreciate the people who choose to believe that they only have so many options and choices due to time, money, family, social status, etc. and if you are one of those people, bravo! You probably sleep better at night!

However, I invite you to; never make the thing you choose, feel like it is the reason you didn’t have all of what you want!!! Never let your kids feel like the reason you didn’t travel and gave up your hobbies, was because you had to be a dad. Never let your work feel like the reason you never started your own business was because you were stuck at your job. Never let time feel like the reason you didn’t become a musician, actor or artist was because there wasn’t enough time to do both.

If you CHOOSE to spend your focus on the 3 most important things out of the 10 things you want to do, do it with pride. Let them know that you did it because you wanted to immerse yourself into the things you choose to care about most!

For those of you, who like me, choose to believe that we can have it all. Remember to be patient with yourself. You aren’t reaching for a star, your reaching for the stars. Remember to be resilient and that failures are steps to success. Remember to enjoy the journey. Remember to take care of yourself, physically, spiritually and mentally. In this journey you must learn and become refined in both body and soul so that you are able to hold “it all”.

And most of all, remember that there are others out there like you. People who are willing, who are enjoying the journey, attaining their dreams and having it all!

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