A Synchronicity Story

by Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

My Liquid Luck exercise and book are designed to enhance good fortune and increase synchronicity. Synchronistic events are not related through cause and effect, but rather through meaning, as in a meaningful “coincidence” independent of time. Carl Jung believed that synchronicity was in line with relativity theory and quantum mechanics. From a spiritual perspective, synchronicity overlaps the concept of grace. Synchronicities can expand a person’s awareness of being a part of a magnificent, mysterious, actively intelligent universe.

Here is the story of a synchronicity that happened to me “recently”, catalyzed by Liquid Luck, and spanning two decades and three continents. I hope you will find it interesting.

I met a man from Europe over twenty years ago who I will call Edward. I remember friendly feelings between us but we had no further contact until February 2015. About two years ago, I contacted a stereo speaker designer, Albert, to thank him for designing the speakers that I was enjoying in my home. He mentioned being filled with ideas for inventions and that it was hard for him to get to sleep, so I sent him some Hemi-Sync® for relaxation. When Liquid Luck came out on CD I sent this to him as well. He reported an instant increase in business and solving design problems that had stumped him for years. He began listening with a blackboard in front of him as ideas flowed. Albert sent me a testimonial for my Liquid Luck book and asked that I include his full name. All other stories in the book use only initials to protect privacy. After he sent me the testimonial, several of Albert’s new designs won top awards. My friendship with Albert deepened. About four months ago I decided to audition his newest speaker and to meet this amazing man in person. As he lived in California, the easiest way to do this would involve a good bit of timing and luck.

I was flying from the East Coast to Las Vegas to train an Inner Vegas Adventure and decided that I would schedule a quick trip to L.A. on the day after the workshop. I booked a morning flight to L.A. and return flight arriving back in Las Vegas at 4pm. Since visiting Albert would also involve a drive from LA to Riverside (often taking two hours one way), everything would have to line up perfectly, but I was confident!

The night before my Las Vegas trip I could not sleep, so I went to my computer at 3am and decided to go to Albert’s website and dream over my possible new speakers. As I was on the website, my Skype (which I seldom use) chimed with a message notice. It was Edward from way back, writing that he was just reading Albert’s testimonial in my book and that he had met Albert several years before at an audio show. I pressed Call and was immediately in visual and voice contact with Edward, he in India and me in North Carolina. I mentioned that his mentioning Albert was weird because I was at that moment on Albert’s website and I was going to meet him in just a few days. Edward then told me that he owns a high-end stereo store in Europe and if I like the speakers, he would like to carry them in his shop. My trip to LA went perfectly – all flights early and the drives to Riverside and back both taking less time than Albert had ever experienced. I loved the speakers. Albert loved the idea of Edward carrying them in Europe – so needless to say I got a great price on my new speakers!

The odds for this sequence of events unfolding as they did are very long. I think it is significant that the chain started with a spontaneous and objectively unnecessary “thank you” call from me to Albert. Gratitude is often a powerful stimulator of synchronicity. And typical of synchronicities it was win/win. Everyone involved received something of value and experienced delight. Life is indeed more magical when energy is high and synchronicities abound!

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