Have you ever found yourself wanting world peace? Have you ever imagined what that would look like? What would be different? What would have to change to have world Peace?
It has been said that if you put the wisest minds together in a room with the intention to have them come out with a list of how to create world peace. They would never come out, because they would fight over how it should be done.

I like the idea of world peace. Sure there is a part of me that says with out war we would not appreciate peace. But to that part I say, “you can still have chaos and destruction without war.” Pain and anger are natural, hate is man made.

That being said, in the past as I pondered what I can do to create world peace I have become overwhelmed with how small I am compared to the amount of war and violence and hate that is out there.

At times I have found solace in knowing that there are other people on this planet that are standing for peace but all to often I find that they are actually creating war by trying to project their view of what peace is and how it can be attained… and again I feel small.

A week ago I attended the SyncCreation Advanced Workshop and had the opportunity to look at my beliefs about peace and what it would take to create it in this world, in my life time.

I again had my beliefs about my ability to make a difference on such a huge challenge show up. At first I was a little disturbed that I was going to be using my energy on something so distant and possibly unattainable. Why not put it on something smaller, more local, etc?

As we prepared to focus our intention and send energy to world peace Dr. Joe Gallenberger invited us to increase our energy so that it is bigger then the challenge at hand and even bigger then this world. From a left brain interpretation that made sense on quantum physics, size is all relative, way. There is a universe in me (my atoms, cells, etc) and we are a universe in another universe, in another and so on (more on this, another day).

So I decided to give it a try. We sat in a circle and sent energy to the center with the focus and intention of moving world peace one step closer. As I began, I let my energy climb combing from the sky, meeting with the earth mixing with my heart and moving towards the middle of the circle through my hands.

I watched/felt the energy move out me going to the middle of the circle. I began to feel my energy expand until I/it filled up the room, until it filled up the city, the state, the U.S. Then as it span across oceans I found stepping back, as if to exit the earths atmosphere. I rapped my arms around the earth and felt it size shrinking in my embrace until I found myself holding it in my hands.

No longer was I sending my energy to the middle of the circle, I was sending my energy to the earth as I stood among the stars. At that moment I had the thought to send the world peace by creating a REBAL (an energy balloon) of peace around the earth. As I went to do this it became clear that there was already a REBAL around the earth.

When I realized this, something clicked in my conscious; that the earth itself is already peace. That it has a REBAL of protection and that each piece of the earth, of Mother Nature, with all of her many facets, is peace, harmony, creation, passion… As this realization flooded over me I experienced an overwhelming feeling of support; that I was not alone in creating and maintaining peace on this planet.

With that thought I leaned in to look at the dance of peace that I held and found myself falling into the world as if it opened up to embrace me with its peace. Next thing I new I was in a meadow with one singular tree. It was a very modest tree, nothing spectacular about it.

But even though the meadow was barren for miles I could feel a glow of peace radiating from the tree as if the size of the tree was an illusion. The glow from the tree was that of a thousand forests and as I gazed at its beauty I heard as clear as day “as long as there is one tree there will always be a being standing for peace” .

Overwhelmed with the power of this message and with my attention on the tree, I did not notice that the meadow had turned from a barren meadow to one rich with life, trees, bushes, birds, animals… I could feel the peace exuding from each of them as it surrounded me.

I took a deep breath to breathe in the moment and as I did, I became aware that I too was radiating with peace. I could feel it as the harmonious symphony of my cells and organs worked to sustain life. I could feel it vibrate through my nervous system as it transmitted this experience across the network that is me.

Tears formed in my eyes as if they were being pushed out to make room for the immense gratitude I was feeling. Gratitude for truly feeling the peace that is me, gratitude that I now knew I was never alone and would never be alone, grateful for this surreal moment that would forever change my belief; about peace, the size of my soul, this beautiful earth and much more.

Through my gratitude I found myself back in the circle, in the room, in SLC Utah. I could hear the breaths of those in the circle with me and a smile came across my lips as I knew they too were a stand for peace…

…I am a peace of the world…

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