Business Consulting

Experience the power of abundance creation in your business!

Bring creative power and manifestation skills to your company. Our highly experiential workshops energize and focus a workgroup. We provide a spectrum of business services, all of which apply the principles of SyncCreation®.From personal consultation with key management, to team building workshops for employees, these activities can be customized to your particular needs.

Your business will gain new tools for success, including:

  • Utilization of Deep Relaxation
  • Easy Methods to Access Enhanced Creativity and Intuition
  • Rapid and Effective Skills to Melt Blocks and Limits
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques

SyncCreation® for Business is highly useful for established institutions looking for new direction, formative start-ups seeking forward movement, and every organization in between. Dr. Gallenberger’s methodologies generate a dramatically new climate of cooperation, energy, and productivity within the business, resulting in a dynamic and positive work environment as well as a stellar bottom line.

Depending on your situation, SyncCreation® for Business workshops can last between two and five days and may be held at your business site or a nearby location.


“Optimal Modification Incorporated (OMI), which assists companies in optimizing their potential for success with the application of Quantum and Scalar Technology, has used Dr. Gallenberger for its own success since 2005. Our initial consultation with Joe saved us at least two years of effort in formulating and executing a business plan. The planning of OMI’s infrastructure, based on Joe’s intuitive skills and business knowledge, has proven to be quite effective and has lead to the success of OMI itself. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gallenberger to anyone who desires to improve their lives, whether it be personal or business.”

Dr. Matt Goltl
Vice President
Optimal Modification Inc.

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