I laid down with SyncCreation’s Creation 12 the other day with the intention of investigation the role doubt plays in my life, dissolving that doubt, and manifesting a strong launch of a new project.

The manifestation was second tier to my goal to remove doubt and fear from my subconscious. And I have found that doing a meditation where I contemplate the nature of a hindrance to my success, and overcome it, produces greater (and more consistent) results for me.

About midway through the meditation I was struck with an epiphany bolt. (This is my way of describing that moment when you know you have reached a truth.) I realized that any time I have doubt it is projected as someone else’s voice in my head.

When I am thinking about having the successful launch of a new company, I hear an old friends voice telling me that being an entrepreneur is too hard.

When I am thinking about beating the typical two-year profitability curve I hear the voice of my professor telling me that it can’t be done. And so on.

Knowing this, I now can tell the different between my true beliefs, and beliefs that are created out of doubt or fear. This knowledge has had an immediate affect on the way I do life.

I now have more confidence in my manifestation abilities and myself. And I know when my higher self is telling me that I need to look at what I am doing because there might be an issue versus when I am just having doubt as a product of my history.

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