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Creation 12 Epiphany Bolt!

Posted on: August 5th, 2010 by

I laid down with SyncCreation’s Creation 12 the other day with the intention of investigation the role doubt plays in my life, dissolving that doubt, and manifesting a strong launch of a new project.

The manifestation was second tier to my goal to remove doubt and fear from my subconscious.  And I have found that doing a meditation where I contemplate the nature of a hindrance to my success, and overcome it, produces greater (and more consistent) results for me.

About midway through the meditation I was struck with an epiphany bolt.  (This is my way of describing that moment when you know you have reached a truth.)  I realized that any time I have doubt it is projected as someone else’s voice in my head.

When I am thinking about having the successful launch of a new company, I hear an old friends voice telling me that being an entrepreneur is too hard.

When I am thinking about beating the typical two-year profitability curve I hear the voice of my professor telling me that it can’t be done.  And so on.

Knowing this, I now can tell the different between my true beliefs, and beliefs that are created out of doubt or fear.  This knowledge has had an immediate affect on the way I do life.

I now have more confidence in my manifestation abilities and myself.  And I know when my higher self is telling me that I need to look at what I am doing because there might be an issue versus when I am just having doubt as a product of my history.

Accelerate Healthy Plant Growth

Posted on: July 14th, 2010 by

Both sets of seeds are not only the same variety, but from the same package. They were both prepared in bowls and paper towels in the same fashion at the same time. Both sets were kept moist throughout the exercise with water from the same source. The only differences are that the seeds on the right were sent energy and given  water that was first “charged” in the manner taught by SyncCreation.  This powerful energy can be applied to virtually anything!

Is My iPod Trying to Tell Me Something?

Posted on: November 9th, 2009 by

I am fortunate enough to be able to take 30 minutes at lunch each day and do an exercise from the SyncCreation Home Study Course. It’s very powerful for me to be able to take some time for myself each day, and do an exercise that moves me forward.

Last Thursday I had a unique experience while on the couch at the office with my iPod. I did my usually preparations. I put out a sign asking people not to enter the room. Told my co-workers that I was “taking-off” and would be back in 30. And selected the exercise for the day. Thursday it was to be “Free Flow 12”.

Next was to create an intention for the meditation. I wanted to create some registered attendees for our next workshop. I wanted to attract some like-minded, super powerful people to be part of our January workshop.

Now I was ready to go, I pressed play, and went to focus 12 (takes about 10 minutes). But something happened once I got there. It wasn’t playing the Free Flow 12 exercise I had selected.

Abundance Tree was playing. Of course this pulled me out of the meditation for moment. I looked down at my iPod and it still read “Free Flow 12”. What was going on? Free Flow 12 I can create patterns I want. Abundance tree is all about eliminated blocks of lack and guilt. Hmm… was my iPod trying to tell me something?

I decided to continue on with the meditation rather than restart with my intended selection. Partly because I was taking it as a message and partly because I didn’t want to take an extra 10 minutes it would take to get back to focus 12.

So I went on, releasing blocks of feeling like I was to blame for the results of the workshop. Like there was never enough that I could do. Like I should work more, longer, harder. I kept running these thoughts through the chipper and over and over I heard “Gratitude” after releasing the blocks. This message kept ringing in my ears.

After coming out of the meditation, I felt great. I was lighter, more free, and full of energy. But this was nothing new. This how I always feel after this meditation. Wondering what had happened I looked at my iPod to see if it read the abundance tree exercise instead of the intended free flow focus 12. And it didn’t. It still read that I was listening to Free Flow 12.

I exited out to the menu screen. Paused the recording. And pressed play again. It was still reading Free Flow 12 and yet playing Abundance Tree. How odd. But who knows, could be a technical glitch, could be the universe trying to send me a message.

Not being one to dismiss a possible message from the universe, I immediately went to work on being more grateful. I listed all the wonderful people I have in my life. I thought of the people I had met through SyncCreation and how powerful they are. I thought of family, friends, work, pets, and everything else I have to be grateful for.

I felt great and it was a wonderful experience. And I’ll never know if I should tell Apple they have a glitch, or if there was something larger going on. What I do know is that over the next few days the exact blocks I was trying to clear up by doing free flow 12 seemed to have melted away. I was looking for some specific results and they came rushing in the door.

The company was able to communicate with some people who were interested in the workshop and in our home study course. These people are amazing, and truly powerful.

What do you think? Was this merely a glitch in my iPod’s software? Or was there a message to be found in this?

PK Fun in Vegas!

Posted on: November 2nd, 2009 by

We often get asked, “does Pk Really work?”  The answer is yes.  It is delightful to see the faces of people when they bend metal, or grow seeds in their hands.  It’s a very powerful experience for everyone involved.  And when you throw in the ability to make money, it’s fun too!  Of course, people will have varying degrees of success, and practice will increase your results.  Here’s a picture of Psychokinesis being used at a SyncCreation Vegas Adventure.

The Power of Psychokinesis

Dr. Joe Gallenberger on the Radio

Posted on: October 21st, 2009 by

Listen to Dr. Joe discuss Manifestation, Healing, and PK on the radio!

Dr. Joe on the Radio

Vegas Adventures Journal

Posted on: October 21st, 2009 by

This is a Journal entry from Dr. Joe Gallenberger regarding a Las Vegas Adventure.

This was the twenty-first Las Vegas Adventure. It was a terrific experience in coherent and powerful heart energy. All three official group sessions had major PK rolls of extended length. Everyone won during each of these sessions and was ahead financially for the trip. We were immersed in the energies of healing beliefs, emotions, and the physical body. Our “blessing bucket” raised $1,515 for the charity Central Asian Institute.

The full group appeared in Joe’s suite eager to begin at 9:00 am. A shamanic process of praising both one thing about yourself and one thing about the world allowed our six men and six women to instantly form into a “harmony 12”. For many, the workshop began well before arrival with energy rising and issues surfacing. People reported a strong feeling of protection and light as soon as they arrived. “M” felt fully comfortable walking around in a strange city alone.

Joe outlined the goals and principles of manifestation and PK. We did a patterning exercise to have a great workshop with folks feeling energy movement and creating visual imagery. Lunch followed. “R” offered a healing to “C”. She felt significantly increased calm and a smoothing of overall energy.

After the lunch break, Joe introduced the game of craps with it rules, betting, money management, and energy strategies. The group caught on quickly. We then did an exercise to relax and gather energy. We returned after dinner for dyad practice. The workshop dice targets of 5s, 9s, and hardways (pairs) were established. Many had great practice rolls. Joe showed how we would hold energy as group and then had a roll where 10 of 12 numbers were winners and four hardways were thrown. “R” and “G” sent healing energy to Joe’s knee, which was hurting badly after he kneeled during the long demonstration. Total relief was achieved in 15 minutes and lasted through the next day.

Gene, a casino supervisor, and Joe’s friend, met with the group this morning. He encouraged everyone to have fun and thanked the group for choosing the Stardust. Following an exercise, everyone felt smooth and harmonious energy. “M” and “C” shared what they intended to manifest in life and asked for group support.

We went for our first full group dice play at 10:00 am. Joe rolled first. He immediately moved into heart-open energy and PK with a wonderful 30-minute roll. He hit many target 5s and 9s, and some hardways. “A” followed with a 15-minute roll. The group was excellent at avoiding distracting behavior and holding a beautiful energy. All of the participants won at this first session, many at four times their investment. “M” had a dream of two 12s (900 to 1 odds). He bet, and they came in. All agreed that they had seen PK and intuition in action! Lunch and a break followed.

There were reports of healing experiences during the break. “C” did acupuncture on “R”. He reported major insights and “touched” on issues that had remained hidden for the last eight years. “M” reported seeing a slot machine “glow” and beckon to him. He remembered that you should converse with the machine. He complimented the machine and three pulls later, the machine responded with a $90 dollar return.

Joe talked about the power of healing energy and its relationship to the “zone” from which PK, intuition, and long dice rolls appear. We did an energy visualization exercise. A healing circle was formed for “M”, “D”, “C”, and “L” (not a workshop participant but one who had been recently diagnosed with a challenging illness). They reported powerful energy sensations in their bodies and a strong sense of calm and balance. “L” reported later a very strong remote healing. “R” worked again on Joe’s knee and all pain left permanently.

The group agreed to continue in the same order at the table during our next session. “D” was next. He felt very good from the healing circle and wanted to roll. The group affirmed his desire. “D” rolled beautifully. He rolled for an incredible one-and-a-half-hours! (By chance, a 15-minute roll is expected about once in forty times — half-hour plus rolls are extremely rare.) Fantastic abundance, PK, and intuition flowed in this session. The game supervisor commented that he has never witnessed such a roll in his five years of casino work. The Stardust joins the party by treating the entire group to a nice dinner.

Back in the suite, quick tallies are made of our success during “D”s roll. All won. Many made 50 times their investment on “D” and five to eight times their stake for the entire session. We went to dinner.

The group assembled in the suite still holding the energy of play and abundance. Most of the group had retired early. Many reported dream activity and significant deep and restorative rest. Joe hit many intuition bets before retiring for the night. “R” reported rising early and playing blackjack. An immediate “rush” of PK doubled his stake in less than ten hands.

We did a shamanic masculine and feminine energy exercise resulting a many joyful tears and hugs. We danced in order to ground. Then, we placed the remaining rollers in a healing circle before heading down to the tables. “M” kicked off the session with a respectable 15-minute roll and passed the dice to “J”. He rolled 5s and 9s, and hardways, with great regularity. He moved into a zone of impeccable joy and rolled for 50 minutes. “C” finished our session with a beaming smile by moving into complete diva and fairy magic energy.

At the debrief, “J” noted that during the roll, he had been “higher” than he had ever been in his life, and that included several “runner highs” from participating in marathons. He felt grounded but couldn’t seem to feel the ground itself. Again, all won in the session and many made eight times their stake and 50 times their investment on “J”. The group then broke for lunch.

Upon return, “S” and “G” reported winning at slots. We did an exercise to move into union with “Source”. We decided to have dinner early, followed by closing circle. In the closing circle, powerful energy and gratitude feelings were present. Many reported strong healing around life patterns and wanted to return for another workshop experience. Folks were confident that their new energy and experience would manifest in life situations. Many in this group arrived tired, fearful, or scattered and yet we were able to quickly form a coherent, gentle, positive, powerful, and compassionate energy.

Most of the group had dinner in joyous fellowship. The group moved poolside and then to the tables. “D” said he was feeling good. The decision was instantaneous to support him fully. He had a PK roll of 30 minutes. We decided to call it a night with this beautiful ending. Good-byes were shared by the pool and photos taken.

Those who had stayed an extra day decided to play a bit. We regrouped in the afternoon and Joe threw a hardway-dominated 20-minute roll. The dice then passed to “R”, who found himself a gentle flowing energy. He threw for 45 minutes. Wonderfully supported by the energy of the small group, PK space opened like a flower. Several folks reported seeing the numbers before they appeared. “S” found the group at this point and reported a win at the poker tables.

After “R” left, “G” and Joe continued with good, precise rolls. They finally got so naturally high, they lost grounding and moved to the slots laughing so hard, and being so silly, that when “J” found them, all he could do was politely smile and shake his head. They eased into sleep at 4:30 am, having enjoyed a blissful fellowship.

Abundance Tree Exercise

Posted on: October 21st, 2009 by

This exercise is designed to soften lack and guilt, two main blocks which, if present, will impede your energy. Feeling lack increases the odds that you will manifest lack. Feeling guilt constricts energy. This is a guided imagery exercise designed to help you release both.

Take two pieces of paper and label one A and the other B. Relax; ask for help from highest Source, from your body, and from your own unconscious. After you feel relaxed and connected, spend about 10 minutes listing on paper A, any sense of lack you feel, or have felt in the past, even as a kid. Do this even if it seems trivial, or if it seems that you are wrong or selfish to feel that way. Don’t exercise judgment, just observe with compassion. If it comes to you, trust it surfaced for a reason and jot it down.

List material and non-material things, such as:

* Any areas of lack in physical beauty, strength, coordination, and health
* Any areas of mental ability (trouble with math or spelling)
* Any emotional areas such as lack of happiness, ecstatic loving, or peace
* Any relationship areas such as lack of parental love, or caring and understanding from friends, mates, ministers, teachers
* Any material areas such as not getting a certain toy as a kid, money, etc.

Next, list on paper B, any ways — past or present — that you have felt any sort of guilt for acts and thoughts of omission or commission. Again, do this with a sense of non-judgmental, observant compassion. List minor things like not going to church on Sunday or forgetting someone’s birthday, as well as major things like hurting or failing yourself or another.

Now, take the lists and a pencil or marker with you and enter a relaxed or meditative state (perhaps playing soft music in the background). After you are relaxed and expanded, imagine yourself in a beautiful field of soft grass with the sun warming your body as a nice breeze keeps you fully comfortable. Close by is a grand abundance tree, strong in structure but in need of food. Nearby lie two piles of dead branches. In the first pile, see each entry on your list A as an individual branch, large or small. The branches represent the pattern that is both created by, and holds the dead, frozen energy that any sense of lack or guilt create.

Now, imagine a large, gas-powered wood chipper like those that tree-cutting crews use. You know, those noisy machines with sharp rotating blades and a big chute out of which spew wood chips that are used as a fertilizing mulch. Turn on the wood chipper. Hear its powerful, smooth whine, and feed into it, one branch at a time, the pile of branches at your feet, crossing each off your list as you go. Hear the tone of the machine change and then return to its strong whine after each branch goes through. It works even better to make the sound of the wood chipper, letting your voice change as the branches go through. Smell the woody freshness of the released energy. When you have finished with the entire pile, turn off the chipper. Rest a moment, and then repeat the same process with your B list.

Then, in the vibrant silence, take the resulting pile of fresh, nutrient laden, wood chips and spread them around the base of your abundance tree. See the tree greening and growing fully healthy, with strong roots that reach deep into the earth and a crown that reaches to the heavens.

Give great thanks for the experiences that created the piles of branches, to the abundance tree, and then to yourself, for being willing to experience all those things. Bring yourself back to an awake and alert state and then throw away or burn your lists, letting go, once and for all, the constriction and pain represented by the lists.

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