SyncCreation Manifestation Workshop

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SyncCreation® is a Unique and Powerful Workshop that Will:

  • Quickly take you into profound whole-brain meditative states using
  • Teach you to open your heart and expand your energy to achieve peak flow
  • Use simple, yet powerful exercises to demonstrate your true power over the physical world through energy healing and manifestation

In only four days SyncCreation® will not only tell you that your thoughts become your reality but allow you to prove it to yourself. Nothing is more convincing.

Learn Energy Work Principles To: SyncCreation® Will Teach You How To:
  • Expand Your Manifestation Skills
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Focus Your Intent
  • Accelerate The Law of Attraction

Next SyncCreation® Workshop:

Where: Hendersonville, North Carolina
When: June 12-16, 2015

Click here for venue, options, price and schedule or call 828-598-4815.

The Workshop Includes Principles & Exercises For:
  • The Fundamentals of Manifestation
  • Expanding Your Belief System
  • Amplifying Your Intuition
  • Strengthening Your Own Self-Healing
  • Energy Healing Others

Learn To Be A Powerful & Precise Creator Of Your Life
  • Expand Your Manifestation Skills
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Open To Abundance In All Ways

SyncCreation® utilizes patented Hemi-Sync® audio technology developed by The Monroe Institute® to assist you in attaining altered states of consciousness. Course participants find these peak states to be highly beneficial to the manifestation process. Learn more...

Video: The Benefits of SyncCreation® (1:42)
You determine the benefits based on how you choose to use this course. Three common applications are; healing, psychokinesis (or telekinesis), and manifestation.







The Techniques I Learned Are Life Changing
Attending the SyncCreation Workshop was a wonderful experience. The learning environment is very relaxing. Each exercise artfully builds upon the next. The techniques and information I learned are life changing.
— L.M.
I Now Believe My Goals Are Achievable
I learned many things at the SyncCreation Workshop:
  • The significance of grounding
  • Meditation techniques for stress release, healing, and manifestation
  • Becoming acquainted with one's personal power
  • Stabilizing and balancing one's thinking
  • The power of positive affirmations
  • Encouraged risk taking
  • You can aspire to greatness
  • Your goals are obtainable
  • Eliminating negative thinking
You leave uplifted, believing your goals are achievable.
— B.M.
I Am In Touch With The Energy I Create
Being a part of the SyncCreation workshop has completely changed my life! It changed the views I had about what I can and cannot do as a human being. I now feel in touch with the energy I create and the energy that's all around me.
— A.K.

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My Brain Vacation

Jul 29, 2013 by Mimithatonegirl

I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a nice relaxing week for me. i think I slept better after that then i ever have. I really liked sharing with others after each meditation. I released a lot of frozen energy and I opened my life to be ready for what was coming. I Created some pretty awesome manifestaions that have come to be since. (buying a house, getting pregnant). Another thing I really liked is it sparked a lot of my creative brain that has been sleeping for a while. I am personaly saving my vaction days so I can attend another workshop this year. I would recommend this for everyone regardless of who they are!

This is an incredible workshop.

Jul 29, 2013 by Dimmick

I am amazed at what I learned about what is truly possible given serious intention and a whole lot of love. It was an adventure. I learned how to manifest, pattern and truly create what I want to have happen in a space of creativity and fun both individually and as a group. The workshop helped me to remove fear and get to a space of love, abundance and gratitude. It provided me with an immense amount of insight, clarity and specifics around what it is that I want to create in my life and also what was in the way of my manifestation. The SyncCreation team is also an amazing group of human beings! This course is a must do and you will be more than happy that you did it!

life changing

Jul 29, 2013 by james

I highly recommend everyone to experience this workshop. This workshop has change my life on the way I see things and how to approach everything in my everyday life. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to experience miracles and learned how to do them, all of the team from the workshop are the best they make you feel like family.

Thanks to all of you


Jul 29, 2013 by Linda

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to attend this workshop twice. I give both times a 5+. No quantitative number adequately describes the personal value I received. The first time I learned new meditation techniques and tools that I use daily in my life. Just like a child I can become single minded and focused at will. The second time I learned “Let the Butterflies come to Me”.


Jul 29, 2013 by brainkissed

I loved the Manifestation workshop!
It created knowledge of how to utilize my natural talents, create peace and successes in my life. After taking the course, I consider Syncreation products a necessity to recharging the excellence in myself.

I continue looking forward to participating in more!


Jul 29, 2013 by Brent

I rate this course a 4 - 5 because it was enlightening and useful in my daily life. It assists me in positive thought processing, grounding and staying focused. I especially liked listening to the Spirit's Journey CD and was given one as a gift. It is great manifesting parking spaces.

An exciting discovery of my abilities to manifest!

Jul 29, 2013 by CatPatillo

When I enrolled, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was excited at the prospect of exploring the potential of my mind's abilities. By the end of the first day I was delighted to discover that the workshop was moving beyond any expectations I could have had! Understanding more about the mind's processing, retention, and recapture of information was in enthralling, but then when we leaped past the mechanics and into the endless possibilities of creation and manifestation, I was totally hooked! I can't recommend this workshop enough! Not only is it fun, but life-changing. You really do discover how easy it is to create the life you want to live!

Highly Recommend this Experience!!

Jul 29, 2013 by Life Architect Jim

Interesting note: I had heard about Hemi-Sync, even listebned to a CD.

Then I took this course!! SyncCreation did an AWESOME job!!! The level of knowledge, the ability to explain what was going on, taking theory into practice....I was very impressed!!

And understand, I am a workshop junkie (so much so I now give them myself!!), and I would recommend this course to people who have a level of stress in their life, live partially to fully, and a looking for a method to (within a very short time) create a level of peace and harmony in their life!!!

Love these people!!!


Magic in Salt Lake City

Jul 29, 2013 by Wayne G

At the begining of 2009, I ordered and started working on the SyncCreation Home Study course. I did not turn into Merlin over night and was very frustrated that my progress was so slow, if any at all. I found out about the Manifestation Workshop and plunged into it like everything else I do. Best decision I ever made.

On only very rare occasions have I ever met such an open, warm and encouraging group of people like the ones I met at the workshop. As a group, we learned to disolved limiting beliefs, entrenched fears, and shackeling attitudes. Learning how to properly and easily do the Abundence Tree excersize was worth the price of the workshop. As a result, we energized water, sprouted seeds in our hands, light up light bulbs with heart energy and bent metal spoons and forks.

It was pure experiential magic. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Wayne G (Wizard in training)


Jul 29, 2013 by Jknutson

After my experiance at the SynCreation Manifestaion Workshop, I am able to utilize the tools to create more clarity in my life. Within a week my wife and I had purchased our first home and began creating a better life for ourselves. I have now created habits from the tools and use them weekly to assist myself in creating what I want in life. These are priceless tools that I use constantly to keep me focused on what I want to create.


SyncCreation , USA 4.9 5.0 10 10 I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a nice relaxing week for me. i think I slept better after that then i ever have. I really liked sharing with others after each meditation. I r

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