Abundance Tree Exercise

Abundance Tree exercise is designed to soften lack and guilt, two main blocks which, if present, will impede your energy. Feeling lack increases the odds that you will manifest lack. Feeling guilt constricts energy. This is a guided imagery exercise designed to help you release both.

Take two pieces of paper and label one A and the other B. Relax; ask for help from highest Source, from your body, and from your own unconscious. After you feel relaxed and connected, spend about 10 minutes listing on paper A, any sense of lack you feel, or have felt in the past, even as a kid. Do this even if it seems trivial, or if it seems that you are wrong or selfish to feel that way. Don’t exercise judgment, just observe with compassion. If it comes to you, trust it surfaced for a reason and jot it down.

List material and non-material things, such as:

  • Any areas of lack in physical beauty, strength, coordination, and health
  • Any areas of mental ability (trouble with math or spelling)
  • Any emotional areas such as lack of happiness, ecstatic loving, or peace
  • Any relationship areas such as lack of parental love, or caring and understanding from friends, mates, ministers, teachers
  • Any material areas such as not getting a certain toy as a kid, money, etc.

Next, list on paper B, any ways — past or present — that you have felt any sort of guilt for acts and thoughts of omission or commission. Again, do this with a sense of non-judgmental, observant compassion. List minor things like not going to church on Sunday or forgetting someone’s birthday, as well as major things like hurting or failing yourself or another.

Now, take the lists and a pencil or marker with you and enter a relaxed or meditative state (perhaps playing soft music in the background). After you are relaxed and expanded, imagine yourself in a beautiful field of soft grass with the sun warming your body as a nice breeze keeps you fully comfortable. Close by is a grand abundance tree, strong in structure but in need of food. Nearby lie two piles of dead branches. In the first pile, see each entry on your list A as an individual branch, large or small. The branches represent the pattern that is both created by, and holds the dead, frozen energy that any sense of lack or guilt create.

Now, imagine a large, gas-powered wood chipper like those that tree-cutting crews use. You know, those noisy machines with sharp rotating blades and a big chute out of which spew wood chips that are used as a fertilizing mulch. Turn on the wood chipper. Hear its powerful, smooth whine, and feed into it, one branch at a time, the pile of branches at your feet, crossing each off your list as you go. Hear the tone of the machine change and then return to its strong whine after each branch goes through. It works even better to make the sound of the wood chipper, letting your voice change as the branches go through. Smell the woody freshness of the released energy. When you have finished with the entire pile, turn off the chipper. Rest a moment, and then repeat the same process with your B list.

Then, in the vibrant silence, take the resulting pile of fresh, nutrient laden, wood chips and spread them around the base of your abundance tree. See the tree greening and growing fully healthy, with strong roots that reach deep into the earth and a crown that reaches to the heavens.

Give great thanks for the experiences that created the piles of branches, to the abundance tree, and then to yourself, for being willing to experience all those things. Bring yourself back to an awake and alert state and then throw away or burn your lists, letting go, once and for all, the constriction and pain represented by the lists.

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