Vegas Slots June 2011 Highlights

Journal: Las Vegas Slots Adventure

Vegas Slots June 2011 Highlights
Eight women and five men attended this inaugural Vegas Slots Workshop. We had a wonder and magic filled time with excellent psychokinesis, healings, and manifestations. All slots sessions produced positive results. We raised $820 in the blessing bucket for Doctors Without Borders

Meditations and process:

Friday: Even before officially starting, K won $1,000. It promised to be an interesting weekend! We began at 2PM with group introductions and goals. Then we listened to Creation 12 from SyncCreation to pattern for a great workshop. Psychokinesis principles and proofs were presented as well as how to apply them to winning at slots. Joe shared his favorite visualizations and energy raising and focusing tips for use with the machines. Then we went as a group to play casino slots with Jared and Joe coaching us at the machines.

Saturday: Jared started the day tell his inspiring story of how he accomplished the shift in belief systems and energy focus that allowed him to change from always losing at slots to almost always winning and how this helped him in life. We meditated to Metamusic Waves of Love in the morning followed by a slots session, and in the afternoon to Luminosity followed by a slots session. Several people were processing deep issues and experienced wonderful group safety and support. We had a healing circle for three group members with good success. There were lots of questions and sharing.

Sunday: We started the day with a discussion of what was being experienced and how to apply it to life. People found the concept of stop-loss very helpful, and enjoyed the ability to practice the art of intent-let go using a very fast and clear feedback system (slots). We focused on managing even subtle manifestations of fear for enhanced manifestation. In the morning we listened to MetaMusic Radiance and Get Lucky followed by a luck meditation and a slots session. In the afternoon we listened to Gammadrone, and did a healing followed by a slots session. In closing circle much gratitude was expressed about the workshop experience and the joy of being in great energy with great people.


Our first slot session: Joe and Jared coached. We had a lot of fun. For example, Joe stood behind R and said “Think four aces for the next hand” and R immediately pulled a $400 4 Ace jackpot. She was talking to the machine and rubbing it and sending gratitude after each pull and continued winning. Eight of thirteen people won for the session.

Evening play: During free play that evening after we were done as a group, S hit a $1,000 Royal Flush (40,000 to 1 by chance), P won $400, Ja hit triple 4 of a kinds), H won $169 on Lord of the Rings, B hit 4 9’s, Su won a triple play, Joe won $150 on 4-10s.

Remaining sessions and evening play: Reports of wins from 50$ to $500 came so fast and furious that I can not remember them all. I recorded at least 26 wins of $100 or more in my notes with people playing mostly 25 cent machines. Some highlights were: P winning on 5 of 6 machines, two more Royal Flushes on the Hundred Play machine, C patterning for hearts and getting hearts. Su hitting 5 full houses on one machine, B winning at the Potion Machine repeatedly, and over a dozen more four of a kinds reported. Jn smiling broadly after a nice win. Su reported two consecutive 9 hour great sleep nights and an energy boost after her healing.

Feedback: Since this was the first slots workshop we asked for detailed feedback. People really liked the meditations, content, process, slots experiences, group sharing and lovingness, and the trainers’ support. Some of the comments were: “I am much more confident now,” “I learned when to walk away”, “Much information and experience to integrate”, “Learning about stop loss in slots and life was very valuable”, “Jared’s talk was truly inspirational”, “The preparation manual was excellent”, “R’s strategy was very useful – print it in the manual”.

After workshop reports:

Joe rested and reset his energy after the group finished, and then went down to the casino and by intuition went to the high limit room and hit 4 Jacks on his 3rd pull, then by intuition changed machines and immediately hit 4 queens. On way home he was upgraded to first class on first leg, then navigated a cancelled flight and was upgraded to first on his second flight as well, receiving the last open seat available.

T: I have been asking to see what my blocks are to fully living in my maximum physical and soul potential so they can be cleared. Well, a breakthrough came the day after we arrived home from the workshop. The Sync Creation meditation Release and Recharge has become my favorite exercise the last few days. I also have been going to the focus level for praise. It is a great place to celebrate all of the experiences I have had and the people who have participated.

C: LV has always been a spiritual ashram for me, where I get deep life lessons in a fairly short amount of time, with little money lost (unlike many of my other life lessons in the past).

My big issue was with my car breaking down before the seminar. The great news is the mechanic found NOTHING wrong with my car in that regard, after spending over two hours looking for something. Did PK and the healings we did in Vegas have anything to do with that? I say yes and I consider it nothing short of miraculous in my book!

I guess the biggest thing I took away from the workshop was my connections with people. It started when my car “broke down” and I had interactions with people I otherwise never would have come in contact with. It really solidified my faith in the goodness of the human race. It continued on with the workshop where I wound up having meals with different participants throughout the workshop and got to know and connect with those fabulous people. I feel like I’ve made life-long friendships during that weekend.

On my way home, I was contemplating my life and said a prayer to the Divine along the lines of “Use me as a vessel for your work”. Not less than 10 minutes later I came upon a wreck that had just happened. Usually, I drive on by but this time I stopped and felt like I was able to attend to and assist the people involved. Thanks again!

S: When I got to the airport LV Monday morning I discovered my flight to Reno was delayed so I played the slots a little and won just over $100. My improved sleep and increased energy has continued since I’ve returned home, thanks to the healing I received from the group at the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the Las Vegas slots workshop and would highly recommend it to others. The most valuable slots lesson I learned was how to let intuition guide me to walk away from a machine at the just right time. The magic of manifestation has always come easy for me and this workshop taught me how become more disciplined in the way I use it.

Sy: Wading thru my mail I got a post card announcing that the new casino (within 15 min of my home) was giving away a truck every Mon thru Thur in the month of July (or $15,000 optional). So you can guess what my intention is. Went to the casino on Wed eve. I did not win a truck but did go away with $400 more than I went in with. I listened to your “Manifesting CD before I left the house and also took a shot of “Liquid Luck” They are giving away 28 trucks this month and I could use a little boost sent this way to manifest one (or something better). Thanks for the great insights and wonderful nuggets of information that have inspired me in many ways. I enjoyed meeting all the caring and interesting people there and really appreciated being put at ease almost instantly as I was nervous about traveling to Las Vegas by myself and not knowing even one person. That alone has made me a more confident person. I will let you know when I manifest that truck. Thanks for Everything!

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